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Self-Reported Primary Specialty

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8,086Medicare Part D Prescriptions Filled, Including Refills

Rank: 100 out of 1290

$784K Total Retail Price of All Prescriptions

Rank: 88 out of 1290

629 Patients Receiving at Least One Drug in Part D
67%Patients 65 Years and Older
76% Subsidized Claims for Low-Income Patients

How Does This Prescriber Compare to Peers?

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Drugs That Present Special Risks
Costs of Prescribing
Higher avg Average for
this specialty
in Florida
Lower avg

Schedule Two
Controlled Substances


Schedule Three
Controlled Substances


Risky Drugs to Seniors

2% of this provider’s 4,801 prescriptions for patients 65 and older were for "potentially dangerous" drugs, compared to an average of 2%.

Brand Name Drugs

26% of this provider’s prescriptions were for brand-name drugs, compared to an average of 29%.

Prescription Price

$97 was the average price of a prescription from this provider, compared to $94 among peers.

Prescriptions per Patient

13 is the average number of prescriptions (including refills) per patient, compared to an average of 9.

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This Prescriber's Drugs

The table below list this provider’s drugs, the number of prescriptions and how many went to seniors. Drugs are ranked by volume and compared with the rank for all providers in the same specialty and state.

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A schedule two drug. More » Schedule two drugs have a high potential for abuse and severe dependence, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.


A schedule three drug. More » Schedule three drugs have potential for abuse and dependence, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.


An antipsychotic drug. More » Antipsychotics are frequently given to dementia patients, though it increases their risk of death.


A risky drug for seniors. More » The American Geriatrics Society has said this drug is "potentially dangerous" for seniors and might be inappropriate.


This provider is among the top 10 prescribers of
this drug in the country.

This provider’s prescriptions for this drug were for more days than those of peers. More » Because of this, his or her prescription count may be lower.

This provider’s prescriptions for this drug were for fewer days than those of peers. More » Because of this, his or her prescription count may be higher.

This Drug's Rank
Drug Name Total Prescriptions Filled
Including Refills
to 65+
Category For this Prescriber For All Prescribers in
This Specialty in Florida
BUPROPION XL 468 252 2 143
BUSPIRONE HCL 370 196 4 178
MIRTAZAPINE 354 293 5 93
SEROQUEL XR 338 132 6 151
PAROXETINE HCL 313 208 7 84
ABILIFY 312 139 8 114
TRAZODONE HCL 307 176 9 44
SERTRALINE HCL 276 183 10 36
VENLAFAXINE HCL ER 266 160 11 154
ALPRAZOLAM 259 175 12 47
LEXAPRO 237 185 13 173
CLONAZEPAM 216 141 14 170
CITALOPRAM HBR 212 169 15 29
RISPERIDONE 205 90 16 68
LAMOTRIGINE 187 52 17 100
DONEPEZIL HCL 186 182 18 13
TEMAZEPAM 162 104 19 71
CYMBALTA 160 80 20 59
FLUOXETINE HCL 157 107 21 79
LORAZEPAM 157 97 21 132
NAMENDA 111 111 23 27
LUNESTA 100 47 24 370
OLANZAPINE 73 22 26 169
HALOPERIDOL 71 24 27 204
BUPROPION HCL SR 64 31 28 187
BUPROPION HCL 57 34 30 379
PRISTIQ ER 56 38 31 414
CLOZAPINE 51 0 32 264
About This Data

ProPublica obtained prescribing data from Medicare’s prescription drug benefit, known as Part D, under the Freedom of Information Act. The data for 2012 includes more than 1.2 billion prescriptions written by nearly 1.5 million doctors, nurses and other providers. This database lists about 382,000 of those providers who wrote 50 or more prescriptions for at least one drug that year. Almost three-fourths went to patients 65 and older; the rest were for disabled patients. Methodology »

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If you are a provider and you believe your address is incorrect, check the listing you created on the National Provider Identifier registry. If you change your listing, send a note to and we will update your information. If you have other questions about this data, send a note to

  • No comparisons are shown if 10 or fewer prescribers in the state share this specialty.
  • The list of top drugs includes only those for which this provider wrote 50 or more prescriptions, but all prescriptions are counted in the summary totals at the top.
  • The calculation of “Risky Drugs to Seniors” does not include drugs for which a provider wrote 11 or fewer prescriptions because Medicare redacted the information to protect patient privacy.
  • Comparisons do not take into account the medical conditions of patients. Medications for certain conditions do not have generic alternatives, so patients would receive more expensive brand name drugs.
  • This provider's address and specialty information was last updated on Oct. 20, 2010.
  • Comparisons are based on each provider’s current address, not necessarily where he or she worked during the time period covered in this database.