Counties with bad drywall in Mississippi

State County Addresses
(305 homes)
Mississippi Jackson County 113
Mississippi Harrison County 102
Mississippi Hancock County 46
Mississippi Pearl River County 13
Mississippi Stone County 10
Mississippi Greene County 3
Mississippi George County 3
Mississippi Wayne County 2
Mississippi Walthall County 2
Mississippi Rankin County 1
Mississippi Lamar County 1
Mississippi Clay County 1
Mississippi Jones County 1
Mississippi Warren County 1
Mississippi Lauderdale County 1
Mississippi Copiah County 1
Mississippi Pontotoc County 1
Mississippi Madison County 1
Mississippi Hinds County 1
Mississippi Bolivar County 1

About this Data

Addresses in this database come from county property appraiser data (which had to be updated to reflect the reassessed value of homes with tainted drywall problems) and from consolidated lawsuits filed in New Orleans federal court. The data in the timeline above the chart came from the CPSC. Important: The timeline does not include data for the month of January in any of the years represented. That’s because some homeowners didn’t know exactly when their drywall problems began, and the CPSC placed all such reports in January of the given year, which would incorrectly skew the January numbers.

Correction (March 25, 2011): This news application originally included lists of contractors, manufacturers, distributors, importers and builders involved in lawsuits over tainted drywall. A software bug caused those lists to overstate the number of addresses associated with each company. The erroneous lists, and references to them, have been removed.