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Emails Sent on June 10, 2012

Obama for America
6:40 p.m. ET
This weekend: Lend a hand in Pennsylvania

When November 6th rolls around, I want polling places to be packed with

people who are fired up and ready to vote for President Obama. I'm sure you

do, too.

So let's make that happen in New Hampshire, where literally a few votes

could decide this election.

Organizers there are doing a great job reaching out to voters, but they'd

love a hand from you.

This coming Saturday and Sunday, June 16th and 17th, is a national weekend

of action where folks from New Jersey will travel together to New Hampshire

and other battleground states to help register and reach out to voters.

Sign up now to join, and a local organizer will be in touch about this

trip and others to


In some states we'll be registering voters, and in others we'll be talking

with people one on one about the President's vision for our nation, and

helping them get ready for this election. Across the country, we'll be

working alongside some of the best local organizers out there, and lending

an extra hand.

The energy around this election is building in New Hampshire, and a lot of

people there just need a small nudge from someone like you to get them to

register and to step up to be a part of this campaign.

It's a chance to pitch in on the ground where it matters most -- and with

just a few short months left until polling places start to open their

doors, we've all got to move on this one now.

We'll help you find a carpool that's meeting up near you. And if you'll

need a place to stay, we'll try to line you up with a supporter who has a

spare room or couch. So don't let the logistics stop you -- because the

conversations you'll have with people this weekend might be what decides

whether they're standing in those poll lines in November, or even better,

whether they step up and volunteer.

Sign up now for the next trip to New Hampshire:




Mitch Stewart

National Battleground States Director

Obama for America

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