Dept. of Transportation FOIA Exemptions

Use Rate
Total claims

Dept. of Transportation Annual Reports: '08 |
The Dept. of Transportation used b(3) exemptions to withhold information from FOIA requesters 5,250 times in 2008-2009.


  • All
  • Government Organization and Employees
  • Highways
  • Public Contracts
  • Transportation
Statute Description Claims
49 USC 31143(b) IDs of motor carrier safety complainants 207.0
41 USC 253b(m) Proposals submitted by unsuccessful contract bidders 35.0
49 USC 40119(b) Information the release of which would be an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, would reveal a trade secret or privileged or confidential information, or would be detrimental to the safety of passengers in transportation. 20.0
49 USC 40123(a) Aviation Safety Action Program voluntarily submitted information. 19.0
49 USC 40110 Contract proposals, source selection documents 7.0
49 USC 40115 Information harmful to U.S. International aviation negotiation or to any U.S. International air carrier. 4.0
5 USC App 107(a)(2) Financial disclosure information pertaining to certain government employees 2.0
5 USC 574(j) Dispute Resolution Communication 1.0
49 USC 46102(c) Aviation safety, when requested for national defense 1.0
23 USC 403 Note The identity of individuals in highway traffic accident or research reports 1.0
49 USC 30305(c)(1) Certain information received pursuant to the National Driver Register Act of 1982 1.0
49 USC 70114 Restricted commercial space launch activities information 1.0