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Nurse Listing: Multiple Sanctions

This data was last updated in December 2009. Statuses may have since changed. Check the California's Board of Registered Nursing license database for the most current license statuses.

This query found a total of 167 nurses. <b>These nurses were sanctioned more than once between 2002 and 2009.</b>

Click on the names below to find additional details on each nurse. You can also view the nursing board's public documents on the nurses by clicking on the PDF link.

There are several limitations to this database.

* Indicates nurse who was disciplined before 2002, when this database starts.

Name Current status Date of last action Case Document
Adkins, Nathan Lee* Probation complete Feb. 11, 2007 PDF
Ahern, Carol Surrendered Nov. 14, 2007 PDF
Alonzo, Joe Moreno Revoked Apr. 19, 2009 PDF
Andrakin, Janiece Revoked Dec. 13, 2007 PDF
Andrews, Vernon Revoked Dec. 20, 2008 PDF
Andujar, Nancy Jean Revoked May 3, 2009 PDF
Apollo, Julie C. Revoked Jun. 29, 2009 PDF
Arney, Jill Renee Petition to revoke probation pending Dec. 4, 2008 PDF
Ashley (Lent), Sandra Kay Surrendered Aug. 26, 2004 PDF
Bahner, Charles Lynn Revoked May 15, 2008 PDF
Baker, Beverly Anne Surrendered Dec. 23, 2008 PDF
Bartee, Sandra A. Probation May 2, 2007 PDF
Bartok, Stephanie Suzanne Revoked Jul. 11, 2008 PDF
Bastings, Rogene Anne Revoked Oct. 3, 2008 PDF
Bateman (Koptis), Barbara S. Revoked Jun. 29, 2007 PDF
Bauer, Colleen Joan Probation extended Jul. 29, 2006 PDF
Blackford, Stephanie L. Surrendered Dec. 4, 2005 PDF
Blakeslee, Steven John Revoked Sep. 24, 2006 PDF
Boyce, Lynn Gail Revoked Apr. 3, 2008 PDF
Brennan, Teresa* Reinstatement granted/probation May 8, 2009 PDF
Britain, Dawn Pearl Revoked Jun. 8, 2008 PDF
Brown, Constance L. Revoked Jul. 23, 2008 PDF
Brual, Minda Pacleb* Surrendered Apr. 5, 2007 PDF
Buxton, Laura Marie Revoked Jul. 8, 2009 PDF
Cameron, Diane Louise Probation Nov. 26, 2009 PDF
Campbell, Paige M. Suspension/probation May 3, 2009 PDF
Carrera, Randi Victoria Revoked Dec. 29, 2007 PDF
Carrison, Alice Revoked Jul. 6, 2005 PDF
Casello, Mary Elizabeth Revoked Nov. 18, 2006 PDF
Castillo, Phillip Michael Revoked Jun. 4, 2009 PDF
Claeys, Carolyn V. Revoked Jun. 8, 2007 PDF
Clark, Verla Renay Probation extended Mar. 19, 2009 PDF
Coburn, Sue Ann Surrendered Oct. 17, 2007 PDF
Cody, Paul Steven* Revoked Jun. 14, 2006 PDF
Colombani, Jaime Revoked Sep. 27, 2009 PDF
Conwell Jr., Phillip A. Probation complete Oct. 23, 2008 PDF
Corona, Obdulia Julie Probation extended Oct. 25, 2008 PDF
Couturie, Donna D. Surrendered Nov. 3, 2007 PDF
Dale, Linette Marie Surrendered May 10, 2006 PDF
Danek, Jeanne Anne Reinstatement denied Apr. 27, 2007 PDF
Daoust, Jennifer Suzanne Probation extended Jan. 3, 2009 PDF
Davis, Derrick L. Revoked Oct. 5, 2008 PDF
Debernardi, Nancy Rudolph Revoked Mar. 27, 2005 PDF
Dix, Gina Lynn Revoked Dec. 20, 2008 PDF
Duffey (Chappell), Dannell Sharon Revoked Apr. 28, 2006 PDF
Ernst, Daniel Robert Surrendered Dec. 29, 2008 PDF
Eveland, Tracy Lynn Surrendered Nov. 29, 2007 PDF
Fayard, Brian Craig Revoked Jul. 20, 2007 PDF
Feingold, Angie Revoked Oct. 10, 2008 PDF
Fifer, Leonard Bernard Revoked Sep. 19, 2009 PDF
Fisher (Flanagan), Robin J. Briner Surrendered Nov. 20, 2008 PDF
Fosberg, Tye Stacy Revoked Jun. 19, 2009 PDF
Frank (Roberson), Cheryl Ther Surrendered Aug. 26, 2004 PDF
Gadson, Elizabeth Ann Surrendered Dec. 22, 2006 PDF
George, Diane Elizabeth Surrendered Dec. 23, 2008 PDF
Gonzalez, Gail M. Probation May 30, 2008 PDF
Gordon, Marie Revoked Nov. 5, 2009 PDF
Gotelli, Christine Anne Reinstatement granted/probation May 8, 2009 PDF
Grimes, Stacy Lou Surrendered Feb. 1, 2008 PDF
Gunthner, Maureen Kathryn Surrendered Dec. 21, 2006 PDF
Hamlin, Tina Marie Revoked Mar. 13, 2005 PDF
Harmon, Janice Revoked Jul. 13, 2007 PDF
Harris, Dayna Lynn Revoked Dec. 29, 2007 PDF
Hegarty, Anne Marie Revoked Dec. 20, 2008 PDF
Hill, Jovellea M. Surrendered Dec. 18, 2009 PDF
Hipskind, Carl Douglas Surrendered Feb. 17, 2009 PDF
Holze, Tanya Lyn Probation Dec. 3, 2009 PDF
Hopkins, Michele D. Revoked May 12, 2006 PDF
Huber, Kathy Lynne Revoked Apr. 6, 2007 PDF
Humphries, Charles Allen Revoked Dec. 15, 2007 PDF
Hyatt, Karen (John) Elizabeth Revoked Jun. 19, 2009 PDF
Johnson, Judith Probation complete Nov. 28, 2008 PDF
Johnson, Patrice Anne* Surrendered Nov. 26, 2009 PDF
Johnson, Sharon Kay Revoked Apr. 28, 2006 PDF
Johnston, John T. Petition to revoke probation pending Aug. 28, 2009 PDF
Laughlin, Lonnie Charles Revoked Jan. 3, 2009 PDF
Leak, Scott James Surrendered Apr. 3, 2005 PDF
Lee, Kenneth Eric Surrendered Oct. 7, 2009 PDF
Leonard, Arlene Joyce Revoked Nov. 3, 2007 PDF
Lerner, Rhonda Lynn Revoked Jun. 13, 2007 PDF
Lewis, Melodee* Revoked May 2, 2007 PDF
Llamas, Alex Probation complete Apr. 3, 2008 PDF
Logel, Patricia Norma Revoked Mar. 27, 2005 PDF
Lopez, Victor Raymond Probation Nov. 5, 2009 PDF
Luksemburg, Lori L. Revoked Dec. 21, 2006 PDF
Lumbert, Kathryn Henrietta Revoked May 30, 2008 PDF
Luttge, Karen Jay Revoked May 3, 2009 PDF
Lyda, Valerie Kathleen Surrendered Apr. 6, 2007 PDF
Manning, Gary Lynn Revoked Nov. 14, 2007 PDF
Martinez, Davida Irene Revoked Dec. 5, 2004 PDF
McCain, Gideon Keith* Revoked May 26, 2004 PDF
McCartney, Teresa Ann Surrendered Jun. 6, 2008 PDF
McClendon, Freddie R. Revoked Apr. 24, 2006 PDF
McCormick, Jill Ellen Revoked Nov. 3, 2006 PDF
McCrackin, Joan P. Revoked Apr. 10, 2008 PDF
McDowell, Debra Lynn Probation extended Jul. 24, 2008 PDF
McIntosh, Elizabeth Joan* Probation May 3, 2009 PDF
Meagher, Catherine Marie Revoked Nov. 3, 2006 PDF
Meunier, Wendy Ada Revoked Nov. 2, 2006 PDF
Milum, Ronald Edward Revoked Feb. 2, 2008 PDF
Miranne, Christopher Paul Revoked Jul. 8, 2009 PDF
Moe, Gail C. Surrendered Jul. 26, 2007 PDF
Montez, John Gabriel Revoked May 1, 2008 PDF
Moore, Aaron Christopher Surrendered Dec. 23, 2008 PDF
Moore, Daniel Clifford Surrendered Dec. 3, 2009 PDF
Morse, Deborah A. Surrendered Jun. 7, 2007 PDF
Mousavi, Sima Surrendered Sep. 5, 2008 PDF
Neldaughter, Stacie Lee Revoked Dec. 22, 2006 PDF
Newell, Connie C.* Surrendered Nov. 15, 2007 PDF
Nimer, Phyllis R. Revoked Oct. 15, 2008 PDF
Nolden, Sandra L. Revoked Oct. 30, 2008 PDF
Novak, Teresa Vasquez* Revoked May 2, 2007 PDF
Obiora, Raphael O. Revoked Jun. 19, 2009 PDF
Onuaguluchi, Victor N. Other Aug. 18, 2008 PDF
Orella, Lori H. Revoked Jul. 16, 2006 PDF
Perez, Karin Nicole Surrendered Feb. 25, 2008 PDF
Pierce, Robert Revoked Apr. 5, 2007 PDF
Pinard III, Alfred J. Revoked Sep. 27, 2009 PDF
Pirtle, Denise Ann Surrendered Dec. 6, 2006 PDF
Pless, Bruce Alan Revoked May 28, 2006 PDF
Rai, Surinder Pal Kaur Revoked May 22, 2008 PDF
Revheim, Brian Andrew Revoked Dec. 26, 2007 PDF
Rice, Judith Spencer Probation Nov. 6, 2007 PDF
Rider, Angelique Michele* Revoked Dec. 15, 2007 PDF
Ritter, Cheri Suzanne Revoked Jul. 8, 2009 PDF
Robertson (Raugust), Kathleen Probation May 30, 2009 PDF
Robinson, Laura Lee Revoked Aug. 8, 2009 PDF
Ruja, Judy A. Surrendered Jun. 19, 2008 PDF
Rush, Carrie* Revoked Jul. 8, 2009 PDF
Sarha, Eugene Dee Surrendered May 28, 2008 PDF
Schulz, Richard Surrendered Apr. 28, 2006 PDF
Shark (Albano), Ellen Louise Surrendered Feb. 22, 2008 PDF
Shaver, Roxanne Kay Revoked May 21, 2008 PDF
Skeels, Kathy Gayle Surrendered Apr. 9, 2008 PDF
Sloan, Linda L. Revoked Apr. 19, 2009 PDF
Smith, Deborah Jean Surrendered May 20, 2009 PDF
Smith, Kathleen Elaine* Revoked Jun. 16, 2005 PDF
Smith, Tamara M.* Probation complete Dec. 3, 2008 PDF
Smith, Terry Lynn Revoked Dec. 13, 2007 PDF
Smith Jr., Warren Ray Probation extended Oct. 5, 2008 PDF
Smith, Wendy Sue Surrendered Jul. 19, 2007 PDF
Sovronec, Natalie Margaret Revoked Nov. 3, 2006 PDF
Spencer, Jamie Susan Revoked Feb. 15, 2008 PDF
Spruill, Knar Surrendered Nov. 1, 2007 PDF
Stein, Barbara Redewill Revoked Apr. 6, 2007 PDF
Strong, Robert Thomas Probation complete Jan. 21, 2007 PDF
Sutton, Suzann Probation Sep. 7, 2008 PDF
Szele, Laszlo M. Other Sep. 2, 2006 PDF
Talbot, Phyllis Meral Surrendered Jul. 20, 2007 PDF
Terry (Boyles), Andrea Dee* Revoked Apr. 19, 2009 PDF
Thayer Jr., Harold Brooks Surrendered Dec. 15, 2009 PDF
Thompson, Caryn Beth Revoked Oct. 30, 2009 PDF
Townsend, Sally Diane Revoked Oct. 10, 2008 PDF
Trejos, Duke Rocky Revoked Jul. 20, 2007 PDF
Trujillo, Barbara Probation Nov. 23, 2008 PDF
Vanciel, Nancy E. Revoked Nov. 23, 2008 PDF
Varallo, Lynn Adele Revoked Jul. 23, 2008 PDF
Villabroza, Priscilla B. Surrendered Mar. 20, 2009 PDF
Villanueva, Herminia B. Surrendered Jun. 11, 2006 PDF
Walker, Diana Lynn Surrendered Nov. 15, 2007 PDF
Warren, Jessica Porter* Revoked Jun. 7, 2007 PDF
Wheatcraft, Birgit Agnes Surrendered Dec. 30, 2008 PDF
Whelan, Cheryl A. Surrendered Feb. 22, 2007 PDF
Williams, Opal Jean* Surrendered Dec. 22, 2006 PDF
Windell, Laura Revoked Nov. 3, 2007 PDF
Woy, Christine Noel Surrendered Nov. 3, 2006 PDF
Zajac, Rhonda Mary Revoked Jan. 22, 2009 PDF

Data last updated Dec. 26, 2009

Please note there are several limitations to the database:
  • This database includes nurses who faced disciplinary action between 2002 and September 2009, as well as any subsequent actions against these nurses. .
  • Employers and patients seeking verification of a nurse’s license should use the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing.
  • Multiple nurses may have the same name, but each has a unique license number.
  • The information on the database is based on the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing and state documents. In some cases, the Web site and documents conflict; in such cases, reporters used dates included in the board’s documents.
  • Documents for some cases are missing from the site in whole or in part.
  • The database does not include discipline against nurses meted out as a condition of being licensed. Such discipline is only included if the nurse subsequently faced board action.
  • The grounds listed for discipline in this database are based on the board’s public allegations against the nurses. Because accusations are sometimes written in an unclear or inconsistent manner, reporters did not try to guess the intent.
  • This database includes discipline against some nurses who have subsequently died. The board has removed many of these nurses from its Web site. They are included here because they faced disciplinary action during the period examined.

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