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Nurse Listing: Disciplined by Other States

The following 295 nurses were disciplined by nursing boards in other states before California acted against them. The number of states that disciplined each nurse is detailed in the chart below, as well as the current status of the nurse’s license. By clicking on a nurse’s name, you can find details of the other states’ actions.

Please note that in some cases the dates and type of discipline recorded in California’s disciplinary papers do not match those of other states. When such cases were identified, the dates and actions noted in other states’ records were used.

There are several limitations to this database.

Name # of Other
by California
Abdullahi, Shadia Omar 2 Revoked
Agnoli, Lisa Ann 1 Probation complete
Amidei, Judene R. 1 Public reprimand
Anderson, Linda R. 1 Revoked
Aquino, Romeo T. 1 Revoked
Archevald, Kay Suzanne 1 Accusation pending
Arguello, Susie 1 Revoked
Arney, Jill Renee 1 Petition to revoke probation pending
Atkins, Diane Strock 1 Surrendered
Aurmani, Joelle Michael 1 Revoked
Babalola, Joseph O. 1 Accusation and petition to revoke probation pending
Baccelli, Angela 1 Surrendered
Balke, Sandra Jean 1 Revoked
Bennett, Sheila Antoinette 1 Accusation pending
Benninger, Kimberly Ann 1 Revoked
Blackshaw, Rebecca K. 1 Revoked
Bond, Deborah Ellen 1 Revoked
Bonds, Earl Winston 1 Revoked
Bordelon, Dianna Patricia 1 Revoked
Boucher, Diana C. 1 Surrendered
Bradsher, Emily Winstead 1 Surrendered
Brazil, Tina Kay 1 Revoked
Bristol, Kenneth Howard 1 Surrendered
Britt, Veretta Lynn 1 Revoked
Brock, Aerin M. 1 Deceased
Broman, Amy Brooke 1 Revoked
Brown, Laurie Jo 1 Revoked
Brown, Milford Anthony 1 Revoked
Burcham, Dana Kaye 1 Surrendered
Burke, Barbara 1 Revoked
Campbell, Paige M. 1 Suspension/probation
Carosi, Paul Joseph 1 Revoked
Carothers-Taylor, Marie Ann 1 Revoked
Carter, Roena Dyvaughn 1 Accusation pending
Cathey, Beverley Dianne 1 Accusation pending
Catron, Lise Catherine 1 Revoked
Chacha, Imanuel Werema 2 Revoked
Chaparro, Rosemary Ann 1 Probation
Cilley, Eric D. 1 Revoked
Claude, Danny J. 1 Revoked
Claus, Doreen Elizabeth 1 Accusation pending
Clay, Charlotte 1 Revoked
Clendenin, Dan L. 1 Accusation pending
Cobar, Lucrecia R. 1 Petition for termination of probation denied
Cobern, Verna Jane 1 Probation
Collins, Asante Bernice 1 Revoked
Combe, Susan 1 Revoked
Cooper, Grant Wayne 1 Revoked
Cowan, Phillip Shane 1 Petition to revoke probation pending
Crandall, Lynette Susan 1 Revoked
Crews, Matthew Lee 1 Accusation pending
Cruz, Ronald James 1 Surrendered
Cua, Elizabeth L. 1 Probation
Culpepper, Charles Robert 1 Probation complete
Cummings, Therese 1 Surrendered
Daly, Margaret 1 Revoked
Davis, Bonnie 1 Surrendered
Davis, Linda L. 1 Surrendered
Dean, Kathleen S. 1 Surrendered
Delce, Tawana La Tecia 1 Surrendered
Dilaura, Erika 1 Revoked
Dillon, Bernadette 1 Revoked
Dinenna, Victoria L. 2 Surrendered
Dobbs, Colleen Agnes 1 Surrendered
Drommond, Louise 1 Revoked
Drury, Sasha 1 Accusation pending
Dunn, Shilo 1 Revoked
Dutcher, David A. 1 Surrendered
Eason, Walter David 1 Revoked
Egan, Gaylynn Marie 1 Surrendered
Eggenberger, Lisa Rose 1 Revoked
Eggers, Susan Eileen 1 Accusation pending
Elias, Suzanne Morrissey 1 Revoked
Estes, Lois Lorraine 1 Probation
Evans, Judith Ann 1 Revoked
Fairman, Penny Lea 2 Surrendered
Farley, Stephen Alan 1 Probation
Faucheaux, Mary Grace 1 Probation
Faulkner, Rowena Aquino 1 First amended accusation pending
Fee, Cindy A. 1 Revoked
Fields, Kerry Lynn 1 Revoked
Friedman, Lisa Ann 1 Revoked
Garner, Charmaine McCoy 2 Revoked
Gatten, Anne Marie 1 Revoked
Gauthier, Rochelle Lee 1 Revoked
Gelpi, Deborah P. 1 Probation
George, Anne Marie 1 Surrendered
Ginnetti, John Michael 1 Revoked
Gooch, Russell Lee 1 Revoked
Haberman, Jennifer Goss 1 Revoked
Hadsell, Mary Ann 2 Accusation pending
Hall, Asuncion Barrett 1 Revoked
Hall, Sybil 1 Reinstatement granted/probation
Hammond, Janis Lynn 1 Revoked
Hanna, Martha Morgan 1 Revoked
Hansen, Anne Marie 1 Surrendered
Harbor, Chanda Denise W. 1 Revoked
Hatman, Sandra Ellen C. 1 Probation
Hatt, Mary Hermann 1 Revoked
Heath, Richard 1 Surrendered
Henderson, Bernard O. 1 Probation
Hickman, Dayna A. 1 Probation
Hicks, Marcia Jean 1 Surrendered
Hill, Julie A. 1 Surrendered
Holland, Cheryl Gelford 1 Accusation pending
Holze, Tanya Lyn 1 Probation
Hunt, Linda Joyce 2 Revoked
Hunter, Scott Matthew 1 Probation
Hyde, Margaret Ellen 1 Revoked
Inwang, Atim Nyong 1 Reinstatement granted/probation
Irving, Deleana 1 Revoked
Isaak, Debra K. 1 Revoked
Jackson, Neal Christopher 1 Revoked
Jakubowski, Lynda Diane 1 Revoked
James, William Lee 1 Probation
Jasinski, Leonard Frank 1 Accusation pending
Jeffery, Sharolyn Beatrice 1 Probation
Jones, Lisa Ann 4 Revoked
Jones, Sandra Lee 1 Revoked
Jordan, Rhonda Renee 1 First amended accusation pending
Keen, Kimberly Kaye 1 Revoked
Kellenberger, Matthew J. 1 Revoked
Kelley, Jeneane 1 Revoked
Kelly, Bethany Gayle 1 Revoked
Kidd, Angelea A.E. 1 Revoked
Kiefling, Rebekah Lynn 1 Probation
King III, Edward Joseph 1 Revoked
King, Teressa A. 1 Reinstatement granted/probation
Kinney, Joseph T. 2 Revoked
Korman, Michael Blake 1 Accusation pending
Kowalski, Jean F. 1 Revoked
Krippner, Kathryn 1 Probation complete
Lambert, Tammy K. 3 Revoked
Lamke, Daniel Burton 1 Revoked
Lasala, Michael C. 1 Surrendered
Laschet, Amanda 1 Revoked
Lato, Donald Thomas 1 Accusation pending
Layne, Lisa Marie 1 Probation
Leader, Luke Anthony 1 Revoked
Ledoux, Nikki A. 1 Probation complete
Lee, Jeong Hee 1 Surrendered
Lee, John M. 1 Revoked
Lee, Kenneth Eric 1 Surrendered
Lehrer, Gretchen Mina 1 Surrendered
Lenz, Gwen Joanne 1 Revoked
Lerner, Jo Marie 1 Revoked
Leute, Aimee Marie 1 Probation
Lewis, Debra Ann 1 Revoked
Lewis, Lan Thi 1 Revoked
Llewelyn, Dale Waterson 1 Surrendered
Lopez, Jeanne Maureen 1 Probation
Louden, Elizabeth Ann 1 Surrendered
Lovesy, Jason Derek 1 Surrendered
Lubinski, Sandra M. 1 Probation
Lutzow, Michael Jay 1 Probation
Lynch, Heather Viola 1 Accusation pending
Lynch, Loris 1 Revoked
Maffei, Lisa 1 Accusation pending
Manhold, Lydia Lynn 1 Revoked
Manuel, Phyllis Anne Cushing 2 Surrendered
Martin, Sharon Laraye 1 Revoked
Matheny, Chad Edward 1 Deceased
Maupin, Brenda Eileen 1 Accusation pending
McBroom, Melanie Ann 1 Revoked
McGhee, Bobby 1 Revoked
McIntyre, Timothy H. 1 Revoked
McKeown, Wendy Dogali 1 Probation complete
McQueen, Kathy K. 1 Revoked
Messinger, Jeffrey Alan 1 Surrendered
Miller, Donald David 1 Suspension/probation
Miller, Maria R. 1 Surrendered
Milstone, Craig Stuart 1 Revoked
Mindey, Marlene S. 1 Revoked
Minnis, Linda K. 1 Surrendered
Miranda, David Frank 1 Petition to revoke probation pending
Miranne, Christopher Paul 1 Revoked
Mize, Sheriece W. 2 Revoked
Molina, Susan Carol 1 Revoked
Monroe, Robin Kelley 1 Revoked
Mora, Claudine A. 1 Accusation pending
Morgan, Daniel Scott 1 Revoked
Moulden, Mickeal Louis 1 Revoked
Mundy, Christina Lonnberg 1 Revoked
Narvaez, Lloyd Laurista 1 Revoked
Neldaughter, Stacie Lee 1 Revoked
Nievera, Maria Theresa 1 Revoked
Nolden, Sandra L. 1 Revoked
Norman, Bryn 1 Revoked
Norris, Mark William 4 Surrendered
Norris-Williams, Cynthia M. 1 Petition to revoke probation pending
Nwosu, Jude N. 1 Surrendered
Oaks, Bonnie Patricia 1 Revoked
O'Brien, Daniel Patrick 1 Revoked
Oliveira, Karen Valois 1 Accusation pending
Oliver, Debra 3 Revoked
Onat, Tracy Rene 1 Revoked
Ordanza, Wilbert Tropia 1 Petition for termination of probation denied
Ortiz, Denise Marie 1 Accusation pending
Paccioni, Taryn D. 1 Revoked
Pace, Morrell R. 1 Revoked
Page, Stephanie Lei 1 Reinstatement granted/probation
Palmer, Robin G. 2 Probation
Patch, Melissa Donn 1 Surrendered
Peek, Rebecca B. 1 Accusation pending
Penley, Sophia Marie 1 Revoked
Pepper, Leyla M. 1 Revoked
Pierce, Deborah Marie 1 Revoked
Pilon, Joanne 1 Accusation pending
Piper, Christopher Sean 1 Surrendered
Potter, Colleen Katherine 1 Revoked
Premer, Elaine Gail 1 Revoked
Price, Charles Lyman 1 Revoked
Prickett, Kristin Ann 1 Revoked
Rabon, Judy Diane 2 Probation
Ramage, Laura P. 1 Revoked
Rausch, Jeffrey Louis 1 Revoked
Raybon, Beverly Lynn 1 Probation complete
Redmond, Kathleen T. 1 Accusation pending
Reed, Andrew Fernando 1 Revoked
Reumann-Linam, Sharon K. 1 Revoked
Richard, Sonya Lavonne 1 Revoked
Riedinger, Robin Renae 2 Revoked
Rivers, Lauren Nicole 1 Revoked
Roark, David Orville 1 Revoked
Rodriguez, Michael Sean 1 Revoked
Rojas Jr., Henry Louis 1 Revoked
Romine, Linda Rae 1 Revoked
Rose, Patricia Elizabeth 1 Revoked
Rucker, Shelley Grace 1 Accusation pending
Rudder, Alvin Jason 1 Revoked
Runnels, Stephanie Ann 1 Revoked
Sahadi, Barbara Ann 1 Accusation pending
Sarhan, Mark 1 Revoked
Scammahorn, Stephany Kathal 1 Revoked
Schindler, Mark Roderick 1 Revoked
Schupp, Cynthia L. 1 Surrendered
Secreriat, Victoria Noelle 1 Surrendered
Senegal, Samuel Allen 1 Probation
Shaddy, David R. 1 Accusation pending
Shaikh, Marie Theresa 1 Surrendered
Shanks, Rodrick Rochelle 2 Revoked
Shelley, Colleen M. 1 Revoked
Shields, Sean Nelson 1 Revoked
Shute, Petra 3 Revoked
Simpson, Eleanor Marie 1 Revoked
Skews, Matthew G. 1 Revoked
Slinkard, Martha Ann 1 Accusation pending
Small, Helene Renee 1 Revoked
Smart, Craig Donahue 5 Revoked
Smith, Curt 1 Revoked
Smith, Karen Sue 1 Revoked
Smith Jr., Warren Ray 1 Probation extended
Stafford, Shannon Marie 1 Accusation pending
Staudacher, Kristen A. 1 Accusation pending
Stearns, Gerald Marvin 1 Accusation pending
Stevens, Barbara Ann 1 Revoked
Stevens, Dorsie Mae 1 Surrendered
Stubbs, Bernard Edward 1 Revoked
Stutts, Kyle D. 1 Accusation pending
Suggs, Forrest M. 1 Revoked
Sulenta, Clara Ann 1 Revoked
Sullivan, Kimberly A. 3 Revoked
Sullivan, Marie Begay 1 Accusation pending
Summers, Nancy Sue 1 Accusation pending
Surmann, Cindy Karen 1 Revoked
Tarlton, Nora Jane 1 Revoked
Taylor, Drenda Marie 1 Surrendered
Tetley (Dirkse), Dayla 1 Probation
Thiebold, Melinda A 1 Accusation pending
Tilley, Kathleen E. McCarthy 1 Revoked
Trickett, Robert Michael 1 Surrendered
Turner, Daniel Greg 1 Accusation pending
Underwood, Harriette 1 Surrendered
Ungvari, Christine E. 1 Revoked
Vazquez, Barbara M. 1 Revoked
Volk, Nancy Joan 2 Revoked
Vollhaber, John 1 Revoked
Von Bieker, Brian Louis 2 Revoked
Wadnizak, Jennifer 1 Probation complete
Walker, Judith May 1 Revoked
Walz, Thom Martin 1 Revoked
Whelton, Nancy Jean 1 Surrendered
White, Karrey Lee 1 Revoked
Wilhite, Dennis Wayne 1 Suspension/probation
Wilkes, Jennifer 1 Accusation and petition to revoke probation pending
Williams, Bobbie E. 1 Probation
Williams, Karen Ruth 1 Revoked
Williams (Ko), Soni 1 Surrendered
Wilson, Elizabeth Jane 1 Revoked
Wilson, Suzanne Marie 1 Revoked
Winters, Jennifer Lynn 1 Surrendered
Wright, Debra Jo 1 Revoked
Yu, Roselyn 1 Revoked
Zimbelman, Deborah 1 Surrendered
Zylstra, Christeena Lynn 1 Revoked

Data last updated Dec. 26, 2009

Please note there are several limitations to the database:
  • This database includes nurses who faced disciplinary action between 2002 and September 2009, as well as any subsequent actions against these nurses. .
  • Employers and patients seeking verification of a nurse’s license should use the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing.
  • Multiple nurses may have the same name, but each has a unique license number.
  • The information on the database is based on the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing and state documents. In some cases, the Web site and documents conflict; in such cases, reporters used dates included in the board’s documents.
  • Documents for some cases are missing from the site in whole or in part.
  • The database does not include discipline against nurses meted out as a condition of being licensed. Such discipline is only included if the nurse subsequently faced board action.
  • The grounds listed for discipline in this database are based on the board’s public allegations against the nurses. Because accusations are sometimes written in an unclear or inconsistent manner, reporters did not try to guess the intent.
  • This database includes discipline against some nurses who have subsequently died. The board has removed many of these nurses from its Web site. They are included here because they faced disciplinary action during the period examined.

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