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Nurse Listing: Completed Probation

This data was last updated in December 2009. Statuses may have since changed. Check the California's Board of Registered Nursing license database for the most current license statuses.

This query found a total of 287 nurses. <b>Their current status: Discipline Complete.</b>

Click on the names below to find additional details on each nurse. You can also view the nursing board's public documents on the nurses by clicking on the PDF link.

There are several limitations to this database.

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* Indicates nurse who was disciplined before 2002, when this database starts.

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Name Current status Date of last action Case Document
Quinto (Vargas), Margie M. Probation complete Jun. 13, 2006 PDF
Racette, Gisele Irene Probation complete Nov. 11, 2007 PDF
Ramnarine (Saafir), Asha Probation complete Sep. 28, 2007 PDF
Ramos, Ramona Probation complete Oct. 23, 2005 PDF
Randazzo, Rebecca H. Probation complete Jun. 18, 2006 PDF
Randell, Laura M. Probation complete Aug. 29, 2006 PDF
Randhawa, Manjit Kaur Probation complete Nov. 19, 2006 PDF
Raybon, Beverly Lynn Probation complete Nov. 11, 2007 PDF
Raygoza, Adam* Probation complete Feb. 16, 2007 PDF
Redmon, Ruth Ann Probation complete Oct. 16, 2005 PDF
Rejent, Patricia J. Probation complete Jun. 12, 2007 PDF
Relampagos, Noemi Gines Probation complete Jul. 1, 2006 PDF
Renshaw, Barbara Cummings Probation complete Dec. 14, 2006 PDF
Reyes, Rebecca S. Probation complete Nov. 9, 2009 PDF
Richardson, Janet Marie Probation complete Jun. 13, 2006 PDF
Ricks, Leslie Probation complete Nov. 20, 2006 PDF
Roberts, Penelope Grace Probation complete Aug. 11, 2007 PDF
Robinson, Vicki P. Probation complete Apr. 16, 2007 PDF
Robitaille, Shiela Probation complete Oct. 16, 2007 PDF
Robles, Armida Theresa Probation complete Oct. 4, 2006 PDF
Roche, Claudia M. Probation complete Mar. 2, 2005 PDF
Rodriguez, Laura Sue Probation complete Oct. 16, 2007 PDF
Rogacion, Florence T. Probation complete Nov. 10, 2009 PDF
Roman, Natividad D. Probation complete Jun. 18, 2007 PDF
Ronquillo, Kathleen Probation complete Apr. 16, 2007 PDF
Rose, Elsie Kathleen Probation complete Jul. 4, 2008 PDF
Roughtean, Brian Donald Probation complete Dec. 21, 2008 PDF
Rowlett, Cynthia G. Probation complete Jun. 15, 2009 PDF
Sacco, Marichu Guevarra Probation complete Jun. 25, 2009 PDF
Sada, Stephanie Jean Probation complete Mar. 2, 2005 PDF
Salting, Lydia Alto Probation complete Apr. 24, 2005 PDF
San Juan, Joseph Oliver Probation complete Mar. 20, 2008 PDF
Sanchez, Debra Louise Probation complete Jul. 21, 2007 PDF
Sanchez, Erlinda M. Probation complete Dec. 23, 2007 PDF
Sangcate, Bernardita Ilagan Probation complete Apr. 24, 2007 PDF
Saunders, James L.* Probation complete Oct. 21, 2007 PDF
Scarbrough, Carol Ann Probation complete Jun. 15, 2009 PDF
Schaal, Christopher David Probation complete Mar. 31, 2009 PDF
Schincke, Catherine I. Probation complete Jan. 12, 2008 PDF
Senestraro (Dimino), Sharon Elizabeth Probation complete Aug. 23, 2009 PDF
Serrano, Angel A. Probation complete Feb. 27, 2008 PDF
Sevilla, Vivian Aragon Probation complete May 3, 2005 PDF
Shafer, Linda C. Probation complete Jun. 13, 2007 PDF
Shasky, Patrick Probation complete Mar. 26, 2005 PDF
Shelton, Ossie Lee Probation complete Jan. 29, 2006 PDF
Sheppard, Margaret Ann* Probation complete Dec. 7, 2004 PDF
Shumway, Mary Lynette Probation complete Feb. 27, 2009 PDF
Slaughter, Devany Lynn Probation complete Mar. 26, 2009 PDF
Smith, Mark Joseph Probation complete Mar. 7, 2008 PDF
Smith, Paul Robert Probation complete Oct. 1, 2009 PDF
Smith, Tamara M.* Probation complete Dec. 3, 2008 PDF
Smith-Kaufman, Tina Yvonne* Probation complete Jun. 27, 2005 PDF
Sohoni, Hela Probation complete May 25, 2005 PDF
Sosa, Martha Urias Probation complete Oct. 30, 2005 PDF
Southorn, Karen Rebecca Probation complete May 12, 2007 PDF
Standish, Suzanne Doreen Probation complete Mar. 23, 2009 PDF
Steiner-Vigil, Sheila J. Probation complete Jun. 16, 2009 PDF
Stewart, Polly Mae Probation complete Jun. 19, 2006 PDF
Strandlund, Mary Probation complete Dec. 23, 2007 PDF
Strong, Robert Thomas Probation complete Jan. 21, 2007 PDF
Tadiaman, Jasper T. Probation complete Feb. 27, 2008 PDF
Tan, Chieh Kao Probation complete Dec. 21, 2008 PDF
Tan, Regina Labitoria Probation complete Oct. 25, 2005 PDF
Tate, Joani Lee Probation complete Mar. 11, 2006 PDF
Tate, Robert Michael Probation complete Nov. 2, 2009 PDF
Terwilliger, Nancy L. Probation complete Jan. 12, 2008 PDF
Thanos, Leonard George Probation complete Mar. 9, 2005 PDF
Thorpe, Debbie Probation complete Dec. 3, 2009 PDF
Tibig, Evelina Quinto Probation complete Jan. 1, 2005 PDF
Trebesch, Jovita Probation complete Nov. 6, 2008 PDF
Valencia, Adolfo Ruiz Probation complete May 30, 2007 PDF
Valenti, Barbara J. Probation complete Jul. 24, 2006 PDF
Vasquez, Ernest F. Probation complete Aug. 19, 2007 PDF
Velasco, Ray Probation complete Dec. 15, 2008 PDF
Verrette, Joseph Anthony Probation complete Mar. 9, 2007 PDF
Wadnizak, Jennifer Probation complete Aug. 28, 2008 PDF
Walsh, James Anthony Probation complete Apr. 9, 2006 PDF
Walsh, Sarah L.* Probation complete Dec. 25, 2006 PDF
Welsh, Linda Sue* Probation complete Oct. 30, 2006 PDF
White-Warren, Debora Kay Probation complete Mar. 15, 2008 PDF
Williams, Charlene Ruth Probation complete Oct. 21, 2004 PDF
Winfield, Charles Geary Probation complete Jan. 29, 2006 PDF
Yamat, Heidi Pascua Probation complete Jun. 16, 2007 PDF
Ybarra, Stacey Anastacio Probation complete Jun. 2, 2008 PDF
Younessian, Cheryl Lee Probation complete Oct. 21, 2007 PDF
Yu, Duck Soon Probation complete Oct. 30, 2005 PDF
Yu, Ruffy Bolivar Probation complete Jul. 16, 2009 PDF

Data last updated Dec. 26, 2009

Please note there are several limitations to the database:
  • This database includes nurses who faced disciplinary action between 2002 and September 2009, as well as any subsequent actions against these nurses. .
  • Employers and patients seeking verification of a nurse’s license should use the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing.
  • Multiple nurses may have the same name, but each has a unique license number.
  • The information on the database is based on the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing and state documents. In some cases, the Web site and documents conflict; in such cases, reporters used dates included in the board’s documents.
  • Documents for some cases are missing from the site in whole or in part.
  • The database does not include discipline against nurses meted out as a condition of being licensed. Such discipline is only included if the nurse subsequently faced board action.
  • The grounds listed for discipline in this database are based on the board’s public allegations against the nurses. Because accusations are sometimes written in an unclear or inconsistent manner, reporters did not try to guess the intent.
  • This database includes discipline against some nurses who have subsequently died. The board has removed many of these nurses from its Web site. They are included here because they faced disciplinary action during the period examined.

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  • The Los Angeles Times and ProPublica have conducted a joint investigation into the failed oversight of California's health professionals. In July 2009, we reported that the Board of Registered Nursing took more than three years, on average, to investigate and discipline errant nurses. It failed to act against nurses whose misconduct already had been thoroughly documented and sanctioned by others. And the board gave probation to hundreds of nurses – ordering monitoring and work restrictions – then failed to crack down as many landed in trouble again and again. Read our complete coverage here.

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