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Nurse Listing: Lost Licenses

This data was last updated in December 2009. Statuses may have since changed. Check the California's Board of Registered Nursing license database for the most current license statuses.

This query found a total of 1,192 nurses. <b>Their current status: License Revoked or Surrendered.</b>

Click on the names below to find additional details on each nurse. You can also view the nursing board's public documents on the nurses by clicking on the PDF link.

There are several limitations to this database.

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* Indicates nurse who was disciplined before 2002, when this database starts.

Currently viewing 401 - 600 results
Name Current status Date of last action Case Document
Getzen, Rita Jane Surrendered Sep. 24, 2009 PDF
Ginnetti, John Michael Revoked Jul. 14, 2004 PDF
Gish, Aerika Revoked Nov. 25, 2005 PDF
Gluzman, Alexander Revoked Oct. 18, 2004 PDF
Godsey, Robert Denver Revoked Jul. 14, 2004 PDF
Goebel, Laure Marie* Revoked Nov. 2, 2006 PDF
Golinveaux, Agnes M.* Revoked Jan. 16, 2003 PDF
Goller, Christine Elaine Revoked Jul. 7, 2005 PDF
Gongora, Guadalupe* Revoked Mar. 23, 2006 PDF
Gonzalez, Kathleen M. Revoked Nov. 23, 2008 PDF
Gonzalez, Maria A. Surrendered Dec. 3, 2009 PDF
Gooch, Russell Lee Revoked Jun. 26, 2007 PDF
Gordon, Marie Revoked Nov. 5, 2009 PDF
Gott, Bianca Leigh Surrendered Mar. 21, 2008 PDF
Goulette, Billy Jean Revoked Jun. 5, 2006 PDF
Graves, Jeffrey Scott Revoked Jun. 17, 2006 PDF
Graves, Rhonda Lynn Revoked Jun. 17, 2006 PDF
Griddine, William E. Revoked Mar. 1, 2002 PDF
Griffin, Beverly S. Surrendered Apr. 15, 2009 PDF
Grimes, Albert Curtiss Revoked Sep. 8, 2003 PDF
Grimes, Stacy Lou Surrendered Feb. 1, 2008 PDF
Grimm, Glenn Christian Revoked Jul. 18, 2007 PDF
Grube, Stephanie Ann Surrendered May 6, 2005 PDF
Grudus, Edward Michael Revoked Feb. 23, 2007 PDF
Guaydacan, Farrah Suzzanne Revoked Mar. 13, 2009 PDF
Gunter, Alric Victor Surrendered Jul. 7, 2005 PDF
Gunthner, Maureen Kathryn Surrendered Dec. 21, 2006 PDF
Gurrola, Arthur Revoked Jul. 8, 2004 PDF
Gustafson, Debra Jean* Revoked Mar. 7, 2004 PDF
Gustavson, Helen Constance Surrendered Jul. 9, 2003 PDF
Gutierrez, Patricia D. Surrendered Nov. 2, 2007 PDF
Haberman, Jennifer Goss Revoked Nov. 2, 2007 PDF
Habib, David Reinstatement denied May 8, 2009 PDF
Hairston, Tamesha Shante Revoked Jul. 23, 2004 PDF
Halford, Linda Diane Surrendered Dec. 4, 2006 PDF
Hall, Asuncion Barrett Revoked Nov. 27, 2009 PDF
Hall, Sharon L. Revoked Dec. 29, 2004 PDF
Hallen, Gregory Revoked Feb. 27, 2006 PDF
Halquist, Donna Jean Surrendered May 4, 2006 PDF
Halstead, Tara Marie Revoked Nov. 3, 2008 PDF
Halvorsen-Guardino, Andrea Le* Revoked Apr. 25, 2002 PDF
Hamlin, Tina Marie Revoked Mar. 13, 2005 PDF
Hammond, Janis Lynn Revoked Sep. 17, 2007 PDF
Hamor, Wayne Todd Surrendered Oct. 27, 2009 PDF
Hankins, Shawn Patric Revoked Jan. 7, 2008 PDF
Hanna, Martha Morgan Revoked Dec. 18, 2006 PDF
Hans, Susan Mary* Revoked Jun. 12, 2002 PDF
Hansen, Anne Marie Surrendered May 14, 2008 PDF
Harbor, Chanda Denise W. Revoked Jul. 9, 2009 PDF
Harlow, Mary T. Revoked Jul. 26, 2006 PDF
Harmon, Janice Revoked Jul. 13, 2007 PDF
Harms, Susan D. Revoked Jun. 15, 2002 PDF
Harrington, Mary Lupe Revoked Jul. 14, 2004 PDF
Harris, Dayna Lynn Revoked Dec. 29, 2007 PDF
Harris, Lisa A. Revoked May 5, 2006 PDF
Harris, Victoria Louise Revoked Jul. 23, 2004 PDF
Harrison, Deborah Surrendered Sep. 9, 2008 PDF
Harrison, Kimberly K Surrendered Dec. 3, 2009 PDF
Hasenbeck, Cheryl Ann Surrendered Mar. 26, 2005 PDF
Hatt, Mary Hermann Revoked Dec. 19, 2005 PDF
Hayes-Bolster, Lori Carol* Revoked Jul. 9, 2004 PDF
Heath, Richard Surrendered Mar. 21, 2008 PDF
Hegarty, Anne Marie Revoked Dec. 20, 2008 PDF
Heim, Thurza Surrendered Oct. 21, 2008 PDF
Helms, Criss Jessica Surrendered Jan. 14, 2008 PDF
Hendricks, Susan Meredith Surrendered Jun. 19, 2006 PDF
Henley, Fern* Revoked Jul. 9, 2004 PDF
Heredia, Taunja Rana Surrendered Dec. 9, 2009 PDF
Herlong, Kathy R. Surrendered Jun. 15, 2007 PDF
Hernandez, Joaquin Revoked May 6, 2005 PDF
Herring, Alma J. Revoked Apr. 25, 2002 PDF
Hicks, Marcia Jean Surrendered Feb. 29, 2008 PDF
Hikade, Herbert Paul Revoked Jul. 14, 2008 PDF
Hill, Debbie Josephine Revoked Jun. 2, 2008 PDF
Hill, Jovellea M. Surrendered Dec. 18, 2009 PDF
Hill, Julie Denise Revoked Apr. 23, 2007 PDF
Hill, Julie A. Surrendered Nov. 19, 2008 PDF
Hipskind, Carl Douglas Surrendered Feb. 17, 2009 PDF
Hodges, Donna Revoked Nov. 15, 2004 PDF
Hodgson, Carrie R.* Surrendered Dec. 5, 2008 PDF
Hoffart, James Alan Revoked Oct. 6, 2003 PDF
Hogan, Yu Meng Surrendered Dec. 21, 2007 PDF
Holland, Penny Lee Reinstatement denied Feb. 22, 2006 PDF
Holtzclaw, Cynthia Lanette Reinstatement denied Jun. 5, 2009 PDF
Hooven, Elizabeth P. Surrendered Jun. 5, 2006 PDF
Hoover, Patricia Ann Revoked Aug. 25, 2008 PDF
Hopkins, Michele D. Revoked May 12, 2006 PDF
Horinek, Misty Lynn Revoked May 9, 2009 PDF
Houck, Rachel I. Surrendered Feb. 4, 2009 PDF
Howard, Dana Richard Revoked Oct. 29, 2009 PDF
Hoyle, Leslie Ann Revoked Jun. 28, 2009 PDF
Huang, Anna W. Revoked Aug. 25, 2008 PDF
Huang, Laurie Jean Revoked Jul. 27, 2005 PDF
Huber, Kathy Lynne Revoked Apr. 6, 2007 PDF
Hughes, James Christopher Revoked Jun. 13, 2009 PDF
Hultsch, Ann Marie Surrendered Jun. 20, 2005 PDF
Humphries, Charles Allen Revoked Dec. 15, 2007 PDF
Hunt, Linda Joyce Revoked May 3, 2006 PDF
Hunt (Lovell), Kimberly E. Surrendered Oct. 22, 2004 PDF
Hurtado, Sandra G. Revoked Sep. 23, 2002 PDF
Hyatt, Karen (John) Elizabeth Revoked Jun. 19, 2009 PDF
Hyde, Margaret Ellen Revoked Sep. 11, 2006 PDF
Ico, Lelita O.* Surrendered Mar. 3, 2002 PDF
Ignacio, Gena M. Surrendered May 3, 2006 PDF
Ingles, Sandra M.* Revoked Jul. 14, 2004 PDF
Ingram, Ellen A. Surrendered Aug. 12, 2008 PDF
Irby-Bennett, Amy Revoked Sep. 8, 2003 PDF
Ireland, Julie K. Revoked Mar. 22, 2002 PDF
Irvin, Christopher Alan Surrendered Mar. 19, 2007 PDF
Irving, Deleana Revoked Jun. 23, 2005 PDF
Isaak, Debra K. Revoked Sep. 1, 2003 PDF
Israel, Steven Nixon Surrendered Feb. 23, 2007 PDF
Ives, Jean Marie Revoked May 4, 2006 PDF
Jackson, Amy Revoked Sep. 15, 2008 PDF
Jackson, Cheryl M. Revoked May 29, 2002 PDF
Jackson, Heather Joy Surrendered Dec. 16, 2009 PDF
Jackson, Neal Christopher Revoked Dec. 22, 2008 PDF
Jackson, Patricia A. Revoked Nov. 20, 2006 PDF
Jacobson, Rachael Lyne Marie Surrendered Jun. 3, 2009 PDF
Jacquet (Aebischer), Barbara* Revoked Aug. 26, 2004 PDF
Jakubowski, Lynda Diane Revoked Oct. 7, 2004 PDF
James, Debra Henderson Revoked Dec. 22, 2006 PDF
Jenkins, Victor Irving Revoked May 14, 2007 PDF
Jennings, Jason Rodgers Surrendered Mar. 10, 2006 PDF
Jennings, Vera Surrendered Mar. 16, 2005 PDF
Jensen-Toft, Summer Lorraine Surrendered Oct. 4, 2007 PDF
Johnson, Jennifer Gayle Surrendered Aug. 21, 2008 PDF
Johnson, Mary Ann Surrendered Jan. 29, 2008 PDF
Johnson, Patrice Anne* Surrendered Nov. 26, 2009 PDF
Johnson, Sharon Kay Revoked Apr. 28, 2006 PDF
Jones, Janice Louise Surrendered Nov. 13, 2008 PDF
Jones, John Michael Revoked Oct. 24, 2007 PDF
Jones, Lisa Ann Revoked Jun. 6, 2009 PDF
Jones, Sandra Lee Revoked Nov. 2, 2007 PDF
Jones, Tina Veronica Revoked Nov. 1, 2007 PDF
Jones (Tucker), Louise A. Revoked Oct. 7, 2004 PDF
Jordan, Elizabeth T. Revoked Mar. 12, 2009 PDF
Josoy-Stedham, Mary Britt* Surrendered Jun. 22, 2003 PDF
Jovet, Nancy Aguilar Surrendered Dec. 16, 2009 PDF
Joy, Kaleem Surrendered Feb. 25, 2008 PDF
Jukich, David Patrick Revoked Nov. 10, 2003 PDF
Kahalioumi Jr., Ronald Kuhaulu Revoked Nov. 26, 2004 PDF
Kalander, Lynee A. Revoked Jan. 22, 2009 PDF
Kallet, Janet L. Surrendered May 13, 2004 PDF
Kalnins, Ingrid Revoked Jul. 5, 2002 PDF
Kamali, Afsaneh Taha Surrendered Jan. 17, 2008 PDF
Karaba, Laurette B. Revoked Dec. 18, 2006 PDF
Karhio, Susan Raye Surrendered Jun. 20, 2005 PDF
Kauffman, Francine J. Revoked Mar. 27, 2002 PDF
Kaweck, Melanie Surrendered May 9, 2009 PDF
Keen, Kimberly Kaye Revoked Jun. 2, 2008 PDF
Kellar, Sabrina Marie Revoked Mar. 15, 2002 PDF
Kellenberger, Matthew J. Revoked Nov. 6, 2003 PDF
Kelley, Jeneane Revoked Dec. 20, 2007 PDF
Kelly, Bethany Gayle Revoked Nov. 7, 2009 PDF
Kelso, Mary Cooper* Surrendered May 10, 2006 PDF
Kennedy-Barker, Ellen Revoked Aug. 20, 2004 PDF
Kent, Sherryl Kay Vanderschnit Revoked Nov. 27, 2009 PDF
Kerstetter, Sicily Alice Revoked Dec. 22, 2008 PDF
Ketterman, Karen Liane* Surrendered Mar. 20, 2008 PDF
Khiabaninia, Siamak Revoked Dec. 23, 2004 PDF
Kidd, Angelea A.E. Revoked Nov. 3, 2008 PDF
Killins, Donna Lee Surrendered Nov. 19, 2008 PDF
Kim, Keum Hyang Surrendered Jul. 2, 2009 PDF
Kim, Young Sook Revoked Jun. 13, 2004 PDF
King III, Edward Joseph Revoked Nov. 12, 2004 PDF
King, Steven Leslie Revoked Dec. 19, 2007 PDF
Kinghorn (Kingboxer), Colleen Surrendered Jul. 17, 2003 PDF
Kinney, Joseph T. Revoked Oct. 30, 2009 PDF
Kittle, Debra Ann Revoked Jun. 6, 2009 PDF
Klein, Sharon Margaret Revoked Mar. 10, 2006 PDF
Ko, Lida C.L. Revoked Mar. 1, 2002 PDF
Kohl, Catherine Revoked Jul. 12, 2007 PDF
Kolopos, Nicholas Lee Surrendered Oct. 5, 2003 PDF
Konicki, Catherine Jean Revoked Feb. 29, 2008 PDF
Konow, Suzanne Mary Revoked Jul. 5, 2002 PDF
Kowalski, Jean F. Revoked Apr. 23, 2007 PDF
Krueger, Kerry Elizabeth Surrendered Mar. 16, 2005 PDF
Kusmierz, Paula Revoked Jan. 20, 2006 PDF
Kutin, Le Ann G. Revoked Jul. 9, 2003 PDF
Kutz, Diana Lynn Surrendered Jun. 16, 2008 PDF
Labarrie, Elissa Josephine Revoked Jul. 2, 2007 PDF
Labauve Jr., Vernon Perry Surrendered Apr. 5, 2007 PDF
Labon, Sherry Deleo Revoked Apr. 28, 2005 PDF
Lagmay, Manuel R. Revoked Jul. 4, 2008 PDF
Lahr, Nancy Ann Surrendered Apr. 19, 2007 PDF
Lambert, Tammy K. Revoked Oct. 29, 2007 PDF
Lamke, Daniel Burton Revoked Apr. 27, 2009 PDF
Lane, Gregory Loyd Surrendered Jun. 13, 2004 PDF
Lang, Robert T. Surrendered Nov. 27, 2006 PDF
Langley, Lanette Surrendered May 29, 2009 PDF
Lankford, Pamela Kay Revoked Apr. 27, 2009 PDF
Lapio, Patti Denise Revoked Jun. 13, 2009 PDF
Larsen, Malintha K. Revoked Jan. 29, 2009 PDF
Lasala, Michael C. Surrendered Jun. 12, 2006 PDF
Laschet, Amanda Revoked Sep. 18, 2008 PDF
Laughlin, Lonnie Charles Revoked Jan. 3, 2009 PDF
Lauterbach, Carrie Irene Surrendered Oct. 29, 2007 PDF
Lauzier, Jeremy Paul Surrendered Feb. 8, 2007 PDF
Lavoo, James Charles Revoked Mar. 8, 2007 PDF

Data last updated Dec. 26, 2009

Please note there are several limitations to the database:
  • This database includes nurses who faced disciplinary action between 2002 and September 2009, as well as any subsequent actions against these nurses. .
  • Employers and patients seeking verification of a nurse’s license should use the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing.
  • Multiple nurses may have the same name, but each has a unique license number.
  • The information on the database is based on the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing and state documents. In some cases, the Web site and documents conflict; in such cases, reporters used dates included in the board’s documents.
  • Documents for some cases are missing from the site in whole or in part.
  • The database does not include discipline against nurses meted out as a condition of being licensed. Such discipline is only included if the nurse subsequently faced board action.
  • The grounds listed for discipline in this database are based on the board’s public allegations against the nurses. Because accusations are sometimes written in an unclear or inconsistent manner, reporters did not try to guess the intent.
  • This database includes discipline against some nurses who have subsequently died. The board has removed many of these nurses from its Web site. They are included here because they faced disciplinary action during the period examined.

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  • The Los Angeles Times and ProPublica have conducted a joint investigation into the failed oversight of California's health professionals. In July 2009, we reported that the Board of Registered Nursing took more than three years, on average, to investigate and discipline errant nurses. It failed to act against nurses whose misconduct already had been thoroughly documented and sanctioned by others. And the board gave probation to hundreds of nurses – ordering monitoring and work restrictions – then failed to crack down as many landed in trouble again and again. Read our complete coverage here.

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