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Nurse Listing: Lost Licenses

This data was last updated in December 2009. Statuses may have since changed. Check the California's Board of Registered Nursing license database for the most current license statuses.

This query found a total of 1,192 nurses. <b>Their current status: License Revoked or Surrendered.</b>

Click on the names below to find additional details on each nurse. You can also view the nursing board's public documents on the nurses by clicking on the PDF link.

There are several limitations to this database.

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* Indicates nurse who was disciplined before 2002, when this database starts.

Currently viewing 1001 - 1,192 results
Name Current status Date of last action Case Document
Smith, Phyllis Revoked Aug. 20, 2004 PDF
Smith, Ronnie Jay Revoked Dec. 12, 2009 PDF
Smith, Terry Lynn Revoked Dec. 13, 2007 PDF
Smith, Vickie J. Revoked Jan. 8, 2007 PDF
Smith, Wendy Sue Surrendered Jul. 19, 2007 PDF
Smith-Deegan, Gail Revoked Jun. 3, 2005 PDF
Smythe, Brandi Leigh Revoked Jan. 23, 2002 PDF
Snapper, Jean Evonne* Revoked Dec. 26, 2003 PDF
Sneddon (Howe), Lynne Rae Surrendered Oct. 18, 2007 PDF
Sojka, Dee Ann Reinstatement denied Jan. 27, 2005 PDF
Solomon, Marilou* Revoked Jul. 6, 2005 PDF
Soued, Toni Revoked Apr. 21, 2008 PDF
Sovronec, Natalie Margaret Revoked Nov. 3, 2006 PDF
Sparks, Ann Marie Revoked Sep. 14, 2009 PDF
Speegle, Sandra Louise Surrendered Oct. 28, 2007 PDF
Spencer, Jamie Susan Revoked Feb. 15, 2008 PDF
Spieth Jr., Byron Earl Revoked Jan. 30, 2003 PDF
Spoor, Kathleen Ann* Surrendered Sep. 1, 2006 PDF
Spruill, Knar Surrendered Nov. 1, 2007 PDF
Stagg, Brenda J. Revoked Mar. 4, 2009 PDF
Stalsworth, Bryan Philip Revoked Oct. 30, 2009 PDF
Stansbury, Deborah Lee* Surrendered Mar. 12, 2003 PDF
Stear, Kathie D. Surrendered Aug. 15, 2008 PDF
Steele, Deborah Paulette Revoked Mar. 7, 2009 PDF
Stein, Barbara Redewill Revoked Apr. 6, 2007 PDF
Steiner, Matthew D. Surrendered Dec. 18, 2008 PDF
Stell, Gail Landress Surrendered Dec. 17, 2009 PDF
Stevens, Barbara Ann Revoked Jul. 6, 2004 PDF
Stevens, Dorsie Mae Surrendered Mar. 12, 2007 PDF
Stewart, James Allen* Revoked Nov. 23, 2008 PDF
Stewart-Young, Karen Joy Revoked May 21, 2008 PDF
Stillwell, John Joseph Surrendered Dec. 31, 2006 PDF
Stinson, Cynthia Jean Revoked Aug. 28, 2006 PDF
Stokes, Melody Martin Revoked Apr. 22, 2005 PDF
Stollof, Kelly E. Revoked Jun. 14, 2004 PDF
Stroman, Russell Vaughn* Revoked Jan. 2, 2002 PDF
Stromberg, Shannon R. Revoked May 30, 2009 PDF
Stubbs, Bernard Edward Revoked Nov. 15, 2008 PDF
Suggs, Forrest M. Revoked Jul. 16, 2008 PDF
Sulenta, Clara Ann Revoked Mar. 16, 2005 PDF
Sullivan, Kimberly A. Revoked Feb. 18, 2008 PDF
Summerson, Tammy Lee Revoked Dec. 22, 2005 PDF
Surmann, Cindy Karen Revoked Nov. 10, 2007 PDF
Swanson, Michelle Charlene Revoked May 21, 2008 PDF
Swarbrick, Lori A. Revoked Aug. 16, 2006 PDF
Sweeney, Christine Ann Revoked Mar. 23, 2007 PDF
Szoke, Lisanna* Revoked Nov. 16, 2003 PDF
Talbot, Phyllis Meral Surrendered Jul. 20, 2007 PDF
Talbot, Thomas Cole Revoked Jun. 17, 2004 PDF
Tanner, Michael Everette Revoked Sep. 18, 2009 PDF
Tarlton, Nora Jane Revoked Apr. 21, 2008 PDF
Tart, Candyce Dene Surrendered Jul. 6, 2004 PDF
Tartakovsky, Boris Revoked Aug. 30, 2008 PDF
Taylor, Drenda Marie Surrendered Jun. 17, 2004 PDF
Taylor, James Allen Revoked Jul. 9, 2003 PDF
Taylor, Ronald Charles* Revoked Jul. 4, 2004 PDF
Teasdale, Janel Marie Revoked Jan. 29, 2009 PDF
Tebo, Rasmia Revoked Jun. 13, 2005 PDF
Tedder (Raybin), Lisa Grace Surrendered Dec. 4, 2003 PDF
Teixeira, Marsha Sue Revoked May 26, 2006 PDF
Telc, Peter George Revoked Jun. 3, 2005 PDF
Tempel, Debra Sue Revoked Nov. 14, 2002 PDF
Terry (Boyles), Andrea Dee* Revoked Apr. 19, 2009 PDF
Thayer Jr., Harold Brooks Surrendered Dec. 15, 2009 PDF
Thiel, Alison Adelcie Surrendered Oct. 24, 2005 PDF
Thiemsuwan, Chinda Surrendered Jan. 28, 2006 PDF
Thomas, Carolyn Fay Revoked Aug. 12, 2005 PDF
Thomas, Sandra Revoked Oct. 28, 2007 PDF
Thompson, Caryn Beth Revoked Oct. 30, 2009 PDF
Thornton, Catherine Marie Surrendered Jul. 17, 2006 PDF
Threats, Vanessa Surrendered Nov. 19, 2009 PDF
Thrift, Michele Diane Surrendered May 31, 2004 PDF
Thunberg, Paul William Surrendered Nov. 12, 2009 PDF
Tilghman, Karen M. Revoked Dec. 8, 2004 PDF
Tilley, Kathleen E. McCarthy Revoked Apr. 20, 2009 PDF
Tinsley, Angela Kay Revoked Nov. 6, 2004 PDF
Torkelson, Richard Howard* Revoked Nov. 1, 2008 PDF
Townsend, Sally Diane Revoked Oct. 10, 2008 PDF
Trainor-Yates, Kathleen Surrendered Aug. 7, 2008 PDF
Trejos, Duke Rocky Revoked Jul. 20, 2007 PDF
Trickett, Robert Michael Surrendered Dec. 9, 2009 PDF
Trudeau, Michelle* Surrendered Dec. 23, 2008 PDF
Tsaros, Loraine May Revoked Jul. 10, 2003 PDF
Turner, Elda Fern Surrendered Dec. 8, 2002 PDF
Underwood, Harriette Surrendered Sep. 5, 2005 PDF
Ungvari, Christine E. Revoked Jul. 10, 2003 PDF
Valdez, Ella P. Revoked Jul. 11, 2007 PDF
Valinoti, Patricia Jean Surrendered Jun. 22, 2009 PDF
Van Teslaar, David Surrendered Aug. 26, 2004 PDF
Vanciel, Nancy E. Revoked Nov. 23, 2008 PDF
Vandyke, Rick Andrew Revoked Apr. 30, 2009 PDF
Varallo, Lynn Adele Revoked Jul. 23, 2008 PDF
Vaughn, Andrea Jean Revoked May 15, 2002 PDF
Vaughn, Sarah Ann* Revoked Apr. 14, 2005 PDF
Vazquez, Barbara M. Revoked Dec. 3, 2003 PDF
Velasquez, Germaine Evette Reinstatement denied Feb. 13, 2009 PDF
Velez, Labonnia G. Surrendered Jul. 6, 2004 PDF
Venhuizen, Judy Lynn Revoked Nov. 14, 2002 PDF
Villabroza, Priscilla B. Surrendered Mar. 20, 2009 PDF
Villanueva, Herminia B. Surrendered Jun. 11, 2006 PDF
Vincent, Ernie Hans Revoked Oct. 13, 2005 PDF
Vincent, Neil R. Surrendered Nov. 19, 2009 PDF
Vogel, Jeff* Surrendered Mar. 24, 2008 PDF
Volenec, Melanie M. Surrendered Jul. 29, 2008 PDF
Volk, Nancy Joan Revoked Sep. 17, 2004 PDF
Vollhaber, John Revoked Nov. 15, 2008 PDF
Von Bieker, Brian Louis Revoked May 25, 2003 PDF
Von Fumetti, Laurie Jean Surrendered Jun. 17, 2004 PDF
Wadkins, Allen Wayne Surrendered Oct. 22, 2004 PDF
Wagner, John Charles Revoked Jun. 26, 2006 PDF
Waks, Robert Revoked Jun. 26, 2006 PDF
Walch, Ingrid B. Revoked Jun. 13, 2009 PDF
Walker, Diana Lynn Surrendered Nov. 15, 2007 PDF
Walker, John Albert Revoked Oct. 2, 2006 PDF
Walker, Judith May Revoked Sep. 12, 2002 PDF
Walker, Wilma Revoked Oct. 29, 2009 PDF
Walling, Mary Jo Anne Reinstatement denied Aug. 19, 2007 PDF
Wallis, Johnny Ladon Revoked Aug. 13, 2009 PDF
Walsh, Laurel Anne Revoked Dec. 16, 2007 PDF
Walters, Jeanine M. Surrendered Sep. 5, 2005 PDF
Walton Sr., Mark Surrendered Jun. 26, 2006 PDF
Walz, Thom Martin Revoked Sep. 15, 2009 PDF
Ward, Constance Laverne Surrendered Mar. 2, 2007 PDF
Warren, Jessica Porter* Revoked Jun. 7, 2007 PDF
Warren, Michael Joseph Revoked Sep. 14, 2009 PDF
Watanathai, Supattra Surrendered Jun. 12, 2006 PDF
Watkins, Kyle Marta Revoked Oct. 12, 2008 PDF
Watts, Angela Marie Surrendered Nov. 3, 2006 PDF
Watwood (Sanders), Robin Leig Surrendered Mar. 24, 2006 PDF
Weaver-Nissenbaum, Kathy Ann Surrendered Mar. 27, 2008 PDF
Weeks, Susan Coy Surrendered Dec. 4, 2006 PDF
Weir, Terri Angerman Revoked Dec. 3, 2004 PDF
Weise, Edith M. Revoked Jul. 21, 2003 PDF
Weitz, Sabrina Revoked May 22, 2006 PDF
Wells, Catherine June Surrendered Dec. 18, 2008 PDF
Westlake, Rockwell Spence Revoked Oct. 29, 2009 PDF
Whatley, Sandra Denice Revoked Nov. 6, 2009 PDF
Wheatcraft, Birgit Agnes Surrendered Dec. 30, 2008 PDF
Wheatley, Christine Jennifer Revoked Apr. 25, 2004 PDF
Wheeler, Kathleen Ann Surrendered Nov. 19, 2009 PDF
Whelan, Cheryl A. Surrendered Feb. 22, 2007 PDF
Whelan, Laurie Revoked Jun. 15, 2007 PDF
Whelton, Nancy Jean Surrendered Jun. 3, 2008 PDF
Whipple, Katherine Leigh Surrendered Mar. 15, 2008 PDF
White, Gail Lee* Revoked Mar. 9, 2002 PDF
White, Karrey Lee Revoked Apr. 10, 2003 PDF
White, Phaedra Revoked Nov. 27, 2009 PDF
Whitney, Jennifer Christine Revoked Jul. 7, 2008 PDF
Wilk, Mary Ann Revoked Apr. 27, 2006 PDF
Williams, Jon Roderick Revoked Mar. 12, 2007 PDF
Williams, Karen Ruth Revoked Dec. 19, 2007 PDF
Williams, Mona Lee Revoked Jul. 8, 2009 PDF
Williams, Olivia Danita* Revoked Feb. 10, 2005 PDF
Williams, Opal Jean* Surrendered Dec. 22, 2006 PDF
Williams (Ko), Soni Surrendered Nov. 10, 2009 PDF
Wilmshurst, Sandra Louise Surrendered Feb. 28, 2005 PDF
Wilson, Dorothy E. Surrendered Aug. 25, 2009 PDF
Wilson, Elizabeth Jane Revoked Dec. 3, 2004 PDF
Wilson, Holly Anne Surrendered Jul. 25, 2003 PDF
Wilson, Karen M.* Surrendered Oct. 5, 2003 PDF
Wilson, Nancy Anne Surrendered Jul. 13, 2007 PDF
Wilson, Suzanne Marie Revoked Jan. 23, 2002 PDF
Wilson (Lang), Sally Marie Surrendered Nov. 1, 2007 PDF
Windell, Laura Revoked Nov. 3, 2007 PDF
Winegar, Judy Rae Surrendered Sep. 26, 2008 PDF
Winkel, Linda Kathleen Revoked Apr. 29, 2005 PDF
Winters, Jennifer Lynn Surrendered Dec. 10, 2009 PDF
Witte, Joseph M. Revoked May 26, 2006 PDF
Woloszyn, Sharon M. Revoked Mar. 23, 2007 PDF
Woo, Hilda C. Reinstatement denied Nov. 29, 2003 PDF
Wood, Angela W. Surrendered Oct. 28, 2004 PDF
Woodfin, Susan Elaine Revoked Dec. 3, 2003 PDF
Woolfolk (Renneberg), Loretta Revoked Dec. 4, 2003 PDF
Worcester, Keith Surrendered Jul. 6, 2004 PDF
Woy, Christine Noel Surrendered Nov. 3, 2006 PDF
Wright, Debra Jo Revoked Mar. 24, 2006 PDF
Wright, Gwendolyn M. Surrendered Feb. 5, 2007 PDF
Yamamoto, Margaret Frances* Surrendered Mar. 19, 2009 PDF
Yando, Gail* Revoked Mar. 15, 2002 PDF
Yarnell, Elaine M. Surrendered Dec. 16, 2009 PDF
Ybarra, Robert A. Revoked Jan. 23, 2002 PDF
Yoshida, Hisao Surrendered Nov. 5, 2009 PDF
Young, Lowanda Sue Surrendered Sep. 30, 2008 PDF
Yu, Paul Winston F. Revoked Aug. 28, 2006 PDF
Yu, Roselyn Revoked Jul. 27, 2007 PDF
Zajac, Rhonda Mary Revoked Jan. 22, 2009 PDF
Zeidan, Sahar Revoked Dec. 30, 2007 PDF
Zimbelman, Deborah Surrendered Jul. 5, 2005 PDF
Zondorgh, Honz Revoked Apr. 26, 2008 PDF
Zrodlowski, John Edward Surrendered Nov. 12, 2009 PDF
Zwinge, Edward Antone Surrendered Sep. 12, 2008 PDF
Zylstra, Christeena Lynn Revoked Oct. 28, 2007 PDF

Data last updated Dec. 26, 2009

Please note there are several limitations to the database:
  • This database includes nurses who faced disciplinary action between 2002 and September 2009, as well as any subsequent actions against these nurses. .
  • Employers and patients seeking verification of a nurse’s license should use the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing.
  • Multiple nurses may have the same name, but each has a unique license number.
  • The information on the database is based on the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing and state documents. In some cases, the Web site and documents conflict; in such cases, reporters used dates included in the board’s documents.
  • Documents for some cases are missing from the site in whole or in part.
  • The database does not include discipline against nurses meted out as a condition of being licensed. Such discipline is only included if the nurse subsequently faced board action.
  • The grounds listed for discipline in this database are based on the board’s public allegations against the nurses. Because accusations are sometimes written in an unclear or inconsistent manner, reporters did not try to guess the intent.
  • This database includes discipline against some nurses who have subsequently died. The board has removed many of these nurses from its Web site. They are included here because they faced disciplinary action during the period examined.

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  • The Los Angeles Times and ProPublica have conducted a joint investigation into the failed oversight of California's health professionals. In July 2009, we reported that the Board of Registered Nursing took more than three years, on average, to investigate and discipline errant nurses. It failed to act against nurses whose misconduct already had been thoroughly documented and sanctioned by others. And the board gave probation to hundreds of nurses – ordering monitoring and work restrictions – then failed to crack down as many landed in trouble again and again. Read our complete coverage here.

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