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Nurse Listing: Lost Licenses

This data was last updated in December 2009. Statuses may have since changed. Check the California's Board of Registered Nursing license database for the most current license statuses.

This query found a total of 1,192 nurses. <b>Their current status: License Revoked or Surrendered.</b>

Click on the names below to find additional details on each nurse. You can also view the nursing board's public documents on the nurses by clicking on the PDF link.

There are several limitations to this database.

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* Indicates nurse who was disciplined before 2002, when this database starts.

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Name Current status Date of last action Case Document
Abdullahi, Shadia Omar Revoked Dec. 16, 2005 PDF
Abu Ghoush, Manal Saleem Revoked Apr. 19, 2008 PDF
Adams, Bernadette Revoked Oct. 24, 2004 PDF
Adams, Virginia Lee Surrendered Oct. 25, 2003 PDF
Adler, Lisa Ann Surrendered Mar. 31, 2004 PDF
Agundez, Raul Revoked Oct. 22, 2004 PDF
Ahern, Carol Surrendered Nov. 14, 2007 PDF
Akinbile, Morufu Oladipupo Revoked May 18, 2008 PDF
Albert, Debbie Dean Revoked Dec. 14, 2005 PDF
Allen, Charlotte Ruth Revoked Oct. 24, 2004 PDF
Allen, Nicholas Paul Revoked Nov. 18, 2007 PDF
Allison, Kimberly Revoked Dec. 18, 2004 PDF
Alonzo, Joe Moreno Revoked Apr. 19, 2009 PDF
Alsobrook, Kim Ona Revoked Aug. 13, 2003 PDF
Altadonna, Linda Marlene Surrendered Dec. 18, 2008 PDF
Alumbaugh, Mary Ann Surrendered Dec. 18, 2004 PDF
Alvarado, Leslie Anne Revoked Oct. 24, 2004 PDF
Amen, Christine Anna* Surrendered Dec. 5, 2004 PDF
Amina Miller, Nancy Catherine Surrendered Jul. 23, 2003 PDF
Amsden, Ann Marie* Revoked Mar. 7, 2004 PDF
Anderson, Linda R. Revoked May 21, 2008 PDF
Andrakin, Janiece Revoked Dec. 13, 2007 PDF
Andrews, Vernon Revoked Dec. 20, 2008 PDF
Andujar, Nancy Jean Revoked May 3, 2009 PDF
Antonini (Burkholder), Kelly Surrendered Feb. 26, 2005 PDF
Apollo, Julie C. Revoked Jun. 29, 2009 PDF
Aquino, Romeo T. Revoked Feb. 26, 2005 PDF
Arde, Albine Jominar Figuerres Revoked Nov. 10, 2008 PDF
Arellano, Teresa Marie* Revoked Aug. 8, 2009 PDF
Arguello, Susie Revoked Oct. 21, 2007 PDF
Armado, Mary A. Revoked Jul. 18, 2005 PDF
Armstrong, Carrie S. Revoked Nov. 4, 2007 PDF
Armstrong, Jeanne Marie Surrendered Jun. 19, 2008 PDF
Arredondo, Kathy Ann Surrendered Nov. 18, 2009 PDF
Arrigo, Margaret Revoked May 6, 2009 PDF
Aschebrook, Lonnie H. Revoked Feb. 6, 2005 PDF
Asfeh, Kathy M. Revoked Jul. 18, 2005 PDF
Ashley (Lent), Sandra Kay Surrendered Aug. 26, 2004 PDF
Atkins, Diane Strock Surrendered Oct. 12, 2009 PDF
Aune, Ella Mae J.* Surrendered Nov. 12, 2004 PDF
Aurmani, Joelle Michael Revoked Jun. 6, 2008 PDF
Austin, Robert Eugene Revoked Jan. 16, 2004 PDF
Avendano, Paul Fulgenico Zuniga Revoked Sep. 9, 2009 PDF
Averill, Pauline Annette Revoked Sep. 19, 2003 PDF
Aycock, Timothy Dale Revoked Jul. 18, 2005 PDF
Baccelli, Angela Surrendered Feb. 26, 2005 PDF
Bader, Ralph Steven Revoked Dec. 16, 2005 PDF
Bagadiong, Beatriz Socito Revoked Sep. 19, 2003 PDF
Bagalso, Reynaldo Salvaleon Revoked Mar. 30, 2004 PDF
Bahner, Charles Lynn Revoked May 15, 2008 PDF
Baird, Carole Ann Surrendered Jun. 12, 2004 PDF
Baker, Beverly Anne Surrendered Dec. 23, 2008 PDF
Baker, Leah Jael Revoked Jan. 19, 2009 PDF
Baker, Patrick Paul Revoked Aug. 20, 2004 PDF
Baker, Phyllis L. Revoked Nov. 10, 2008 PDF
Baker, Thomas Shayne Revoked Jun. 8, 2007 PDF
Bales, Jennifer Lynn Revoked Apr. 19, 2008 PDF
Balke, Sandra Jean Revoked Mar. 6, 2009 PDF
Ballard, Shari L. Surrendered Mar. 31, 2004 PDF
Balmes, Emelito Alejandro Revoked Jan. 19, 2007 PDF
Barber, Lisa M. Revoked Oct. 22, 2004 PDF
Barkley, Deborah Dee Surrendered Oct. 25, 2003 PDF
Barnett, Patricia Ann Surrendered Dec. 11, 2008 PDF
Barrett, Sharon Elaine Revoked Aug. 20, 2004 PDF
Bartee, Rhonda Lynn* Surrendered Mar. 19, 2008 PDF
Bartok, Stephanie Suzanne Revoked Jul. 11, 2008 PDF
Barton, Linda A. Revoked Nov. 14, 2002 PDF
Bastings, Rogene Anne Revoked Oct. 3, 2008 PDF
Bateman (Koptis), Barbara S. Revoked Jun. 29, 2007 PDF
Bates, Asta Maria Surrendered Dec. 16, 2009 PDF
Bathurst, David John Reinstatement denied Aug. 27, 2009 PDF
Batten-Hollman, Amy H. Surrendered Dec. 19, 2008 PDF
Bays, Marlene Adele Revoked Apr. 24, 2005 PDF
Bear, Kathy Surrendered Dec. 18, 2004 PDF
Beaver Jr., Clifford Ralph Revoked Sep. 29, 2007 PDF
Beeth, Juliene Jan Revoked Jun. 14, 2003 PDF
Behrends, Gayle A. Revoked Apr. 17, 2003 PDF
Belin, Mary Katheryn Revoked Sep. 23, 2005 PDF
Bell, Craig Robert Revoked Sep. 15, 2009 PDF
Benest, Carole V. Surrendered Jan. 16, 2004 PDF
Benning, Georgann Surrendered Jun. 10, 2005 PDF
Benninger, Kimberly Ann Revoked Feb. 10, 2006 PDF
Berger, E. Hope Surrendered Dec. 10, 2008 PDF
Bernard, Julia Teresa Reinstatement denied Feb. 13, 2009 PDF
Berry, Timothy Raymond Revoked Aug. 6, 2003 PDF
Bestwick, Alicia Surrendered Aug. 21, 2008 PDF
Bettencourt, Aubrie E. Revoked Jun. 10, 2006 PDF
Beyrer, Robert Norval* Surrendered Sep. 15, 2008 PDF
Bigley, Karla Ann Revoked Aug. 25, 2007 PDF
Bishop, Yvonne Maureen Revoked Jun. 28, 2009 PDF
Bissonnette, Rosemarie K.* Revoked Jul. 20, 2003 PDF
Biswell, Jonna L. Revoked Oct. 30, 2009 PDF
Blackford, Stephanie L. Surrendered Dec. 4, 2005 PDF
Blackshaw, Rebecca K. Revoked Jul. 9, 2009 PDF
Blair, Mary A. Surrendered Aug. 26, 2004 PDF
Blair-Dunhoff, Rebecca Ann Revoked Jan. 28, 2008 PDF
Blakeslee, Steven John Revoked Sep. 24, 2006 PDF
Blanchard, Glori Ann Revoked Nov. 20, 2006 PDF
Bland, Joy Ann Surrendered Mar. 5, 2007 PDF
Bledsoe, Kelley Moore Revoked Jan. 11, 2009 PDF
Bly, Jean Mary Surrendered Feb. 9, 2005 PDF
Bohannon, Heather Megan Revoked Sep. 10, 2009 PDF
Bond, Christine Creasey Revoked Jan. 22, 2007 PDF
Bond, Deborah Ellen Revoked Aug. 13, 2003 PDF
Bonds, Earl Winston Revoked May 20, 2006 PDF
Bordelon, Dianna Patricia Revoked Feb. 24, 2006 PDF
Boremi, Karen Marie Revoked Aug. 9, 2004 PDF
Boucher, Diana C. Surrendered Aug. 6, 2003 PDF
Bound, Pamela Jo Surrendered May 14, 2008 PDF
Bovee, Jacque Revoked Dec. 18, 2006 PDF
Bowlsby, Terre-Johanna Surrendered Mar. 24, 2008 PDF
Bown, Anita Beth Surrendered Jun. 30, 2009 PDF
Boyce, Lynn Gail Revoked Apr. 3, 2008 PDF
Boyd, Susan V.* Revoked Jun. 28, 2003 PDF
Bradish, Amy Lynn Revoked Sep. 27, 2006 PDF
Bradsher, Emily Winstead Surrendered Jun. 10, 2009 PDF
Bradway, Nancy Ellen Surrendered Oct. 30, 2006 PDF
Brady, Michael Sean* Revoked Oct. 31, 2003 PDF
Branzei, Mary Kristin Revoked Dec. 7, 2006 PDF
Brasell, Patricia Jane Surrendered Jan. 11, 2003 PDF
Brazil, Tina Kay Revoked Nov. 4, 2007 PDF
Brennan, Karen Lea Revoked Jun. 4, 2004 PDF
Bright, Dennis Edward Surrendered Sep. 19, 2007 PDF
Briones, Deborah Starr Revoked Sep. 6, 2005 PDF
Bristol, Kenneth Howard Surrendered Feb. 3, 2007 PDF
Britain, Dawn Pearl Revoked Jun. 8, 2008 PDF
Britt, Veretta Lynn Revoked Nov. 10, 2008 PDF
Broman, Amy Brooke Revoked Apr. 13, 2007 PDF
Bromby, Sherrolyn Dawn Revoked Mar. 12, 2003 PDF
Brooks, Harlan Herbert* Surrendered Apr. 14, 2005 PDF
Brown, Andrew E. Surrendered May 26, 2006 PDF
Brown, Constance L. Revoked Jul. 23, 2008 PDF
Brown, Julie Ann Revoked Mar. 21, 2007 PDF
Brown, Laurie Jo Revoked Jul. 19, 2008 PDF
Brown, Milford Anthony Revoked Jul. 20, 2007 PDF
Brown, Molly Revoked Mar. 10, 2006 PDF
Brown, Regina Colleen Revoked Nov. 10, 2008 PDF
Brown, Valerie Revoked Nov. 4, 2007 PDF
Browne, Michele Surrendered Nov. 5, 2009 PDF
Brownell, Mary Jo Surrendered Aug. 11, 2006 PDF
Broyles, Gary Louis* Surrendered Nov. 3, 2006 PDF
Brual, Minda Pacleb* Surrendered Apr. 5, 2007 PDF
Brunson, Judith K. Revoked Dec. 10, 2004 PDF
Bryan, Lisa R.* Revoked Oct. 13, 2005 PDF
Bryant, Daniel Scott Revoked Feb. 4, 2005 PDF
Buchberger, Robert Sal* Surrendered Jul. 7, 2009 PDF
Budd (Reichert), Julie Anne Surrendered Jul. 2, 2005 PDF
Bullard, Deborah A. Revoked Mar. 15, 2002 PDF
Bumbalough, Wanda Faye Revoked May 26, 2006 PDF
Burcham, Dana Kaye Surrendered May 20, 2006 PDF
Burchi, Stephane Georges Revoked Dec. 30, 2006 PDF
Burke, Barbara Revoked Jun. 28, 2003 PDF
Burrage-Fecher, Sherirene Revoked Mar. 23, 2007 PDF
Burton, Cori Ann Revoked May 13, 2005 PDF
Buster, Curtis A. Revoked Sep. 29, 2006 PDF
Butler, Heidi Nicole Revoked Sep. 29, 2007 PDF
Buxton, Laura Marie Revoked Jul. 8, 2009 PDF
Byars, Cameron Mitchell Revoked Dec. 10, 2004 PDF
Byrne, Joseph Matthew* Surrendered May 26, 2006 PDF
Cahill-Therrien, Mary Eileen Revoked Jun. 25, 2007 PDF
Calderon, Carolyn Ivy Revoked Mar. 11, 2005 PDF
Caldwell Jr., Sam Revoked Nov. 14, 2005 PDF
Campbell, Dorothy Revoked Aug. 13, 2003 PDF
Campbell, Kathleen A. Surrendered Apr. 5, 2007 PDF
Campbell, Khristine Marie Surrendered Sep. 4, 2008 PDF
Campbell, Michael Troy Surrendered Apr. 1, 2008 PDF
Canlas, Adelyn-Grace Lim Revoked Jul. 1, 2007 PDF
Caravageli, Athene* Surrendered Jul. 2, 2003 PDF
Carl, Michael Horst Surrendered Jul. 15, 2006 PDF
Carlson, Jason C. Revoked Oct. 5, 2008 PDF
Carney, Stephanie Revoked Oct. 25, 2003 PDF
Carosi, Paul Joseph Revoked Apr. 24, 2005 PDF
Carothers-Taylor, Marie Ann Revoked Nov. 4, 2007 PDF
Carpenter, Debra Ann Revoked Aug. 19, 2006 PDF
Carrell, Shanelle G. Revoked Jan. 4, 2009 PDF
Carreon, Pilar S. Surrendered Jan. 29, 2008 PDF
Carrera, Randi Victoria Revoked Dec. 29, 2007 PDF
Carrison, Alice Revoked Jul. 6, 2005 PDF
Carroll, Ann Revoked Oct. 24, 2005 PDF
Carroll, Eileen Mary* Revoked Aug. 18, 2005 PDF
Carson, Laura Lee Surrendered Sep. 30, 2009 PDF
Carter, Kim Michelle Revoked Apr. 21, 2002 PDF
Carter, Ronda Ann Revoked Aug. 15, 2009 PDF
Cary, Vicky* Surrendered Jul. 9, 2004 PDF
Casella, Stephen Andrew* Surrendered Sep. 23, 2005 PDF
Casello, Mary Elizabeth Revoked Nov. 18, 2006 PDF
Casey, Tanya Helen Surrendered Nov. 22, 2003 PDF
Cash, John Lynn Revoked May 2, 2002 PDF
Casillas, Reuben R. Revoked May 6, 2007 PDF
Cass, Judy Thereese Revoked Apr. 10, 2003 PDF
Castillo, Phillip Michael Revoked Jun. 4, 2009 PDF
Castorina, Cyndi Ann Surrendered Dec. 8, 2002 PDF
Catron, Lise Catherine Revoked May 1, 2008 PDF
Causey, Nancy J. Surrendered Feb. 5, 2009 PDF
Cazorla, Juan Miguel Revoked Oct. 17, 2002 PDF
Ceeto, Henry Revoked Sep. 12, 2002 PDF
Chacha, Imanuel Werema Revoked Nov. 27, 2009 PDF
Champion, Tiffani Ann* Revoked Aug. 30, 2003 PDF
Chandler, Georgia Denise Revoked Mar. 3, 2004 PDF
Chase, Tina Louise Surrendered Feb. 5, 2009 PDF

Data last updated Dec. 26, 2009

Please note there are several limitations to the database:
  • This database includes nurses who faced disciplinary action between 2002 and September 2009, as well as any subsequent actions against these nurses. .
  • Employers and patients seeking verification of a nurse’s license should use the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing.
  • Multiple nurses may have the same name, but each has a unique license number.
  • The information on the database is based on the Web site of the Board of Registered Nursing and state documents. In some cases, the Web site and documents conflict; in such cases, reporters used dates included in the board’s documents.
  • Documents for some cases are missing from the site in whole or in part.
  • The database does not include discipline against nurses meted out as a condition of being licensed. Such discipline is only included if the nurse subsequently faced board action.
  • The grounds listed for discipline in this database are based on the board’s public allegations against the nurses. Because accusations are sometimes written in an unclear or inconsistent manner, reporters did not try to guess the intent.
  • This database includes discipline against some nurses who have subsequently died. The board has removed many of these nurses from its Web site. They are included here because they faced disciplinary action during the period examined.

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