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Pipeline Incidents by Cause



2 incidents. Causes:

Incorrect Operation : 50%

Excavation Damage : 50%



1 incidents. Causes:

Material Weld Equipment Failure : 100%



1 incidents. Causes:

Other Outside Force Damage : 100%

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The map displays only "significant incidents," defined by PHMSA, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, as those that caused either a death or serious injury, cost more than $50,000, released more than 50 barrels of liquid, or caused a fire or explosion (see the official definition here). It includes incidents through Sept. 28, 2012. Many incidents lack sufficient location data and do not appear on the map.
Source: PHMSA

Date Operator Fatalities Injuries Property Damage Cause
July 15, 1996 San Juan Gas Co 0 2 $40.7K Unspecified Incorrect Operation
Nov. 21, 1996 San Juan Gas Co 33 42 $6.78M Third Party Excavation Damage
July 11, 1998 San Juan Gas Co 0 1 $0 Unspecified Mat'l/Weld/Equip Failure
Jan. 28, 2011 Pipelines Of Puerto Rico Incd, The 0 0 $490K Electrical Arcing From Other Equipment/Facility