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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?


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Capitalization Grants for Drinking Water State Revolving Funds


This funding will be used for the construction of Drinking Water treatment, storage and distribution infrastructure, green infrastructure, program administration and Drinking Water related activities. For set-asides, grant funds will be used to: Assist p

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
United Water Services Inc Sub-recipient $4,326,033.00
WESTON, CITY OF Sub-recipient $4,051,769.31
Drexel City Sub-recipient $4,003,460.49
AVA, CITY OF Sub-recipient $2,856,116.85
CAMERON, CITY OF Sub-recipient $2,514,322.00
TRUMAN, HARRY S WATER DISTRICT 2 Sub-recipient $2,344,000.00
Clinton County Public Water Sub-recipient $2,164,503.00
MONROE COUNTY WATER DISTRICT 2 Sub-recipient $2,130,450.00
CAPE GIRARDEAU, CITY OF Sub-recipient $1,983,000.00
ROCKAWAY BEACH CITY HALL Sub-recipient $1,724,000.00
SAINTE GENEVIEVE, CITY OF Sub-recipient $1,539,785.95
LINN CREEK CITY HALL Sub-recipient $1,207,251.95
Public Water Supply District 8 of Clay County, Missouri Sub-recipient $1,104,509.50
PILOT GROVE, TOWN OF Sub-recipient $992,157.50
City of Adrian Sub-recipient $947,600.00
City of King City Sub-recipient $783,964.40
Village of Jefferson Sub-recipient $774,190.05
PUBLIC WATER DISTRICT 4 Sub-recipient $633,246.00
Newburg, City of Inc Sub-recipient $324,400.00

Vendors Connected to Award

Vendor Role Amount
Caldwell Tanks Inc Sub-vendor $698,731.61
Sterling Excavation Sub-vendor $3,074,944.58
Bartlett & West Sub-vendor $501,740.45
C B & I Inc Sub-vendor $1,204,253.40
C & S Companies, Inc. Sub-vendor $1,163,788.12
HDR Engineering, Inc Sub-vendor $33,643.84
Caldwell Tanks Inc Sub-vendor $852,426.00
Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company Inc Primary vendor $157,604.00
Horner & Shifrin, Inc Primary vendor $144,540.00
SMI-Co Construction Inc Sub-vendor $332,342.42
Bartlett & West Inc Sub-vendor $30,690.91
Ken Kauffman & Sons Excavating Sub-vendor $97,918.57
J.C. Industries, Inc. Sub-vendor $118,002.59
Heggemann, Inc Sub-vendor $1,333,327.02
Klingner & Associates PC Sub-vendor $27,264.25
C & S Companies, Inc. Sub-vendor $600,129.53
Great Plains Contractors Sub-vendor $626,729.45
Allstate Consultants Sub-vendor $37,839.55
Rhodes Engineering Sub-vendor $136,538.27
Foster Trenching & Contracting Sub-vendor $907,750.72
Stockman Construction Corp Sub-vendor $827,228.79
MECO Engineering Sub-vendor $102,143.36
Maguire Iron Inc Sub-vendor $162,700.00
Beemer Construction Co Sub-vendor $656,213.14
Midwest Meter, Inc. Sub-vendor $134,670.00
Water Products Sub-vendor $116,611.44
Olsson Associates Sub-vendor $79,860.00
Akins Excavating Sub-vendor $692,353.26
Gws Contractors Inc Sub-vendor $1,348,934.04
Horner & Shifrin, Inc Sub-vendor $58,500.00
Cary Stewart Construction LLC Sub-vendor $353,972.25
Elite Dirtworks Inc Sub-vendor $350,594.47
Wehr Construction LLC Sub-vendor $631,836.64
Caldwell Tanks Inc Sub-vendor $645,554.00
Scott Consulting Sub-vendor $190,365.58
Smith & Edwards Construction Co Sub-vendor $210,191.34
Harper Drilling Company Sub-vendor $91,604.87
Ross, David E Construction Co Sub-vendor $2,289,556.46
Larkin Group Inc Sub-vendor $206,776.63
Ozark Applicators LLC Sub-vendor $257,200.00
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co Sub-vendor $1,060,289.75
Mid-State Pipeline Maintenance LLC Sub-vendor $165,741.79
CM Archer Group PC Sub-vendor $63,573.76
Sprenkle & Associates Sub-vendor $417,960.69
Excel Excavating LLC Sub-vendor $75,615.35
C 2 Projects Sub-vendor $943,647.23
R L Persons Construction Sub-vendor $1,983,000.00
Temmen Excavating Co Sub-vendor $54,086.34
Verslues Construction Co Inc Sub-vendor $322,495.26
Allstate Consultants Sub-vendor $97,466.88
Scott and Son Well Drilling Sub-vendor $125,633.70
Midwest Engineering Co Sub-vendor $64,099.00
Hutchins Telecom Inc Sub-vendor $271,438.76
Apperson Utility Contracting Sub-vendor $516,016.42
Olathe Winwater Company Sub-vendor $81,299.00
Osage Valley Electric Coop Sub-vendor $25,850.00
Maguire Iron Inc Sub-vendor $650,153.40
Larkin Group Inc Sub-vendor $85,056.89
Micro-Comm, Inc. Sub-vendor $115,987.50
Ron Weers Construction Inc Sub-vendor $160,187.85
C & S Companies, Inc. Sub-vendor $345,739.57
J & N Utilities Sub-vendor $2,058,177.21
Larkin Group Inc Sub-vendor $149,692.50
SMI-Co Construction Inc Sub-vendor $180,183.86
Water Products Sub-vendor $134,967.00
RE Pedrotti Company, INC Sub-vendor $143,309.00
KAT Excavation Inc Sub-vendor $1,563,724.89