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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?


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Administering Agency

Transportation, Department of / Federal Transit Administration

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CDFA Program Title

Federal Transit_Formula Grants


Invest in public transportation by performing preventative maintenance on existing buses, install video surveillance equipment on the entire fleet of buses, install new farebox equipment on existing buses, construct a transit center and install new inform

Vendors Connected to Award

Vendor Role Amount
GFI Genfare Inc Primary vendor $367,384.31
Cummins Cal Pacific Primary vendor $341,506.09
New Flyer of America Primary vendor $521,982.11
McCray Enterprise Primary vendor $319,931.00
Harbor Diesel & Equipment, INC Primary vendor $132,933.18
A-Z Bus Bus Sales Inc. Primary vendor $246,219.81
Valley Power Primary vendor $72,094.47
Bus West Primary vendor $31,379.63
Setra - Daimler Buses of North America, Inc Primary vendor $17,536.72
Ciber Primary vendor $5,523,719.75
SAP Public Services, Inc. Primary vendor $232,554.83
Preston Technology Inc. Primary vendor $110,958.02
Systems Development Integration Inc. Primary vendor $311,025.00