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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?


Primary Recipient




Award Date


Administering Agency

Health and Human Services, Department of

CDFA Number


CDFA Program Title

ARRA - State Grants to Promote Health Information Technology


The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) awarded $38.7M to the CA Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) for planning and implementation funds to rapidly accelerate the implementation of health information exchange within California. California ha

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY, CALIFORNIA Primary recipient $22,145,204.00
CAL ECONNECT, INC. Sub-recipient $16,607,332.00

Vendors Connected to Award

Vendor Role Amount
Mission Conslting Primary vendor $28,339.38
MetaVista Consulting Primary vendor $27,198.00
UCSF Primary vendor $78,168.38
24 Seven Talent Sub-vendor $4,250.00
Acquia, Ic Sub-vendor $2,749.00
Adler & Colvin Sub-vendor $5,198.81
Advance Payroll Funding Sub-vendor $14,235.00
Armanino McKenna LLP Sub-vendor $0.00
AT&T MOBILITY Sub-vendor $0.00
Atlanta Peach Movers Sub-vendor $0.00
Barbara Grant Sub-vendor $0.00
Bay Computing Group Sub-vendor $64,880.49
BB&T Tanner Insurance Sub-vendor $0.00
Brian Jung Sub-vendor $0.00
California eHealth Collaborative Sub-vendor $0.00
Cambria Solutions Sub-vendor $0.00
Catherine GK. Markow Sub-vendor $0.00
CBF Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Center for Healthcare Decisions Sub-vendor $0.00
Danzig Communications Sub-vendor $0.00
David Lenhart Sub-vendor $0.00
Evolve Partner Group Sub-vendor $0.00
Express Auto Transport Sub-vendor $0.00
Fiscal Management Associates, LLC Sub-vendor $0.00
Fortis LLC Sub-vendor $0.00
Fountain Cafe Sub-vendor $0.00
Health Pro Consulting Sub-vendor $0.00
Judy Chan Sub-vendor $0.00
Julie Brown & Associates Sub-vendor $0.00
Kay Cables Sub-vendor $0.00
Margaret M. Lohnes Sub-vendor $0.00
McKay Designs Sub-vendor $0.00
Morgan Consulting Sub-vendor $34,821.96
Neetek systems INtegration, Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Nicole Buonvrii Sub-vendor $0.00
Norma Pugh Sub-vendor $0.00
Pacific Business Group on Health Sub-vendor $0.00
Pillsbury Wingthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP Sub-vendor $0.00
Premiere Conferencing Sub-vendor $0.00 Sub-vendor $0.00
Skip Johnson Sub-vendor $0.00
Staples Advantage Sub-vendor $0.00
Studio Springs Sub-vendor $0.00
Summit Riser Systems Sub-vendor $0.00
Susan Huffman Consulting Sub-vendor $0.00
Terry Miller Sub-vendor $0.00
The California Endowment Sub-vendor $0.00
Travelers Insurance Sub-vendor $0.00
TriNet Sub-vendor $0.00
Union Bank Sub-vendor $0.00
Vulcan Enterprises LLC Sub-vendor $0.00
Weinreich Communications Sub-vendor $0.00
Yolanda Richardson Sub-vendor $0.00
Zenforge LLC Sub-vendor $0.00
Cambria Solutions Sub-vendor $90,576.75
Pepper Hamilton, LLC Sub-vendor $162,128.20
Redwood MedNet Sub-vendor $196,944.00
Top Tier Consulting Sub-vendor $133,314.80
Public Health Foundation Enterprises Sub-vendor $163,635.74
East Kern County Integrated Technology Sub-vendor $164,509.17
North Coast Health Information Netword Sub-vendor $46,434.00
Los Angeles County Sub-vendor $249,017.50
Granite Solutions Inc. Sub-vendor $28,057.00