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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?


Primary Recipient




Award Date


Administering Agency

Energy, Department of

CDFA Number


CDFA Program Title

Conservation Research and Development


Creating Jobs Through Energy Efficiency Using Wisconsin's Successful Focus on Energy Programs. This Grant Project is administered by CleanTech Partners, Inc. in cooperation with the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program. The overall goal of this project is t

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
DIDION MILLING, INC. Sub-recipient $5,592,820.00
WAUSAU PAPER CORP. Sub-recipient $1,973,900.00
Kohler Co. Sub-recipient $1,717,666.00
Briggs & Stratton Corporation Sub-recipient $1,290,584.00
THILMANY, LLC Sub-recipient $1,071,099.00
QUAD/GRAPHICS, INC. Sub-recipient $868,465.00
WAUSAU PAPER CORP. Sub-recipient $707,430.00
NEWPAGE WISCONSIN SYSTEM INC. Sub-recipient $495,694.00
CLEANTECH PARTNERS, INC. Primary recipient $374,058.00
Domtar Paper Company, LLC Sub-recipient $362,442.00

Vendors Connected to Award

Vendor Role Amount
Natural Chem Group Sub-vendor $0.00
Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Sub-vendor $0.00
Pipers Mechanical Sub-vendor $0.00
Precision Drive and Control Corp Sub-vendor $0.00
Schneider Industries, Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Skilled Trade Services Sub-vendor $0.00
STOC Products Sub-vendor $0.00
Todd\'s Specialized Rigging LLC Sub-vendor $0.00
Metso Paper USA Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
Coenen Mechanical Sub-vendor $0.00
Faith Technologies Sub-vendor $0.00
Kadent Johnson Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Airtherm Corporation Sub-vendor $0.00
GL&V USA Incorporated Sub-vendor $0.00
Baisch Engineering Sub-vendor $0.00
Tweet Garot Sub-vendor $0.00
L&S Electric Sub-vendor $0.00
Otis Ventures LLC Sub-vendor $0.00
Miron Constructoin Sub-vendor $0.00
Van Ert Electric Co Sub-vendor $0.00
FCX Performance Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Rosemount Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Werner Electric and Supply Sub-vendor $0.00
Metso Paper USA Sub-vendor $0.00
Ferguson Enterprises Sub-vendor $0.00
Freedom Fire Sub-vendor $0.00
Mechanical Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Systems Technologies Sub-vendor $0.00
Tweet Garot Mechanical Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Miron Construction Sub-vendor $0.00
L & S Electric Sub-vendor $0.00
Liquid Process Equipment Sub-vendor $0.00
Werner Electric Sub-vendor $0.00
Mechanical Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Mechanical Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Systems Technologies Sub-vendor $0.00
FcX Performance Sub-vendor $0.00
L & S Electric Sub-vendor $0.00
Liquid Process Equipment Sub-vendor $0.00
Werner Electric Sub-vendor $0.00
Mechanical Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Mechanical Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Systems Technologies Sub-vendor $0.00
FcX Performance Sub-vendor $0.00
Pearson Engineering Sub-vendor $0.00
Rohde Brothers Sub-vendor $0.00
Grunau Company, Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
General Painting Services Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
McCotter Energy Systems Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
A&B Process Systems Sub-vendor $0.00
Aaron Equipment Company Sub-vendor $0.00
AdvanceBio Sub-vendor $0.00
Aerotek Energy Sub-vendor $0.00
Alfa Laval Sub-vendor $0.00
Alro Steel Corporation Sub-vendor $0.00
Apache Stainless Equipment Corp. Sub-vendor $0.00
Badger Welding Supplies Sub-vendor $0.00
Baisch Engineering Sub-vendor $0.00
Brown Tank LLC Sub-vendor $0.00
Butters Fetting Corporation Sub-vendor $0.00
Central States Group Sub-vendor $0.00
Columbia Pipe & Supply Co. Sub-vendor $0.00
Crane Engineering Sales Sub-vendor $0.00
Dodge Concrete Sub-vendor $0.00
Dorner Company Sub-vendor $0.00
ECMS Sub-vendor $0.00
Endress+Hauser Sub-vendor $0.00
ER Controls Sub-vendor $0.00
Ferguson Enterprises Sub-vendor $0.00
GEA Westfalia Separator Sub-vendor $0.00
GoIndustry DoveBid Sub-vendor $0.00
Guenther Supply Sub-vendor $0.00
Harry Davis Sub-vendor $0.00
Holt Electric Sub-vendor $0.00
Ideal Crane Rental Sub-vendor $0.00
Industrial Process Technology Sub-vendor $0.00
Liquid Process Equipment Sub-vendor $0.00
Maas Companies Sub-vendor $0.00
Mechanical Systems Inc Sub-vendor $0.00
Midwest Towers Sub-vendor $0.00
Miron Sub-vendor $0.00
Tradesmen International Sub-vendor $0.00
Tramco Sub-vendor $0.00
United {&H Supply Sub-vendor $0.00
Werner Electric Supply Sub-vendor $0.00
Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources Sub-vendor $0.00
Jansen Combustion & Boiler Technologies, Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
Novaspect Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
Tweet/Garot Mechanical Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
GrayBar Electric Company, Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
Faith Technologies, Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
Rhode Brothers, Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
Plymouth Industries, Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
Carrier Corp. Sub-vendor $0.00
Aldag / Honold Mechanical, Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
Hamann Construction Co. Sub-vendor $0.00
American Air Environmental Services, Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00
Ceramic Drying Systems, LTD. Sub-vendor $0.00
Veolia Environmental Services Sub-vendor $0.00
Expeditors International (Chicago) Sub-vendor $0.00
Englewood Electrical Supply Co. Sub-vendor $0.00
Fastenal co. Sub-vendor $0.00
Orion Energy Systems, Inc. Sub-vendor $0.00