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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?

Contract: SBBI, INC.

Primary Recipient




Award Date


Administering Agency

Transportation, Department of / Federal Highway Administration

CDFA Number

CDFA Program Title


Sunrise Park - Big Lake Road

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
GREY MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION, LLC Sub-recipient $2,302,799.98
DURHAM STABILIZATION, INC. Sub-recipient $752,920.80
Action Jack Son LLC Sub-recipient $271,341.75
WESTERN TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Sub-recipient $135,250.22
Hts Acquisition, Inc. Sub-recipient $117,774.75
PERKINS CINDERS, INC. Sub-recipient $113,850.16
Arizona Highway Solutions A.C.C. Sub-recipient $88,475.00
ORTA FENCE, INC. Sub-recipient $74,955.97
P D CONSTRUCTION INC Sub-recipient $48,684.40
WESTCOM, INC. Sub-recipient $45,415.00
OLDCASTLE PRECAST, INC. Sub-recipient $29,052.00
SBBI, INC. Primary recipient $0.00
Hawker & Evans Asphalt Company, Inc. Sub-recipient $0.00