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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?


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Administering Agency

Agriculture, Department of / Farm Service Agency

CDFA Number


CDFA Program Title

Aquaculture Grants Program (AGP)


2008 Aquaculture Grant provided assistance to eligible producers that suffered financial losses associated with high feed costs in 2008.

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
ALABAMA DEPT OF AGRICULTURE & INDUSTRIES Primary recipient $4,208,698.86
Ss Catfish Farms Sub-recipient $167,555.42
James Fisheries, Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Jackson Catfish Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Ioka Farms. Inc. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Hollingsworth Brothers Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
HERNDON FARMS, INC. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Hall Aqua Farm Llc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Smelley Farms, LLC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
GOOD ACRES FARM Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Glover Farms Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
KYSER FARMS LLC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
KYSER LLC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Triple M Catfish, Inc. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Southview Farm Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Seale Farms, L.L.C. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
R Rocking Farm Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Prairie Lakes Farm, Inc. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Pineview Farm Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Williamson Cattle Company Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Daniel Miller Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Lawson Catfish Farm, Inc. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Givhan Land & Cattle Co Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Forkland Springs Farms Sub-recipient $100,000.00
B & C Catfish Farm Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Prairie View Farm Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Arcola Farms, L.L.C. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Pearce Catfish Farm Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Partlow Catfish, LLC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Oakhurst Farm, Inc. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
North River Farms LLC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Nelsons Family Partnership Sub-recipient $100,000.00
CATFISH WIRELESS, LLC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
DOUBLE K FARMS, L.L.C. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Elysian Farm & Seed Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Drury Catfish Farms Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
J and M Farms, L.L.C. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Webb Partners Sub-recipient $98,658.97
West Alabama Aquaculture Sub-recipient $96,382.47
Koehn Catfish Farm, Inc. Sub-recipient $92,120.66
Taylor Farms Sub-recipient $85,709.03
3g Farms Sub-recipient $85,492.00
Odom Farm, Inc. Sub-recipient $84,983.61
Dombhart Catfish Supplies Sub-recipient $82,632.75
Cherry Cattle Co Inc Sub-recipient $77,655.61
Grassland Farms Sub-recipient $64,198.26
Cottonwood Acres Sub-recipient $60,792.00
Little Rock Farm, Inc. Sub-recipient $57,283.65
Foggy Bottom LLC Sub-recipient $46,034.67
Allen & Willis Catfish, L.L.C. Sub-recipient $41,174.40
Jimmy W Pearce Sub-recipient $39,901.45
Smelley Farms, LLC Sub-recipient $38,640.00
Greene Prairie Aquafarm L L C Sub-recipient $33,290.00
Mitchell Catfish, Inc. Sub-recipient $31,711.48
COAL INDUSTRIES, INC. Sub-recipient $27,859.55