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Contract: MG-1005 LLC

Primary Recipient

MG-1005 LLC



Award Date


Administering Agency

General Services Administration / Public Buildings Service

CDFA Number

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The Byron Rogers Federal Building is undergoing a major renovation. The regional Social Security Administration was a tenant in the building and had to be relocated while this work was being completed. They have signed a 3-year lease at 1001-17th Street

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
Provident Construction Inc. Sub-recipient $2,679,750.78
Smart Wire Corp Sub-recipient $231,793.79
MG-1005 LLC Primary recipient $174,749.58
KENNY ELECTRIC SERVICE, INC. Sub-recipient $155,438.00
RNL FACILITIES CORPORATION Sub-recipient $125,061.36
JOHNSON CONTROLS, INC. Sub-recipient $66,535.00
MDP ENGINEERING GROUP, P.C. Sub-recipient $44,656.30
CEAVCO AUDIO-VISUAL COMPANY, INC. Sub-recipient $42,167.32