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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?

Wrangell-Petersburg County, Alaska, funds by Interior, Department of

Listing $812,137.25 in stimulus funds from Interior, Department of for Wrangell-Petersburg

Note: For some programs where states do not report where money will be distributed across the state, we do not have the allocation for individual counties. Those programs include: Medicaid, unemployment benefits and food stamps. Those amounts are included in the totals for where the state agency receiving that money is located.

Amount refers to both the amount of stimulus funding going toward the project and the face value of the loan.

Recipient Amount Description Federal Dept./Agency Date
ORGANIZED VILLAGE OF KAKE $563,270 Highway Planning and Construction The Organized village of Kake (OVK) has funding for building an Intermodal Transit Faciltiy (ITF) which is on OVK's 14 acres of Trust Property, Kake, Alaska. Specifically, OVK has developed a force account to conduct a Phase I work plan that involves rem Indian Affairs (Assistant Secretary) 7/14/2010
TWIN PEAKS CONSTRUCTION, INC $248,867 Construct Gravel Roads, Parking ares and associated camping pads in strict accordance with the attached Scope of Wrok, Plans and Specs. In Twin Lakes Campground within Wrangell-St Elias National Park and Preserve.
This spending item is part of a $256,044 allocation. See details
National Park Service 9/24/2009