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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?

Bucks County, Pa., funds by Interior, Department of

Listing $360,358.31 in stimulus funds from Interior, Department of for Bucks

Note: For some programs where states do not report where money will be distributed across the state, we do not have the allocation for individual counties. Those programs include: Medicaid, unemployment benefits and food stamps. Those amounts are included in the totals for where the state agency receiving that money is located.

Amount refers to both the amount of stimulus funding going toward the project and the face value of the loan.

Recipient Amount Description Federal Dept./Agency Date
UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF NEW HAMPSHIRE $193,096 Recovery Act Funds - Habitat Enhancement, Restoration and Improvement. The goal of the Southampton Creek Stream Restoration Project is to restore a section of Southampton Creek in Upper Southampton Township, Bucks County Pennsylvania, to a less degraded and more ecologically dynamic state. This goal... Show more U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 3/11/2010
KPI #2 INC. $60,518 Roofing replacement - Charcoal House Barns - Hopewell Furnace National Park National Park Service 1/28/2010
KPI #2 INC. $60,518 Roofing Replacement - Charcoal House National Park Service 1/28/2010
UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF NEW HAMPSHIRE $28,846 The specific ARRA funding under this award is part of a much larger project. The overall fundamental project objective is stream (habitat) restoration for Southampton Creek, Upper Southampton Township, Bucks County, PA. The pupose of this specific fundi U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 9/02/2009
Alderson Engineering $17,380 Architect and Engineering (A/E) Services on the design for rehabilitation of building structures. Work includes rehabilitation of electrical and life safety systems.
This spending item is part of a $32,936 allocation. See details
Geological Survey 9/22/2009