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Prescriber Checkup

The Doctors and Drugs in Medicare Part D


Doctors With Most Claims

JOHN TAITANO MD5,620 claims


YOUNG CHANG MD4,797 claims

FARAZ OUHADI M.D.4,538 claims

ALIX CHENET MD4,373 claims

Top Specialties

Providers are grouped by the primary specialty they listed when applying for a national health ID number. This doesn’t necessarily mean the person has special training or certification. Specialty is self-reported by providers and may have changed or been entered incorrectly. Patients and claims shown are for Medicare only.

Self reported specialty Number of providers
Internal Medicine 16
Family Medicine 5
Emergency Medicine 3
Specialist 3
Ophthalmology 2
Endocrinology, Diabetes Metabolism 2
Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, Sports Medicine 1
Cardiovascular Disease 1
General Practice 1
Neurology 1
Urology 1
Ambulatory Health Care Facilities, MultiSpecialty 1
Physician Assistant, Medical 1
Student in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program 1
Geriatric Medicine 1
Geriatric Medicine 1

Top Drugs

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