Diocese of Austin, Texas

Michael Francis Krol

Status: Deceased

Appeared under the heading: “Allegations”

Birth Year: 1919

Ordination year: 1945

Reported assignment history:

  • Assignments within the Diocese of Austin: Bastrop, TX
  • Bremond - St. Mary
  • Hamilton - St. Thomas
  • San Saba - St. Mary
  • Wallis - Guardian Angel (Now within the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston)
  • Additional assignments or presence according to Diocese of Austin records: Brooklyn, NY - St. Cecelia
  • Chicago, IL - St. John the Baptist (Eastern Rite)
  • Jacarezinho, State of Parana, Brazil - Bishop's Residence
  • London, UK - Polish Army attached to a Polish Bishop's Office
  • Runge, TX - St. Anthony