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5 results for “Palm Beach”

Thomas J. Benestad

Status: Retired

Listed by: Diocese of Allentown

Birth Year: 1945

Ordination year: Not reported

John Sutton

Status: Deceased

Listed by: Diocese of Paterson

Birth Year: 1943

Ordination year: 1970

Anthony J. O’Connell

Status: Deceased (2012)

Listed by: Diocese of Knoxville

Birth Year: 1938

Ordination year: 1963

Charles Bartles

Status: Deceased 1993

Listed by: Jesuits Central and Southern Province

Birth Year: 1936

Ordination year: 1965

Ronald Francis Burt

Status: Date of Death: 10/24/1994

Listed by: Paulist Fathers

Birth Year: 1921

Ordination year: 1951