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Find the Supposedly Fun References

The illustrations in Cruise Control contain 10 hidden references to the David Foster Wallace essay, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again. How many can you find?


Hover over the circular images to see where they are on the ship.

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The Nadir's got literally hundreds of cross-sectional maps of the ship on every deck, at every elevator and junction, each with a red dot and a YOU ARE HERE. It doesn't take long to figure out that these are less for orientation than for reassurance.
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Not until Tuesday's Lobster Night at the 5* C.R. did I really empathetically understand the Roman phenomenon of the vomitorium.
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Cabin 1009's dimensions are just barely on the good side of the line between very very snug and cramped.
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My cabin bathroom has plenty of thick fluffy towels, but when I go up to lie in the sun I don't have to take any of my cabin's towels, because the two upper decks' sun areas have big carts loaded with even thicker and fluffier towels.
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I have seen fuchsia pantsuits and pink sport coats and maroon-and-purple warm-ups and white loafers worn without socks.
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I have smelled suntan lotion spread over 2,100 pounds of hot flesh.
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But whenever I dart out and then come back, the bed is freshly made up and hospital-cornered and there's another mint centered chocolate on the pillow.
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It turns out that a seasick person really does look green, though it's an odd and ghostly green, pasty and toadish, and more than a little corpselike when the seasick person is dressed in formal dinner wear.
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I start seeing the first of more WATCH YOUR STEP signs than anyone could count – it turns out that a Megaship's flooring is totally uneven, and everywhere there are sudden little steplets up and down.
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The man himself.