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Dig Into University Researchers' Outside Income and Conflicts of Interest

Published Dec. 6, 2019

This database was last updated in December 2019 and should only be used as a historical snapshot. There may be new or amended records not reflected here.

Financial doc
Filing Type

Financial Disclosure

The University of Florida Medical School provided all outside activity disclosure data for faculty from forms filed from 2016 through June 2019. Faculty are required to report outside activities that could give rise to an appearance of conflict of interest and get approval for them.

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Chen Ling

University of Florida, Department: Md Peds Cell / Molec Therp Div

Should you be removed from our database? Contact us at [email protected]. Read more below.

Fudan University

Disclosed Value
Listed Reason

The external activities include establishing a regular molecular biological laboratory, conducting gene therapy research, teaching curriculum, publishing manuscripts. The Agreement is in Chinese.

Additional Comments

The activity will take place in Fudan University, Shanghai, China. 8 months every year will be required.

Filed on March 25, 2018.

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Name Institution Type Company Disclosed Value
Chen Ling University of Florida Financial Disclosure XVIIth International Parvovirus Workshop
Chen Ling University of Florida Financial Disclosure Hunan University
If you see an error in the database or a reason we should not disclose a record, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll evaluate it on a case-by-case basis.
Sources: National Institutes of Health, public records requests filed at multiple public state universities

Notes: When a more specific filing date is not available for an individual financial disclosure or conflict of interest form, we use the year the form was filed. If the year was not disclosed, we report the range of years covered by our public records requests. In a few cases, a start date was provided instead of a filing date. In those cases, we use the start date instead.

Fewer than 10% of records from the University of Florida and fewer than 1% of records from the University of Texas system were removed because they did not contain enough information.

ProPublica obtained additional financial disclosures and conflict of interest forms that we have not yet digitized and added to the database. You can download those disclosures in the ProPublica Data Store.

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