Voters Diverted From LA County Polling Places After Shooting Nearby

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A gunman opened fire near two polling locations in Los Angeles County, killing one person and injuring three, authorities said.

The circumstances of the incident were unclear, but the Los Angeles Times quoted an unnamed law enforcement official as saying one of the victims was on the way to vote. The Azusa Police Department said two of the three shooting victims were in critical condition.

People waiting to vote at Henry Dalton Elementary School and Memorial Park were told to go to other polling places, said Kenny Ling, an administrative analyst with the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder.

That likely means they will have to vote provisionally, and their ballots will be counted sometime in the next 30 days.

Ling said both polling locations were on “lockdown’’ as authorities investigate.

Azusa resident Will Mittendorf said he was voting at the elementary school when a police officer put the school on lockdown. Police told the voters that there’s “still an active shooter at the end of the street and that they’re working on evacuation plan,” Mittendorf said by phone. The school kids were being kept in the gymnasium and around 30 voters were being kept in the kitchen of the school.

Officer Jerry Willison of the Azusa Police Department said at least two civilians were injured. When police first responded, he said, they immediately encountered gunfire, and were pinned down until other officers were able to arrive and “extract them to safety.”

It’s unclear if any of the officers were hurt.

Willison did not immediately know of any connection to the nearby polling places.

Social media posts coming out of the city, in Los Angeles County’s San Gabriel Valley, appeared to show voters milling about inside.

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