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Yesterday our friends (and Electionland partners!) at WNYC wrote about the bumpy start to early absentee voting in New York City.

New York does not have early voting, so voters who will be out of the city on Election Day have to either request a mail-in absentee ballot or cast an in-person absentee ballot. Voting offices in NYC are supposed to print ballots on demand (so as to not waste paper), but some offices didn’t get the message. When in-person absentee voting started Friday, some voters were told that the ballots hadn’t arrived.

But one superhero citizen, Joel Berg, told WNYC he would not be deterred. “For me, I will come back when they are ready if I have to crawl with concrete on my legs in a snowstorm facing lightning,” said Berg, the CEO of a nonprofit group called Hunger Free America. “I will vote.”

Go Joel.

But Electionland is happy to report that at least the Manhattan election office is running smoothly as of today. Because we’ll be locked in our newsroom starting at 5am on Election Day, fellow Electionland/ProPublica staffer Sarah Smith and I dutifully cast our early absentee ballots today. The whole process took about 15 minutes (and we got stickers)!

Jessica Huseman's sticker, now proudly displayed in her cubical. (Jessica Huseman/ProPublica)

Jessica Huseman

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