Undercover Political Operative James O’Keefe Posts Video of Totally Legal Voting Activity

James O’Keefe, the political operative known for posting unreliable, often deceptively edited videos of undercover interactions, just tweeted a new clip of him in Philadelphia “tailing a pastor’s bus that’s bussing people to the polls”:

O’Keefe, who runs the group Project Veritas and has promised to track purported voter fraud, added in his tweet: “#VeritasIsEverywhere & we will catch your #VoterFraud.”

Here’s the thing: Busing citizens to the polls is perfectly legal.

“There are no rules — federal, state, or otherwise — that prohibit giving a voter assistance by giving them a ride to the polls,” said John Powers of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Powers points out that, as you’d expect, this is actually quite common.

O’Keefe also says in the video clip that “we’re gonna be releasing video here today showing some people doing some improper things, bussing some people around. Maybe they shouldn’t be doing it. Stay tuned.”

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Justin Elliott

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