Trial Tracker Update: Georgia, North Carolina, Kansas and Ohio

A veritable superfecta of court decisions related to elections were handed down today:

Georgia: A federal judge just denied a request by the ACLU to force Georgia to extend its registration deadline for the counties affected by Hurricane Matthew.

North Carolina: An appeals court panel denied the Democratic Party’s motion to extend voter registration due to Hurricane Matthew.

Kansas: A three-judge panel issued a unanimous opinion that allows Kansans to vote without providing proof of U.S. citizenship. “There can be no dispute that the right to vote is a constitutionally protected fundamental right,” the court wrote.

Ohio: A judge ruled that 2016 ballots that would have been purged under Ohio’s process had to be counted, and instructed the state to put out guidance telling voters that their ballots would be counted if certain conditions were met.

More in our Trial Tracker.

Sarah Smith

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