Rigged Election Warnings May Be Backfiring for Trump Campaign

There are signs that Donald Trump’s repeated warnings of a rigged election may be backfiring for the campaign. A blog post by an election researcher says Trump might be helping Democrats.

Charles Stewart III, professor of political science at MIT and noted elections expert, recently published polling evidence to suggest that, at a local level, Republicans’ belief regarding whether their vote will count has remained virtually unchanged from 2012, while Democrats have grown more confident - much more confident. A massive 23 points more confident.

“Donald Trump’s complaints about a ‘rigged’ electoral system most clearly reminded his strongest supporters of what they already believed. It is much less clear that Republicans who were not already convinced of the corruption of the election system have now had a change of heart,” Stewart writes. “The second conclusion is that Trump’s charges appear to have counter-mobilized Democratic opinion in novel ways. Democrats have come to the defense of vote counting, not only in their own back yards, but even in other people’s back yards.”

Jessica Huseman

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