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Updated September 19, 2019

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3501 knickerbocker road, san angelo, Tex. 76904

(325) 949-9511

76% of Patients Would "Definitely Recommend" this Hospital
(Tex. Avg: 74%)

Hospital Type

Acute Care Hospitals

Hospital Owner


ER Volume

Medium (20K - 40K patients a year)

See this hospital's CMS profile page or inspection reports.

Patient Pathways Through This ER

After a patient arrives at the emergency room, they are typically seen by a doctor or medical practitioner and then either sent home or admitted to the hospital and taken to a room. A small percentage of patients leave without being seen. The chart below shows on average how long each of these pathways take. Lower numbers are better, and all times refer to the average length of time people waited.

Arrives at ER
2% of patients leave without being seen
3hrs 33min Admitted to hospital
4hrs 29min Taken to room
2hrs 4min Sent home

All wait times are average.

Detailed Quality Measures

Here is a more in depth look at each quality measure, compared to state and national averages for hospitals with medium ER volumes. Experts caution that very small differences between hospitals for a given measure are unlikely to correspond to noticeable differences in the real world.

Average for this Hospital
How this Hospital Compares

(to other hospitals with similar
ER volumes, when available)

Discharged Patients
Time Until Sent Home

Average time patients spent in the emergency room before being sent home (if not admitted).

2hrs 4min
National Avg.
2hrs 23min
Tex. Avg.
2hrs 20min
This Hospital
2hrs 4min
Impatient Patients
Left Without
Being Seen

Percentage of patients who left the emergency room without being seen by a doctor or medical practitioner.

Avg. U.S. Hospital
Avg. Tex. Hospital
This Hospital
Admitted Patients
Time Before Admission

Average time patients spent in the emergency room before being admitted to the hospital.

3hrs 33min

Data submitted were based on a sample of cases/patients.

National Avg.
4hrs 21min
Tex. Avg.
4hrs 20min
This Hospital
3hrs 33min
Admitted Patients
Transfer Time

Among patients admitted, additional time they spent waiting before being taken to their room (sometimes referred to as "boarding time.")


Data submitted were based on a sample of cases/patients.

National Avg.
1hr 33min
Tex. Avg.
1hr 35min
This Hospital
Special Patients
CT Scan

Percentage of patients who arrived with stroke symptoms and did not receive brain scan results within 45 mins.

National Avg.
Tex. Avg.
This Hospital

Violations Related to ER Care

Problems found in emergency rooms at this hospital since 2015, as identified during the investigation of a complaint. About This Data →

This hospital has no violations related to ER care since 2015.


“Average time” refers to the median wait time (the midpoint of all patients' wait times). References to “doctor or medical practitioner” indicate a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant. CMS reports the CT scan quality measure as the percentage of patients who received a scan within 45 minutes. We have reversed that measure so that all measures follow a “lower is better” pattern.

Additional design and development by Mike Tigas and Sisi Wei.


All data comes from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Detailed quality measures at the hospital, state and national level were last updated September 2019. Most data was collected between October 2017 and October 2018. Data on ER-related violations is from January 2015 to June 2019.

Additional Info

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If you notice a hospital missing from our database, please first check if you can find it on CMS' website, and that it is listed as having an ER. If so, please email us with the hospital name and address.