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How Political Advertisers Target You

This database was last updated in 2020. It should only be used as a historical snapshot. Researchers can access data about political ads on Facebook from the Ad Observer project by the NYU Cybersecurity for Democracy program.

The NYU Online Political Transparency Project created a browser plugin for the 2020 election that allows Facebook users to automatically submit political ads that are displayed in their News Feeds, along with their targeting information. ProPublica is using this data in our Electionland project. Use this database to search for political ads gathered using the plugin, including information on who was meant to see them.

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How Political Ads Target You

city or state, age, custom or “lookalike” audiences

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Note: Filtering by race is disabled because too few political advertisers target using Facebook’s “multicultural affinity” category.

Or see who is targeting a:

  • 65-year-old man living in Washington, D.C. who is conservative

  • 45-year-old woman living in California who is liberal

  • 18-year-old man living in Wisconsin who is neither liberal nor conservative

  • 30-year-old woman living in North Dakota who is conservative

Illustrations by Ally J. Levine.

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