Here are More than 1,000 Officials Trump has Quietly Deployed Across the Government

While President Trump has not moved to fill many jobs that require Senate confirmation, he has quietly installed hundreds of officials to serve as his eyes and ears at every major federal agency.

In March, ProPublica obtained a list of 400 of these political appointees. We have added to that list since then and now have more than 1,000 Trump administration employees hired through July. They include dozens of former lobbyists and Trump campaign staffers. Related story »

If you have any information about members of the Trump beachhead teams or their roles in the agencies, contact us at [email protected] or via Signal at (573) 239-7440. Here is a guide for how to leak to ProPublica.

Notable Ex-Lobbyists in the Trump Administration

Brad Bailey

Assistant Secretary, Legislative Affairs, Department of the Treasury

Brad Bailey has been a lobbyist at O’Rourke & Nappi since May 2016, where his clients included H&R Block, ADS Alliance Data Systems and Lazard Freres & Co., on issues related to the regulation of credit cards and taxation of foreign businesses.

Charles Faulkner

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Legislative Affairs, Department of State

Charles Faulkner was vice president of government affairs at BGR Group from 2012 to 2016. His clients included several foreign governments, including the Embassy of Kazakhstan the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq.

Michael Dougherty

Advisor, Assistant Secretary for Policy, Department of Homeland Security

Michael Dougherty was the CEO of the Identification Technology Association, a trade group that sells biometric and cybersecurity tools for border security. He previously worked for Raytheon; the Department of Homeland Security as a senior policy adviser; and as legislative counsel to Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.).

Timothy Clark

White House Liaison for Political Personnel, Boards and Commissions, Health and Human Services

Timothy Clark, ran a political consulting firm in California. His past clients included PhRMA, the powerful trade group that represents the pharmaceutical industry.

Byron Anderson

Special Assistant to the Secretary, Department of Labor

Byron Anderson was a lobbyist for financial services firm Transamerica for over a decade. He fought regulations, such as a rule from the agency he now works at that would require financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients.

Justin Mikolay

Director of Communications for the Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense

Justin Mikolay was previously a lobbyist for Palantir. His title at the tech firm, which has ties to intelligence agencies, was “evangelist.” Before that he was a speechwriter at the Pentagon.

Trump Administration Political Appointees

Find a staffer or agency:  
AgencyNamePosition TitleGrade LevelStart DateEnd Date
AgricultureRebeckah AdcockSenior Advisor4/24/2017
AgricultureJoseph Dale AlexanderSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
AgriculturePeter Owen BachmannPolicy Advisor5/14/2017
AgricultureDavid Drew BlairDeputy Press SecretaryGS-121/20/2017
AgricultureJordan BonfittoStaff Assistant6/27/2017
AgricultureKristi BoswellSenior Advisor4/30/2017
AgricultureHenry Turner BridgforthDeputy White House LiaisonGS-121/20/20178/5/2017
AgricultureNicholas W. BruskyConfidential AssistantGS-121/20/2017
AgricultureSamuel Harvey ClovisSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
AgricultureCarly CoutureConfidential AssistantGS-121/20/2017
AgricultureCharles Taylor CroweStaff AssistantGS-072/13/2017
AgricultureDiane L. CulloSpecial AssistantGS-153/7/2017
AgricultureJody Adams CumminsConfidential AssistantGS-111/20/2017
AgricultureBrian Ross DanselSpecial AssistantGS-141/20/2017
AgricultureBrock Andrew DenselLegislative AnalystGS-121/20/2017
AgricultureGeorge S. DunlopSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/20175/20/2017
AgricultureJames Claude EpleySpecial AssistantGS-153/13/20177/21/2017
AgricultureJacob Jackson FrenchStaff AssistantGS-091/20/2017
AgricultureJoseph Lindberg GilsonStaff AssistantGS-111/22/2017
AgricultureHeidi GreenChief of StaffSES1/30/2017
AgricultureDonald Lawrence GutmanSenior Advisor to the Chief Financial OfficerSES1/20/2017
AgricultureAustin Rex HarrisStaff AssistantGS-091/20/20173/4/2017
AgricultureAnne Catherine HazlettAssistant to the Secretary for Rural Development6/12/2017
AgricultureBethany Blair HudsonConfidential AssistantGS-111/20/2017
AgricultureKevin Alan JayneConfidential AssistantGS-131/20/20176/18/2017
AgricultureJoshua James JonesSpecial AssistantGS-14
AgricultureBrian A. KlippensteinSenior Advisor7/3/2017
AgricultureDino Luigi LaVerghettaSenior AdvisorGS-151/22/2017
AgricultureRussell Weldon LairdSpecial AssistantGS-151/30/2017
AgricultureBrandon Ray LippsAdministrator7/19/2017
AgricultureMargaret Piggott LyonsChief of Staff7/9/2017
AgricultureDavid Warren MatthewsConfidential AssistantGS-111/20/2017
AgricultureAuria McAlicherSpecial AssistantGS-151/30/2017
AgricultureBrenton Coy McNeelyWhite House LiaisonGS-152/5/20178/5/2017
AgricultureThomas Hicks MidanekWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/20172/2/2017
AgricultureCarly Jean MillerDeputy Director for Intergovernmental AffairsGS-125/14/2017
AgricultureJannine Marie MillerSenior Advisor of Rural Infrastructure7/9/2017
AgricultureElla MizrahiPress AssistantGS-041/30/2017
AgricultureTimothy Michael MurtaughDirector of CommunicationsGS-152/15/2017
AgricultureWilliam Ryan O'DwyerSpecial AssistantGS-143/7/2017
AgricultureChristopher Paul O'HaganConfidential AssistantGS-121/20/2017
AgricultureTim Anthony PageConfidential AssistantGS-121/22/2017
AgricultureRachel Helen PickConfidential AssistantGS-124/3/2017
AgricultureRobert Aloysius PlacekAdvance LeadGS-114/5/2017
AgricultureCameron P. QuinnSpecial AssistantGS-151/30/2017
AgricultureElias Michael RellaStaff AssistantGS-071/20/20176/23/2017
AgricultureJames L. RenneSpecial AssistantGS-151/30/2017
AgricultureMichawn Marie RichDeputy Director (Press Secretary)GS-151/30/2017
AgricultureAndrew Blake RollinsDirector of Intergovernmental Affairs5/28/2017
AgricultureWilliam Seth RussellConfidential AssistantGS-131/25/2017
AgricultureCampbell Eileen ShufordConfidential Assistant for Special ProjectsGS-111/20/2017
AgricultureJoel Sawyer SmallStaff AssistantGS-071/20/20176/16/2017
AgricultureRaymond Albert StarlingSenior Advisor2/23/2017
AgricultureLauren Elizabeth SullivanSchedulerGS-123/13/2017
AgricultureKailee Marie TkaczPolicy Advisor7/17/2017
AgricultureStephen Alexander VadenDeputy General Counsel (Principal)SES1/23/2017
AgricultureThayer Lamont VerschoorSpecial AssistantGS-141/30/20177/22/2017
AgricultureNicholas Matteo WestcottStaff AssistantGS-111/30/2017
AgricultureJoshua Daniel WhitehouseConfidential AssistantGS-131/25/2017
AgricultureRobyn Gregory WhitneyLegislative AnalystGS-091/20/2017
AgricultureLarry Christopher YoungDeputy Chief of Staff for OperationsSES1/30/2017
AgricultureJoby Freeman YoungChief of Staff6/19/2017
Air ForceChristopher M. ShankSenior Advisor to the Secretary and Under Secretary of the Air Force5/28/2017
ArmyEarl G. MatthewsPrincipal Deputy General Counsel6/21/2017
CommerceTodd Joseph AbrajanoDirector, Office of White House LiaisonGS-151/23/2017
CommerceBrooke Vosburgh AlexanderSenior AdvisorGS-152/27/2017
CommerceJustin ArlettConfidential Assistant4/18/2017
CommerceDina BeaumontSenior Advisor for Trade Initiatives ImplementationGS-152/6/2017
CommerceMorgan BedanScheduler7/10/2017
CommerceRoss W. BransonAssociate Director for Legislative Affairs3/20/2017
CommerceEric David BranstadSenior White House AdvisorSES1/23/2017
CommerceFrank T. BraySenior Advisor6/12/2017
CommerceAustin BrowningConfidential AssistantGS-71/20/2017
CommerceMichael BurgessSenior Speechwriter and Press AssistantGS-091/20/2017
CommerceKimberly ClarkConfidential Assistant5/22/2017
CommerceEarl ComstockDirector, Office of Policy and Strategic PlanningSES1/30/2017
CommerceJohn M. CooneySenior Advisor for Budget and Administration4/24/2017
CommerceCameron DorseySpecial Assistant to the Chief of StaffGS-091/25/2017
CommerceJames EdelenSenior AdvisorGS-131/20/2017
CommerceKimberly EkmarkCongressional Affairs Specialist4/24/2017
CommerceRichard Apollo FuhrimanSpecial AdvisorGS-142/7/20175/27/2017
CommerceChris GarciaDeputy Director, Minority Business Development Agency5/22/2017
CommerceGrant GardnerSpecial Assistant4/24/2017
CommerceLoretta S. GreeneSenior Advisor6/12/2017
CommerceNicole GroveSpecial Assistant4/3/2017
CommerceJohn Paul GuidoConfidential AssistantGS-071/23/2017
CommerceHunter Noble HallDeputy Director of Advance4/3/2017
CommerceTina HenryDirector of Scheduling4/11/20178/4/2017
CommerceIsrael HernandezDeputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Secretary5/22/2017
CommerceHenry Childs IISpecial AdvisorGS-132/7/2017
CommerceConsuella JordanSpecial AssistantGS-122/21/2017
CommerceCatherine Bellah KellerDeputy General Counsel for Strategic Initiatives6/12/2017
CommerceGeorge KellyDeputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor4/30/2017
CommerceClay KiefaberSenior Advisor to the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for AdministrationSES1/31/20175/26/2017
CommerceLawson KluttzLegislative Affairs Specialist6/19/2017
CommercePeter KrugAssociate Director for Intergovernmental AffairsGS-141/31/2017
CommerceJoseph A. LaroskiSenior Advisor5/14/2017
CommerceSally LeachPolicy Assistant4/24/2017
CommerceBrandon LeggieroConfidential Assistant7/10/2017
CommerceBrian LenihanDeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs4/10/2017
CommerceMarina MacklinConfidential Assistant7/10/2017
CommerceKevin Gerard ManningSenior Public Affairs Coordinator3/13/2017
CommerceBrendan McCommasSenior AdvisorGS-141/31/2017
CommerceRichard McCormackPress Secretary and Program Manager, Office of Public Affairs4/24/2017
CommerceRobert McNerneyConfidential Assistant6/5/2017
CommerceSteven MeyersDirector of Outreach5/22/2017
CommerceZachery T. MichaelDeputy Director of Speechwriting4/3/2017
CommerceAntori MirandaSpecial Advisor for Business Development4/18/2017
CommerceEdgar MkrtchianSpecial Advisor for Select USA5/30/2017
CommerceHunter Michael MorgenConfidential Assistant5/7/2017
CommerceChelsey NeuhausScheduling Assistant6/26/2017
CommerceErik NobleSpecial AdvisorGS-137/31/2017
CommerceChristopher Wayne OliverAssistant Administrator for Marine Fisheries6/19/2017
CommerceStan OlshefskiDirector of Digital Strategy7/10/2017
CommerceJon PerdueSpecial AssistantGS-125/30/2017
CommerceJohn PugheProgram Manager, Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships4/18/2017
CommerceKevin QuinleyDeputy Director, Office of White House Liaison3/8/2017
CommerceAlex RankinConfidential AssistantGS-074/3/2017
CommerceWilliam ReinertPress AssistantGS-072/7/2017
CommerceMira Radielovic RicardelSenior Advisor to the Secretary6/18/2017
CommerceJulie RobertsDirector of Communications
CommerceJames RockasDeputy Director of Public Affairs and Press SecretaryGS-091/25/2017
CommerceKelly RzendzianSpecial AssistantGS-122/7/2017
CommerceJames ShermanDirector of Advance and Protocol7/9/2017
CommerceChristopher ShippDeputy Chief Communications Officer for Strategic Communications3/27/2017
CommercePrentiss Lee SmithDeputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Negotiations6/5/2017
CommerceIan SteffDeputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing6/5/2017
CommerceSahra SuSenior Policy Advisor6/26/2017
CommerceJames SullivanDeputy Assistant Secretary for Services7/10/2017
CommerceWendy L. TeramotoChief of Staff to the Secretary of CommerceGS-157/31/2017
CommerceJames UthmeierSenior Counsel to the General CounselGS-122/7/2017
CommerceFrederick W. VolcansekExecutive Director of Select USAGS-152/7/2017
CommerceElizabeth Erin WalshSenior Advisor to the Secretary6/18/2017
CommerceTim C. WangSenior Advisor5/15/2017
CommerceJonathan WardellAdvance Assistant5/1/2017
CommerceAaron Matthew WillardDirector of Intergovernmental Affairs4/16/2017
CommerceAllaire D. WilliamsDirector, Executive Secretariat4/30/2017
CommerceBarbara Yankasky-NortonAssociate Director, Office of Executive SecretariatGS-122/7/2017
Commodity Futures Trading CommissionSteven W. AdamskeSenior Advisor6/11/2017
Commodity Futures Trading CommissionAndrew BuschMarket Intelligence Advisor4/10/2017
Commodity Futures Trading CommissionCory ClaussenSenior Advisor4/2/2017
Commodity Futures Trading CommissionErica Elliott RichardsonDirector, Office of Public Affairs6/13/2017
Commodity Futures Trading CommissionN. Charles ThorntonDirector of Legislative Affairs4/16/2017
DefenseAnita K. BlairDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Civilian Personnel Policy)6/25/2017
DefenseRebecca BuchheitDefense FellowGS-091/20/2017
DefenseConner F. BuecheAdvance Officer6/19/2017
DefenseGrace E. ButlerStaff AssistantGS-124/30/20178/27/2017
DefenseBradley Allen ByersWhite House Senior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
DefenseJessica S. CalioSpecial Assistant to the ASD(LA) for Europe/NATO6/25/2017
DefenseSean Patrick CarneyDefense Fellow6/5/2017
DefenseWilliam Sherman CastlePrincipal Deputy General Counsel
DefenseAdrielle L. ChurchillSpecial Assistant to the ASD(LA) Chief, AT&L6/25/2017
DefenseElbridge ColbyDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development5/9/2017
DefenseSara Lynn ColleyDefense FellowGS-091/20/2017
DefenseCandace Elaine CurrierConfidential Assistant to the Secretary of Defense2/19/2017
DefenseAnthony G. DeMartinoDeputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of DefenseGS-151/26/2017
DefenseSally DonnellySenior Advisor to the Secretary of DefenseSES1/21/2017
DefenseCharles Frederick DrummondDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Education and Training
DefenseMichael P. DuffeySpecial Assistant for White House LiaisonSES1/20/2017
DefenseMichael Christopher EganSpecial Assistant to Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low Intensity ConflictGS-151/20/2017
DefenseThomas William GoffusDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Europe and North Atlantic Treaty Organization Policy)5/7/2017
DefenseJohn Troup Calhoun HemenwaySpecial Assistant for White House LiaisonGS-091/23/2017
DefenseEdmund Peter Giambastiani IIIPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Legislative AffairsGS-151/20/2017
DefenseColin JacksonDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia)
DefenseDeborah James0
DefenseChristopher Todd JohnsonSpecial AssistantGS-141/30/2017
DefenseJustin Thomas JohnsonSpecial Assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)GS-131/20/2017
DefenseAnne Kimberley JoinerSpecial Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Legislative Affairs) (Chief, Policy)5/28/2017
DefenseTimothy Ryan JostSpecial AssistantSES1/24/2017
DefenseStephen KitayDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy6/11/2017
DefenseHolly Elizabeth LaneSpecial AssistantGS-121/24/20177/8/2017
DefensePaul W. MandelsonSpecial Assistant to the ASD(LA) for Installations, Environment, and Energy6/12/2017
DefenseAllison Leigh MarreSpecial AssistantGS-14
DefenseEarl G. MatthewsSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
DefenseDerek J. MaurerSenior Advisor to the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs2/7/20176/24/2017
DefenseWhitney J. MeyersSpecial Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Middle East Policy)GS-132/23/2017
DefenseJustin D. MikolayDirector of Communications for the Secretary of DefenseGS-151/24/2017
DefenseMark E. MitchellPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict)
DefenseAmy MitchellSpecial Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Protocol4/9/2017
DefenseThomas F. MooneyDeputy White House Liaison2/27/2017
DefenseSergio de la PenaDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Western Hemisphere Affairs)GS-151/20/2017
DefenseRobert M. ScherSpecial Assistant3/18/2017
DefenseBenjamin SchrammDefense Fellow6/12/2017
DefenseChristopher M. ShankSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
DefenseMatthew ShipleyDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Readiness)
DefenseTamas SimonSpecial Assistant to the Director, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation5/31/2017
DefenseAmber Lane SmithDeputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for OutreachGS-141/24/2017
DefenseRobert Mark SooferDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Nuclear and Missile Defense Policy)4/19/2017
DefenseKevin M. SweeneyChief of Staff to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of DefenseSES1/20/20174/2/2017
DefenseJohn Lauren TaylorAdvance OfficerGS-143/6/2017
DefenseJames Edwin TrainorSpecial AssistantSES1/24/2017
DefenseWilliam J. TurenneSpecial AssistantGS-151/26/2017
DefenseJonathan Lloyd UllyotSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/20174/11/2017
DefenseMolly L. WalshSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
DefenseDana WhiteAssistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs4/7/2017
DefenseThomas Mackin WilliamsSenior Advisor to the ASD (Strategy, Plans and Force Development)GS-141/20/2017
DefenseBryn Elizabeth WoollacottSpecial Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Nuclear & Missile Defense)GS-091/20/2017
EducationNathan Adam BaileyCommunications DirectorGS-151/23/2017
EducationDerrick A. BolenConfidential Assistant to the SecretaryGS-071/20/2017
EducationJason Louis BotelPrincipal Deputy Assistant SecretarySES1/20/2017
EducationNathaniel BreedingSpecial Assistant4/16/2017
EducationMichael Jason BrickmanSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-152/2/2017
EducationSara BroadwaterSpecial Assistant5/7/2017
EducationStanley Michael BucheskySenior Advisor for Budget and FinanceSES1/20/20176/30/2017
EducationMichael Paul ChamberlainSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/30/2017
EducationDeborah Cox-RoushSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/23/2017
EducationMartha DavisConfidential Assistant5/1/2017
EducationSarah DelahuntyConfidential Assistant to the SecretaryGS-112/6/20174/15/2017
EducationKevin Richard EckSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EducationRobert Scott EitelSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-152/13/2017
EducationGillum Keith FergusonConfidential AssistantGS-121/30/2017
EducationMatthew Robert FrendeweySpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-141/30/20175/30/2017
EducationNicholas HahnSpecial AssistantGS-14
EducationHolly HamSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EducationTaylor James HansenSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-152/8/20173/17/2017
EducationChelsea HendersonConfidential Assistant6/11/2017
EducationElizabeth HillSpecial Assistant4/23/2017
EducationRonald HoldenSpecial AssistantGS-151/30/2017
EducationAlexandra October HudsonSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-131/30/2017
EducationRobert Timothy Goad IIConfidential AssistantGS-123/13/2017
EducationNeil Thomas Ruddock IIISpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-152/6/20175/19/2017
EducationCandice JacksonDAS for Strategic Operations and Outreach4/6/2017
EducationAmy L. JonesSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/20175/20/2017
EducationAdam KisselDeputy Assistant Secretary for Higher Education Programs6/19/2017
EducationAndrew James KossackAttorney AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
EducationEbony L. LeeDeputy Chief of Staff for PolicyGS-152/2/2017
EducationJames F. ManningSenior Advisor to the Secretary1/20/2017
EducationSteven MenashiDeputy General Counsel
EducationJessica NewmanSpecial Assistant4/16/2017
EducationMichael Joseph OberliesConfidential Assistant GS-111/30/2017
EducationJennifer PrescottConfidential Assistant5/7/2017
EducationBeatriz Joan RamosConfidential Assistant to SecretaryGS-121/23/2017
EducationCody James ReynoldsSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EducationKimberly M. RicheyDeputy Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services6/19/2017
EducationJeffrey RiemerSenior Counselor to the SecretaryGS-152/6/2017
EducationLaura C. Keehner RigasSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-152/6/2017
EducationChristopher RinkusSpecial Assistant5/28/2017
EducationPatrick Burke ShaheenConfidential AssistantGS-111/20/2017
EducationBrandon S. ShermanSpecial Assistant6/11/2017
EducationLee-Douglass Rus SimmonsSpecial AssistantGS-152/13/20177/22/2017
EducationKathleen A. SmithSenior Advisor to the Assistant SecretaryGS-152/19/2017
EducationJana C. TonerDirector, White House LiaisonGS-152/6/2017
EducationTeresa Marie UnRueSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-131/20/20171/25/2017
EducationJoshua James VenableChief of StaffSES1/20/2017
EducationEric Michael VentimigliaSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/20178/1/2017
EducationJose VianaAssistant Deputy Secretary and Director, Office of English Language Acquisition4/24/2017
EducationKathryn WalkerConfidential Assistant7/17/2017
EducationJerry WardSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EducationHeather WhitakerSpecial Assistant6/11/2017
EducationPatrick YoungSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/23/2017
EnergyTristan AbbeySenior Analyst for Energy PolicyGS-141/20/2017
EnergyDeidre Ann AlmsteadDirector of Scheduling3/31/2017
EnergyJustin BisAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/20171/30/2017
EnergySidney Arthur BowdidgeAssistant to the SecretaryGS-122/21/20173/10/2017
EnergyG. Michael BrownDeputy General Counsel for ComplianceSES1/20/2017
EnergySamuel BuchanSpecial AdvisorGS-121/20/2017
EnergyHunter BuddSpecial Assistant to the White House LiaiasonGS-101/20/2017
EnergyJoshua CampbellAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/20174/21/2017
EnergyJames ColgaryChief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary7/9/2017
EnergySean Branley CunninghamExecutive Director, Office Energy Policy and Systems Analysis
EnergyMartin J. DannenfelserDeputy Assistant Secretary for House AffairsGS-151/20/2017
EnergyStephen EverettChief Information Officer7/3/2017
EnergyBrett FetterlyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-111/20/20175/20/2017
EnergyGeorge Harold FibbeDeputy General Counsel for Litigation, Regulation and Enforcement5/14/2017
EnergyTravis Scott FisherSenior AdvisorGS-131/20/2017
EnergyAlexander Nicholas FitzsimmonsSenior Advisor7/5/2017
EnergyTheodore J. GarrishSenior Advisor5/15/2017
EnergyStanley GerdesDirector, Office of Scheduling and AdvanceGS-141/30/2017
EnergyTalat Beatrice GoudarziSpecial Assistant7/28/2017
EnergyWilliam P. GreeneAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/20175/23/2017
EnergyPreston Wells GriffithSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
EnergySarah HabanskyDeputy Director, Office of Public AffairsGS-151/20/2017
EnergyZead HaddadPolicy Advisor and Special Assistant to the Deputy Chiefs of Staff5/17/2017
EnergyRobert HausPublic Affairs SpecialistGS-141/26/2017
EnergyKayla HensleyDigital Strategy AdvisorGS-101/20/2017
EnergyShaylyn HynesPress Secretary5/1/2017
EnergyRoger A. JarrellSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
EnergySuzanne JaworowskiSenior Advisor and Chief of StaffGS-151/20/2017
EnergyKevin Alan JayneSpecial Advisor6/19/2017
EnergyCatherine JerezaDeputy Assistant Secretary, Transmission Permitting and Technical Assistance5/22/2017
EnergyMatthew Lewis JewellLegislative Affairs Advisor5/28/2017
EnergyPatrick JohnsonAssistant to the SecretaryGS-131/20/20174/24/2017
EnergySusanne Hudson JonesSpecial Assistant to the Deputy Chiefs of Staff4/13/2017
EnergyJoshua James JonesSenior Advisor for Special Projects5/15/2017
EnergyBryan Keith KelloggAdvisor for Intergovernmental and External Affairs4/17/2017
EnergyNora KhalilAssociate Administrator for External Affairs6/19/2017
EnergyBianca KtenasPress Assistant4/17/2017
EnergyMatthew Richard KunkelSenior Advisor for External Affairs4/13/2017
EnergyDouglas Blane LittleDeputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental and External Affairs
EnergyJennifer Ann LoraineDeputy Assistant Secretary for Senate Affairs6/25/2017
EnergyMorgan Joe LuttrellSenior Advisor Veterans Relations6/11/2017
EnergyMark R. MaddoxSenior Policy AdvisorGS-151/23/2017
EnergyEric Davis MahroumSpecial AdvisorGS-101/30/2017
EnergyDouglas MatheneySpecial AdvisorGS-101/20/2017
EnergyBrian Vaughan McCormackChief of StaffGS-153/3/2017
EnergyJacob L. McCurdyLegislative Affairs AdvisorGS-101/20/2017
EnergyBernard Leonard McNameeDeputy General Counsel for Energy Policy5/28/2017
EnergyKelly Yvonne MitchellSpecial Assistant4/24/2017
EnergyTaylor PlayforthLegislative Affairs AdvisorGS-131/23/2017
EnergyCarole Mae PlowfieldSpecial Advisor6/11/2017
EnergyMinerva SalinasExecutive Support SpecialistGS-133/6/2017
EnergyJames ShermanAssistant to the SecretaryGS-152/2/20177/8/2017
EnergyDaniel SimmonsPrincipal Deputy Assistant SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EnergyJohn Joseph SneedExecutive Director, Loan Programs Office6/5/2017
EnergyMichelle SneedDeputy Director, Office of Secretarial Boards and Councils6/5/2017
EnergyDavid SolanSenior Advisor7/23/2017
EnergyJessica Murphy SzymanskiPress Assistant4/19/2017
EnergyJonathan Wayne TaylorDirector, Office of Technology Transitions and Technology Transfer Coordinator
EnergyCathleen TripodiDirector of National Laboratory Operations BoardGS-151/30/2017
EnergyJoseph F. UddoWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/2017
EnergyLucas James WallworkSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-073/3/2017
EnergyJonathan WetzelDeputy White House Liaison5/15/2017
EnergyDaniel WilmotDeputy Chief of StaffGS-151/20/2017
EnergyKyle Robert YunaskaSpecial AdvisorGS-131/30/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyMichael AbboudSpecial Assistant for the Office of Public AffairsGS-117/9/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyR. Layne BangerterSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyErik BaptistSenior Deputy General CounselSES6/18/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyNancy BeckDeputy Assistant Administrator for Chemical Safety and Pollution PreventionGS-154/30/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyElizabeth BennettDeputy Associate Administratior for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations
Environmental Protection AgencyDonald M. BentonSenior White House AdvisorSES1/21/20174/11/2017
Environmental Protection AgencySusan BodineSenior Advisor to the Administrator8/13/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyBrittany BolenSenior Deputy Associate Administrator for PolicySES5/14/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyElizabeth BowmanDeputy Associate Administrator for Public AffairsGS-145/14/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyByron R. BrownDeputy Chief of Staff for PolicyAD-003/5/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyKevin ChmielewskiDeputy Chief of Staff for Operations5/14/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyKatherine CorySpecial Assistant to the Senior Deputy Associate Administrator for Intergovernmental RelationsGS-76/18/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyHenry DarwinAssistant Deputy AdministratorSES7/10/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyVeronica DarwinSenior Advisor to the Administrator for Land and Emergency ManagementGS-147/10/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyPatrick J. DavisSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyAlexander DominguezPolicy Analyst to the Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Air and RadiationGS-95/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencySamantha DravisAssociate Administrator for Policy2/27/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyDouglas EricksenSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/20175/20/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyNicholas FalvoSpecial Assistant to the Senior AdvisorGS-127/16/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyLincoln Ross FergusonSpeechwriterAD-003/13/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyHayley FordDeputy White House LiaisonGS-135/14/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyDennis ForsgrenDeputy Assistant Administrator for WaterSES7/9/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyDavid FotouhiDeputy General CounselSES4/16/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyJohn Peter FreireAssociate Administrator for Public Affairs
Environmental Protection AgencyRobert FryeSpecial Assistant to the Deputy Associate Administrator for Congressional Affairs7/24/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyAmy GrahamDeputy Associate Administrator for Public EngagementGS-135/7/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyHolly W. GreavesSenior Advisor to the Administrator for Budget and AuditsSES1/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencySarah A. GreenwaltSenior Advisor to the AdministratorAD-003/8/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyAmanda GunasekaraSenior Policy Advisor to the Administrator on Air and Radiation3/19/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyDawn Michelle HaleExecutive Assistant to the AdministratorAD-002/16/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyAustin HendersonSpecial Assistant for Scheduling and Advance
Environmental Protection AgencyJames HewittSpecial Advisor for Public AffairsGS-147/2/2017
Environmental Protection AgencySydney Morgan HuppSpecial Assistant to the Chief of StaffAD-003/13/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyMilan HuppDeputy Director for Scheduling and AdvanceAD-003/13/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyRyan JacksonChief of StaffSES2/22/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyJustin Schwab Jr.Senior AdvisorGS-151/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyAlbert KellySenior Advisor to the AdministratorSES6/4/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyJohn A. KonkusSenior AdvisorGS-151/25/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyDavid W. KreutzerSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/20173/31/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyDaisy LetendreSenior Advisor for Policy and Strategic CommunicationGS-136/25/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyWilliam LovellPolicy AssistantGS-76/11/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyTroy LyonsAssociate Administrator for Congressional and Intergovernmental RelationsSES4/2/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyForrest McMurraySpecial Assistant for Scheduling and AdvanceGS-77/16/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyMadeline MorrisExecutive Scheduler for the Office of the AdministratorGS-126/18/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyCharles D. MunozWhite House LiaisonGS-151/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyChristian PalichDeputy Associate Administrator for Congressional RelationsGS-155/14/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyAaron RingelDeputy Associate Administrator for Congressional and Intergovernmental RelationsGS-146/4/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyChristian RodrickSpecial Assistant to the Deputy Associate Administrator for Congressional and Intergovernmental RelationsGS-97/9/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyDavid W. SchnareSenior AdvisorSES1/21/20173/18/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyKaitlyn ShimminSpecial Assistant to the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental RelationsGS-117/16/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyGeorge Y. SugiyamaSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyPatrick TraylorDeputy Assistant Administrator for Enforcement and Compliance AssuranceSES6/4/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyKenneth WagnerSenior Advisor for Regional and State Affairs
Environmental Protection AgencyJahan WilcoxStrategic Communications Advisor
Environmental Protection AgencyYujiro YamadaDeputy Assistant Administrator for Research and DevelopmentSES7/9/2017
Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionJames ParettiSenior Attorney Advisor (Senior Counsel)1/22/2017
Export-Import BankTroy FuhrimanSenior CounselSL
Export-Import BankSarah Catherine GoodinAdvisor to the White House Liaison2/27/20173/3/2017
Export-Import BankJesse Reed LawWhite House LiaisonSL1/24/2017
Export-Import BankNatalie N. McGarrySenior Advisor6/15/2017
Export-Import BankBrett MessingSenior Advisor
Federal Communications CommissionJoseph S. CalascioneLegal Advisor4/30/20175/1/2017
Federal Communications CommissionBrian C. HartDirector5/1/2017
Federal Communications CommissionCarolyn RoddyAttorney-Advisor (Special Counsel)2/21/2017
Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionMax MinznerSpecial Counsel to the Acting Chairman2/5/2017
Federal Trade CommissionThomas Becket PahlDirector, Bureau of Consumer Protection
General Services AdministrationScott D. AndersonRegional Administrator National Capital Region
General Services AdministrationRobert J. BabcockRegional Administrator Region 7 Fort Worth Texas
General Services AdministrationRichard William BecklerGeneral Counsel5/1/2017
General Services AdministrationBridget Ann BrennanSenior Advisor for Administrative Services5/12/2017
General Services AdministrationAllison Fahrenkopf BrigatiAssociate Administrator for Governmentwide Policy7/3/2017
General Services AdministrationCorey E. CookeSenior Advisor for Technology4/26/2017
General Services AdministrationPamela DixonPress Secretary6/12/2017
General Services AdministrationMichael R. DowningWhite House LiaisonGS-141/20/2017
General Services AdministrationJoyce Conklin HaasRegional Administrator, Region 3, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
General Services AdministrationPhillip Brennan Hart IIIAssociate Administrator for Congressional and Intergovernmental AffairsGS-151/23/2017
General Services AdministrationJohn E. Jaggers IIISenior AdvisorGS-151/20/20173/13/2017
General Services AdministrationJessica Lynn JenningsSpecial Assistant5/18/2017
General Services AdministrationJohn J. St. JohnSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
General Services AdministrationBenjamin KenneyAssociate Administrator for Strategic Communications6/19/2017
General Services AdministrationJeffrey Dylan LeieritzSenior Communications Advisor6/5/2017
General Services AdministrationCharles MangerAssociate Administrator for Small Business Utilization6/5/2017
General Services AdministrationEmily Jean McBrideSpecial Assistant3/19/2017
General Services AdministrationEmily W. MurphySenior Advisor to the Administrator SES1/24/2017
General Services AdministrationWilliam PettigrewSenior Advisor6/12/2017
General Services AdministrationJeffrey A. PostPolicy Advisor5/1/2017
General Services AdministrationRobert SinnersSpecial Assistant to the Regional Administrator (NCR)5/1/2017
General Services AdministrationAndrew Harris SmithSenior Advisor5/23/2017
General Services AdministrationMichael R. SolomonSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
General Services AdministrationBrian SternRegional Administrator, Regional 4, Atlanta, Georgia
General Services AdministrationThomas Denny StonerSpecial Assistant to the Regional AdministratorGS-121/30/2017
General Services AdministrationAlan B. ThomasCommissioner6/26/2017
Health and Human ServicesAnna AbramDeputy Commissioner for PolicyGS-151/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesAnn C. AgnewExecutive Secretary to the Department3/27/2017
Health and Human ServicesThomas B. AlexanderPrincipal Deputy Director of Global Affairs3/19/2017
Health and Human ServicesRiley Nicole AlthouseSpecial Assistant6/5/2017
Health and Human ServicesJeffrey Hagen AndersonDirector, Office of Health Reform3/13/2017
Health and Human ServicesAlexander Fraser AramandaDeputy Assistant Secretary for Mandatory Health ProgramsGS-141/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesJuanita BalengerAdvisorGS-111/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesJohn Anthony BardisAssistant Secretary for Administration3/15/2017
Health and Human ServicesKathryn Grace BellSpecial Assistant for Public Health and Science4/16/2017
Health and Human ServicesCatherine Elaine BirdAdvisor5/22/2017
Health and Human ServicesMatthew Scott BowmanSpecial AssistantGS-151/25/2017
Health and Human ServicesWilliam Michael BradyAssociate Deputy Secretary6/5/2017
Health and Human ServicesKimberly L. BrandtPrincipal Deputy Administrator for Operations8/6/2017
Health and Human ServicesPatrick Theodore BrennanAssistant Speechwriter4/16/2017
Health and Human ServicesJohn Michael BrienDeputy Assistant Secretary Planning and Evaluation (Health Policy)3/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesBrady BrookesDeputy Chief of StaffGS-131/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesJohn BrooksCounselor for Health PolicyGS-151/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesLouis Adolph BrownSenior Advisor for Operations7/9/2017
Health and Human ServicesMary Claire BurghoffSpecial Assistant6/25/2017
Health and Human ServicesLaura M. CaliguiriAssociate Deputy Secretary4/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesAlexandra CampauSpecial AssistantGS-141/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesClarence H. CarterDirector, Office of Family Assistance5/14/2017
Health and Human ServicesShannon ChristianDirector, Office of Child Care5/14/2017
Health and Human ServicesTimothy ClarkWhite House Liaison for Political Personnel, Boards and CommissionsSES1/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesKelly Marie ClearyChief Legal Counsel, CMS4/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesJon Joseph CordovaSenior Advisor4/16/2017
Health and Human ServicesJanice M. CotterDirector, Office of Documents and Regulations Management5/1/2017
Health and Human ServicesSarah M. CudworthPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation3/13/2017
Health and Human ServicesKamran DaraviAdvisorGS-131/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesBrenda C. DestroDeputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (Human Services Policy)6/5/2017
Health and Human ServicesCarla DiBlasioSenior Advisor to the Principal Deputy Administrator, CMSGS-131/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesMeghan Ryan DuganSpecial Assistant4/30/2017
Health and Human ServicesRenee Louise Jacisin EllmersRegional Director IV Atlanta5/22/2017
Health and Human ServicesEmily Martin FelderDirector, Office of Legislation6/5/2017
Health and Human ServicesBrenda Cote FitzgeraldDirector, Center for Disease Control and Prevention Administration7/7/2017
Health and Human ServicesJohn Calvin FlemingDeputy National Coordinator and Health IT Liaison to the Physician Community3/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesHeather FlickDeputy General Counsel SES1/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesMolly Marie GartlandSpecial Assistant to the Chief of Staff2/27/2017
Health and Human ServicesJohn Robertson GrahamPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation4/19/2017
Health and Human ServicesBruce David GreensteinChief Technology Officer5/22/2017
Health and Human ServicesGlenn Garrett GrigsbyDirector of Global Affairs5/14/2017
Health and Human ServicesMatthew Jay GrinneyAssistant Speechwriter4/30/2017
Health and Human ServicesGurjeet Singh GuramSenior Advisor4/16/2017
Health and Human ServicesEric D. HarganSenior Advisor to the Secretary
Health and Human ServicesJessica Denise HarrisonDeputy Scheduler3/19/2017
Health and Human ServicesSean Andrew HayesDirector of Investigations4/10/2017
Health and Human ServicesValerie Jean HuberChief of Staff6/5/2017
Health and Human ServicesDarcie Lang JohnstonDirector of Intergovernmental AffairsGS-141/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesJohn C. KalavritinosAssociate Commissioner for External AffairsGS-151/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesCharles N. KecklerAssociate Deputy Secretary5/30/2017
Health and Human ServicesCori Stone KelloggSpecial Assistant5/8/2017
Health and Human ServicesLaura Holland KemperDeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation (Public Health and Science)4/2/2017
Health and Human ServicesGopal KhannaDirector5/9/2017
Health and Human ServicesArthur George KleinschmidtSenior Advisor (Substance Abuse)8/6/2017
Health and Human ServicesDemetrios L. KouzoukasPrincipal Deputy Administrator for Medicare2/15/2017
Health and Human ServicesKatie Renee LagomarsinoSpecial Assistant4/16/2017
Health and Human ServicesMary-Sumpter LapinskiCounselor for Public Health and Science3/9/2017
Health and Human ServicesCourtney Austin LawrenceDeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation (Human Services)3/13/2017
Health and Human ServicesMary Margaret LazarePrincipal Deputy Administrator6/19/2017
Health and Human ServicesLance LeggittSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES1/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesScott Michael LekanDeputy Director, Office of Child Support Enforcement, and Director of the Federal Parent Locator Service7/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesKeagan Resler LenihanSenior Counselor to the SecretarySES1/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesEdward Scott LloydDirector, Office of Refugee Resettlement3/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesMatthew LloydPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public AffairsGS-141/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesJane Barbara Tschetter LucasDeputy Director, Office of Health Reform4/2/2017
Health and Human ServicesCalder Addison LynchSenior Counselor5/22/2017
Health and Human ServicesDavid Paul MansdoerferDirector of Boards and Commissions4/30/2017
Health and Human ServicesAllison Leigh MarreChief Spokesperson5/14/2017
Health and Human ServicesBrian T. MarriottSenior Director, Communications and Media7/7/2017
Health and Human ServicesCecilia Ines MartinezDirector of Advance3/28/2017
Health and Human ServicesRobert Kyle McGowanDirector of External Affairs3/1/2017
Health and Human ServicesTyler McGuffeeSpecial AdvisorGS-131/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesTina Michele McIntoshLiaison to the Veterans Administration4/2/2017
Health and Human ServicesCarlyle Seward McWilliamsSenior Advisor to the Commissioner5/10/2017
Health and Human ServicesChristopher Edward MeekinsSenior Advisor7/9/2017
Health and Human ServicesMarie MeszarosSenior Policy AdvisorGS-141/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesJerry Lee MilnerAssociate Commissioner, Children's Bureau6/5/2017
Health and Human ServicesEric Antonio Miranda-MarinSpecial Assistant6/19/2017
Health and Human ServicesDolly (Mari) MoorheadSpecial AssistantGS-111/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesPedro MorenoPrincipal Deputy Director for Office of Refugee Resettlement5/14/2017
Health and Human ServicesGenevieve Lynn MorrisPrincipal Deputy National Coordinator for Health Information Technology5/8/2017
Health and Human ServicesSara Nur MorseDeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation (Congressional Liaison)3/13/2017
Health and Human ServicesJennifer Crowley MoughalianPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources3/15/2017
Health and Human ServicesPatrick MurphyDeputy Assistant Secretary for Public AffairsGS-141/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesBrian S. NealeDirector, Center for Medicaid and CHIP ServicesGS-151/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesWarren Anthony NegriConfidential Assistant3/21/2017
Health and Human ServicesBeth Ann NelsonPolicy Advisor for Health Policy7/9/2017
Health and Human ServicesEmily NewmanSenior Advisor to the Director, Indian Health Service7/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesMaya Michelle NoronhaSpecial Advisor5/14/2017
Health and Human ServicesMaryjane O. NorrisDirector, Office of Communications, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services4/5/2017
Health and Human ServicesJane Ellen NortonDirector, Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs5/14/2017
Health and Human ServicesCaitlin Brooke OakleyCommunications Advisor3/5/2017
Health and Human ServicesMelissa-Kaye D. OrtizCommissioner of the Administration On Disabilities6/11/2017
Health and Human ServicesAshley Morgan PalmerDeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation (Health Care Reform)3/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesDavid PaschDirector of Digital Media6/6/2017
Health and Human ServicesRandolph W. PateDeputy Administrator and Director, CCIIOGS-151/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesCaitlin Lisa PatenaudeSpecial Assistant7/9/2017
Health and Human ServicesKristina Lyn PelekoudasBriefing Coordinator4/16/2017
Health and Human ServicesLaura Christine PencePolicy Advisor for Public Health and Science7/17/2017
Health and Human ServicesAnna PilatoDeputy Assistant Secretary for External AffairsGS-151/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesMary Elizabeth PowersPolicy AdvisorGS-121/25/2017
Health and Human ServicesShannon O'Chester RoyceDirector, Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships5/14/2017
Health and Human ServicesDonald Walter RuckerNational Health Information Technology Coordinator4/10/2017
Health and Human ServicesNina SchaeferSenior Counselor GS-151/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesLowell Jacob SchillerSenior Counselor to the Commissioner5/14/2017
Health and Human ServicesElizabeth Rankin SeidelSpecial Assistant4/30/2017
Health and Human ServicesRoger Thomas SeverinoDirector Office for Civil Rights3/19/2017
Health and Human ServicesGeorge SigounasAdministrator, Health Resources and Services Administration4/30/2017
Health and Human ServicesEdwin Jesse SimcoxDeputy Director, Office of Technology7/17/2017
Health and Human ServicesVanila Mathur SinghChief Medical Officer6/11/2017
Health and Human ServicesKristin Shelby SkrzyckiDeputy Chief of Staff3/19/2017
Health and Human ServicesAmanda Joy SmithSpecial Advisor2/27/2017
Health and Human ServicesPaula StannardSenior Counselor to the SecretarySES1/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesEvelyn Joan StaufferPress Assistant (Regional Media)4/16/2017
Health and Human ServicesSarah Lloyd StevensonPolicy Advisor for Human Services Policy5/22/2017
Health and Human ServicesBrian Richard StimsonDeputy General Counsel for Litigation4/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesHeidi Hiltgen StirrupDeputy White House Liaison for Political Personnel, Boards and CommissionsGS-141/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesAmanda Caroline StreetPolicy Advisor for Health ReformGS-131/25/2017
Health and Human ServicesDavid Dean TeuscherRegional Director, Dallas, Texas, Region VI5/22/2017
Health and Human ServicesBeth Bernadette TignorSpecial AssistantGS-121/23/20178/5/2017
Health and Human ServicesKara Osborne TownsendDeputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (Disablity, Aging, and Long Term Care Policy)6/11/2017
Health and Human ServicesLaura Clay TruemanPrincipal Deputy Director, Office of Intergovernmental and External AffairsGS-151/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesJohn Kirkland TwomeySpecial AssistantGS-092/9/2017
Health and Human ServicesPranay Kumar UduthaSpecial Assistant for Health Policy6/27/2017
Health and Human ServicesMark Basil VafiadesDirector of Communications7/17/2017
Health and Human ServicesSteven Richards ValentineAssociate Director for PolicyGS-111/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesJames WagnerPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary Administrator for Children5/14/2017
Health and Human ServicesEmily Elizabeth WilkinsonPolicy Advisor3/19/2017
Health and Human ServicesRebecca Kathleen WoodChief Legal Counsel FDA7/9/2017
Health and Human ServicesMargaret Anne WynneCounselor for Human Services PolicyGS-151/26/2017
Health and Human ServicesKyle ZebleySpecial AssistantGS-121/20/2017
Homeland SecurityJason AbendSenior Policy Advisor7/9/2017
Homeland SecurityJohn BarsaPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary and Chief of Staff for Office of Partnership and EngagementGS-151/21/2017
Homeland SecurityLuke Alexander BeckmannDeputy White House Liaison6/12/2017
Homeland SecurityBrent BombachAdvisorGS-151/26/2017
Homeland SecurityBrittany BramellAssistant Administrator for Public Relations and External Communications
Homeland SecurityJeffrey ByardAssociate Administrator for Response and Recovery
Homeland SecurityKevin CarrollSpecial AdvisorSES1/21/2017
Homeland SecurityBen CassidySpecial CounselGS-151/24/2017
Homeland SecurityHayley Elizabeth ChangDeputy General Counsel7/21/2017
Homeland SecurityKevin ChmielewskiAdvisor
Homeland SecurityTiffany CissnaWhite House LiaisonSES1/28/2017
Homeland SecurityDaniel CoxSpecial Assistant
Homeland SecurityAnthony Jared CulverPolicy Analyst7/24/2017
Homeland SecurityThomas DinannoAdvisor
Homeland SecurityUyen DinhDeputy Assistant Secretary (House), Office of Legislative Affairs7/10/2017
Homeland SecurityMichael DoughertyAdvisor
Homeland SecurityMichael DoughertyAdvisor
Homeland SecurityJon FeereAdvisorGS 151/27/2017
Homeland SecurityMario FloresDirector, Trips and AdvanceGS-131/23/2017
Homeland SecurityKatie GorkaAdvisorGS 151/25/2017
Homeland SecurityGene HamiltonSpecial AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Homeland SecurityHarold HansonAdvisorSES1/23/2017
Homeland SecurityMatt HaydenAdvisorGS 141/27/2017
Homeland SecurityJonathan HoffmanAdvisor
Homeland SecurityRoman JankowskiAdvisor
Homeland SecurityNathaniel Graham JensenAssistant Secretary for Strategy, Planning, Analysis and Risk
Homeland SecurityElizabeth JohnsonAdvisorGS-141/26/2017
Homeland SecurityJames Michael JohnsonDirector, DHS Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood PartnershipsGS-151/20/2017
Homeland SecurityJulie KirchnerAdvisorGS-151/20/2017
Homeland SecurityKathy Nuebel KovarikAdvisorGS-151/26/2017
Homeland SecurityScott A. KrauseExecutive SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
Homeland SecurityDavid LapanAdvisor
Homeland SecurityEmily MallonSpecial Assistant5/14/20178/2/2017
Homeland SecurityCora MandySpecial Assistant
Homeland SecurityMichael P. McKeownExecutive Director, HSAC and Campaigns8/6/2017
Homeland SecurityAlan MetzlerDeputy COS, OpsSES1/20/2017
Homeland SecurityJayne Elizabeth NeumannDeputy Chief of Staff5/17/2017
Homeland SecurityEmily NewmanAdvisorGS-141/23/2017
Homeland SecurityKirstjen NielsenChief of StaffSES1/21/2017
Homeland SecurityJames R. NortonDeputy Chief of Staff
Homeland SecurityQuinn M. Jones O'BrienBrieging Book Coordinator8/6/2017
Homeland SecurityStephanie Neill PayneDigital Services Executive Director
Homeland SecurityLora RiesAdvisorGS-151/21/2017
Homeland SecurityDimple ShahAdvisor
Homeland SecurityTracy ShortAdvisorGS 151/27/2017
Homeland SecurityCraig SymonsAdvisor1/20/2017
Homeland SecurityThomas SzoldAdvisorGS-121/26/2017
Homeland SecurityKaitlin VogtAdvisor
Homeland SecurityErin WatersAdvisorGS-121/23/2017
Homeland SecurityChad WolfAdvisorGS-151/20/2017
Homeland SecurityFrank WucoSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentMason AlexanderSpecial AssistantGS-131/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentSeth AppletonGeneral Deputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations7/10/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentJames BaconBriefing and Book Coordinator5/8/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentVictoria L. BartonCongressional Relations SpecialistGS-131/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentDeana (Deidre) BassDeputy Chief of StaffSES1/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAngela L. BecklesSpecial AssistantGS-111/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentChristopher BourneSenior Advisor6/12/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentRobert B. BowesSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentMichael BrightExecutive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer7/11/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentChristina BrownSenior Counsel6/26/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentMichael Norman BurleyAdvisor to Intergovernmental Relations5/1/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentDavid J. ByrdSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/20176/10/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAlexander CoffeySpecial AdvisorGS-111/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentVictoria CoresselDirector of Scheduling4/18/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentJr. Alfonso CostaSpecial Assistant5/31/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentCharles D. CowanDeputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs
Housing and Urban DevelopmentMatthew Lee CummingsSpecial Assistant
Housing and Urban DevelopmentJoseph DefeliceRegional Administrator Region III5/23/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAbigail DelahoydeAdvance Coordinator4/17/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentBenjamin DemarzoDirector of Advance4/18/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentMichael Welch DendasSenior Advisor4/17/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentSusan Jean DubinSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentElizabeth Van DuyneRegional Administrator4/24/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentDavid Thomas EaglesChief Operations Officer5/16/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentNora FitzpatrickSenior AdvisorGS-15 Equivalent Unpaid1/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentRalph GainesPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development6/19/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentJohn GibbsDirector for Strong Cities and Strong Communities5/30/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentJoseph GormleyAdvisor for Single Family Asset Management6/12/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentSheila M. GreenwoodChief of StaffSES1/26/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAnne H. GribbinSpecial AssistantGS-091/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentWilliam James GribbinSpeechwriter4/17/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentBarbara R. GrusonAdvisor to Regional DirectorGS-121/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentStephanie A. HolderfieldSpecial AdvisorGS-131/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentGregory HolmesSpecial AssistantGS-131/20/20176/2/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAndrew D. HughesWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentEvan R. HughesDirector of Advance
Housing and Urban DevelopmentMatthew F. HunterAssistant Deputy Secretary for Field Policy and Management6/26/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentJohnson JoyChief Information Officer6/14/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentMaren M. KasperSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentMichael KelleyDeputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations7/5/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentRobert H. KurtzDeputy Chief of Staff5/8/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentDenise Cleveland LeggettRegional Administrator7/17/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAshley LudlowSenior Advisor7/10/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAdolfo MarzolSenior Advisor5/8/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentJonathan McCallSpecial AssistantGS-131/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAllison MillsExecutive Assistant6/19/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentMichael C. NasonSenior AdvisorGS-151/23/20175/9/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentLynne M. PattonSenior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentTimothy James PettySenior CounselGS-151/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentGisele RogetDeputy Assistant Secretary for Single Family Housing7/17/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentWilliam O. RussellSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/20174/2/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentJohn ShoskyDirector of Speechwriting5/17/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentShermichael Vontrell SingletonSenior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentElvis SolivanSpecial AssistantGS-141/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentJames StracnerRegional Administrator Region 9
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAmy Cantu ThompsonDeputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs4/17/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentCaitlin ThompsonAssistant Press Secretary7/12/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentDavid TilleRegional Administrator Region 1
Housing and Urban DevelopmentDana WadeGen Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing6/28/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentRaphael WilliamsPress Secretary4/3/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentRichard A. YoungbloodSpecial AssistantGS-141/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentBethany ZorcPrincipal Deputy General Counsel4/24/2017
InteriorScott Anthony AngelleDirector, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement5/23/2017
InteriorThomas P. BaptisteSpecial Assistant to the Secretary1/31/2017
InteriorChristine BausermanSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-131/20/2017
InteriorPreston Richard BeardAdvisor6/5/2017
InteriorKathleen M.F. BenedettoSenior AdvisorGS-151/25/2017
InteriorMegan B. BloomgrenSpecial Assistant to the Secretary1/31/20175/26/2017
InteriorCaroline H. BoultonSpecial Assistant to the Secretary (Scheduling and Advance)GS-091/24/2017
InteriorScott J. CameronPrincipal Deputy Assistant SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
InteriorJames E. CasonAssociate Deputy SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
InteriorMicah D. ChambersDeputy Director, Office of Congressional and Legislative AffairsGS-131/20/2017
InteriorGavin ClarksonDeputy Assistant Secretary Indian Affairs6/11/2017
InteriorMarshall T. CritchfieldAdvisorGS-131/20/2017
InteriorNatalie D. DavisSpecial AssistantGS-111/23/2017
InteriorLandon Douglas Tucker DavisSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-132/13/2017
InteriorVincent DevitoCounselor for Energy Policy4/26/2017
InteriorThomas C. DickensSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-131/20/2017
InteriorDouglas DomenechWhite House Senior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
InteriorDaniel Lee FisherMiscellaneous Clerk and AssistantAD-002/21/2017
InteriorJason FunesSpecial Assistant5/16/2017
InteriorLeila GettoDeputy Director, Office of Scheduling and Advance6/25/2017
InteriorNancy A. GuidenSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
InteriorCasey B. HammondChief of StaffGS-151/20/2017
InteriorAlex HinsonDeputy Press Secretary6/1/2017
InteriorScott C. HommelSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/27/2017
InteriorVirginia H. JohnsonPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary For Fish and Wildlife and ParksGS-151/20/20177/17/2017
InteriorDaniel JorjaniPrincipal Deputy SolicitorGS-151/20/2017
InteriorAmanda E. KasterAdvisor to the SecretaryGS-111/20/2017
InteriorBenjamin N. KeelAdvisorGS-121/20/20176/9/2017
InteriorGary Michael LawkowskiCounselor7/9/2017
InteriorKatharine M.F. MacGregorPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary - Land and Minerals ManagementGS-151/20/2017
InteriorDowney P. MagallanesSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/30/2017
InteriorLori K. MashburnWhite House LiaisonGS-151/26/2017
InteriorDavid A. MihalicSenior Advisor to the Secretary4/24/2017
InteriorAlan Wayne MikkelsenDeputy Commissioner4/16/2017
InteriorAmy K. MitchellSpecial AssistantGS-152/13/2017
InteriorRyan C. NicholsSpecial Assistant to the Secretary2/5/2017
InteriorBrian PavlikSpecial Assistant5/14/2017
InteriorRicky D. PuckettSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/24/20173/31/2017
InteriorBrendan John QuinnSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-112/12/2017
InteriorGregg Dale RenkesDeputy Solicitor for Indian Affairs
InteriorElinor RennerSpecial Assistant to the Secretary7/9/2017
InteriorRussell W. RoddyDirector, Office of Scheduling and AdvanceGS-141/26/2017
InteriorJames R. SchindlerSpecial AssistantGS-121/20/2017
InteriorGregory John SheehanPrincipal Deputy Director, Us Fish and Wildlife Service6/18/2017
InteriorMelissa M. SimpsonSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/20174/1/2017
InteriorAurelia SkipwithDeputy Assistant Secretary Fish and Wildlife and Parks4/19/2017
InteriorLacey SmethersSpecial Assistant6/11/2017
InteriorSteven Michael SmithAdvisor, Intergovernmental Affairs5/14/2017
InteriorHeather N. SwiftPress SecretaryGS-141/26/2017
InteriorAaron Joseph ThieleAdvance Representative5/14/2017
InteriorAndrea Jean TravnicekDeputy Assistant Secretary Water and Science7/9/2017
InteriorStephen M. WackowskiSenior Advisor for Alaskan Affairs5/21/2017
InteriorTodd D. WillensAssistant Deputy Secretary7/5/2017
InteriorTimothy G. WilliamsDeputy Director, Office of External AffairsGS-131/20/2017
InteriorWadi A. YakhourSpecial Assistant (Scheduling and Advance)GS-091/20/20176/10/2017
JusticeJennifer BandyCounsel5/28/2017
JusticeGary Evan BarnettCounselGS-151/23/2017
JusticeJonathan BerryCounselGS-141/20/2017
JusticeStephen Elliott BoydSenior Advisor to the Assistant Attorney General
JusticeJonathan Daniel BrightbillDeputy Assistant Attorney General7/5/2017
JusticeErrical BryantDirector of Scheduling6/1/2017
JusticeStephen John CoxDeputy Associate Attorney General3/5/2017
JusticeDanielle Anastasia CutronaSenior Counselor3/5/2017
JusticeEthan Price DavisDeputy Assistant Attorney General7/26/2017
JusticeLauren Elizabeth EhrsamPublic Affairs Specialist6/26/2017
JusticeElizabeth Prim EscolonaDeputy Assistant Attorney General3/5/2017
JusticeAndrew FinchPrincipal Deputy Assistant Attorney General4/10/2017
JusticeNoel FranciscoSenior AdvisorSES1/23/2017
JusticeCurtis E. GannonPrincipal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Office of Legal CounselSES1/20/2017
JusticeLauren GoldschmidtAttorney AdvisorGS-111/20/2017
JusticeJohn Matthew GoreDeputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/20/2017
JusticeEric GrantDeputy Assistant Attorney General4/18/2017
JusticeTravis Austin GreavesDeputy Assistant Attorney General5/12/2017
JusticeMary Blanche N. HankeyWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/2017
JusticeMargaret HanrahanConfidential Assistant5/28/2017
JusticeAlan HansonPrincipal Deputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/30/2017
JusticeTara Jill HelfmanSenior Counsel7/17/2017
JusticeAndrew Craig HudsonCounsel4/2/2017
JusticeRobert Kyoung HurPrincipal Associate Deputy Attorney General6/19/2017
JusticeSarah IsgurDirector, Office of Public Affairs2/28/2017
JusticeDonald George KempfDeputy Assistant Attorney General6/20/2017
JusticeKelly LacoPress Assistant5/22/2017
JusticeDavid LasseterDeputy Assistant Attorney General5/30/2017
JusticeDevin Michael MalleyMedia Affairs Coordinator5/14/2017
JusticeAnela Maria MangumConfidential Assistant6/11/2017
JusticeTrevor Neil McFaddenDeputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/20/2017
JusticeAmelia MedinaCounsel5/22/2017
JusticeBrandon MiddletonSpecial Assistant and Counsel6/11/2017
JusticeChad Robert MizelleCounselGS-141/20/2017
JusticeHashim Mandayappurath MooppanDeputy Assistant Attorney General5/15/2017
JusticePaul MooreDirector of Advance3/22/2017
JusticeMichael MurrayCounselGS-151/23/2017
JusticeBrian Joseph MurrayDeputy Associate Attorney General3/6/2017
JusticeRyan NewmanPrincipal Deputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/20/2017
JusticeJesse Michael PanuccioPrincipal Deputy Associate Attorney GeneralSES1/30/2017
JusticeRachel Kelly ParkerChief of Staff and CounselGS-151/20/2017
JusticeIan Drake PriorPrincipal Deputy Director3/19/2017
JusticeSamuel Romero RamerPrincipal Deputy Assistant Attorney General2/13/2017
JusticeChad Andrew ReadlerPrincipal Deputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/20/2017
JusticeAndrew Nicholas ReussDeputy Speechwriter7/9/2017
JusticeDavid Cotter RybickiDeputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/23/2017
JusticeJulia A. SchillerCounsel6/11/2017
JusticeMatthew SheehanCounselGS-151/20/2017
JusticeScott StewartCounselGS-141/20/2017
JusticeJames Leonnart SwansonSenior Counsel5/22/2017
JusticeBrett Joseph TalleyDeputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/20/2017
JusticeRachael TuckerCounselorGS-151/23/2017
JusticeJeffrey Bryan WallPrincipal Deputy Solicitor General3/10/2017
JusticeThomas George WardDeputy Assistant Attorney General7/17/2017
JusticeThomas WheelerPrincipal Deouty Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/20/2017
JusticeJeffrey WoodPrincipal Deputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/20/2017
LaborPedro M. AllendeCounsel to the Secretary6/7/2017
LaborByron E. AndersonSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
LaborNicholas BellSpecial Assistant7/31/2017
LaborRobert I. BlauSpecial Assistant to the Secretary1/31/20173/18/2017
LaborDerrick A. BolenSpecial Assistant to the Secretary2/2/2017
LaborRobert F. BozzutoWhite House LiaisonSES1/20/2017
LaborRobert BurkettLegislative Assistant7/17/2017
LaborGeoffrey G. BurrSpecial Assistant to the SecretarySES1/20/20174/9/2017
LaborTodd M. CheewingSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-091/20/2017
LaborMolly E. ConwayDeputy Chief of Staff2/6/2017
LaborCurtis W. EllisSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
LaborEric L. EvansSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-141/22/2017
LaborJanelle A. GardnerSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
LaborNicholas GealeChief of Staff and Deputy Solicitor of Labor2/16/2017
LaborOndray T. HarrisSenior Advisor6/5/2017
LaborJennifer L. HazeltonSpecial Assistant to the Secretary5/10/20177/16/2017
LaborEmily HoffmanDeputy Director of Scheduling6/11/2017
LaborEric W. HollandDeputy Assistant Secretary for Opa
LaborJohn HorstmanSpecial Assistant8/1/2017
LaborRussell M. KopleySpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/2017
LaborTimothy L. LinebergerSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/22/2017
LaborPatrick M. MannixSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/22/2017
LaborJohn Robert MartinSenior Policy Advisor7/17/2017
LaborJohn MashburnDeputy Assistant Secretary for Ocia7/18/2017
LaborNathan P. MehrensSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
LaborLindsey MortonDeputy Director of Advance6/5/2017
LaborMartha E. NewtonDeputy Undersecretary for International Affairs
LaborJames O'ConnellSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-121/22/2017
LaborShawn Michael PackerAttorney Advisor4/2/2017
LaborWayne D. PalmerChief of StaffSES1/20/2017
LaborAndrew M. PattersonSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/2017
LaborPaul J. RayCounselor to the Secretary4/29/2017
LaborJillian B. RogersSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-131/20/2017
LaborJames SherkSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
LaborGavin J. SmithSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/22/2017
LaborLoren E. SweattDeputy Assistant Secretary7/24/2017
LaborDaniel J. TisoSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-071/22/2017
LaborAndrew P. WimerSpeech Writer6/3/2017
LaborMark A. ZeldenSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
Management and BudgetJessica AndersonAdvisor2/6/2017
Management and BudgetJohn Coalter BakerDeputy Press SecretaryGS-131/23/2017
Management and BudgetBradley BishopConfidential Assistant6/5/2017
Management and BudgetRobert BlairAssociate Director for National Security Programs3/20/2017
Management and BudgetMeghan BurrisPress Secretary5/7/2017
Management and BudgetAnthony CampauCounselor to the Administration
Management and BudgetRyan CanfieldDeputy to the Assoc Dir for Legislative Affairs5/30/2017
Management and BudgetKerrie CarrSpecial Assistant for Legislative AffairsGS-111/23/2017
Management and BudgetKerrie CarrSpecial Assistant for Legislative Affairs5/7/2017
Management and BudgetJohn S. CzwartackiAssociate Director for Communications4/30/2017
Management and BudgetVeronica B. DaigleSenior Advisor for National Security4/4/2017
Management and BudgetCharles DankertConfidential AssistantGS-131/23/2017
Management and BudgetLaura DennehyConfidential Assistant5/30/2017
Management and BudgetEmma DoyleChief of StaffGS-151/20/2017
Management and BudgetJeffrey Keith FreelandDeputy to the Associate Director for Legislative AffairsSES1/20/2017
Management and BudgetAndrew GalkowskiConfidential Assistant5/1/2017
Management and BudgetEvan Matthew GillissieConfidential Assistant5/19/2017
Management and BudgetJohn GrayAssociate Director, Education, Income, Maintenance and LaborGS-151/23/2017
Management and BudgetJoseph J. GroganAssociate Director for Health Programs3/6/2017
Management and BudgetDaniel HanlonDeputy Chief of StaffGS-131/20/2017
Management and BudgetJames HerzAssociate Director for Natural Resource ProgramsGS-151/20/2017
Management and BudgetKathleen KraningerAssistant Director for General Government Programs3/6/2017
Management and BudgetAlexandra MartenConfidential Assistant4/17/2017
Management and BudgetWilliam McLarenConusel4/16/2017
Management and BudgetBrenton McNeelySenior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Management and BudgetRosario Anthony PalmieriSenior Counselor to the Administrator
Management and BudgetNeal PatelDeputy to the Associate Director for Legislative Affairs3/20/2017
Management and BudgetMarcus C. PeacockAdvisorGS-151/20/20174/8/2017
Management and BudgetAlexandra PetrucciConfidential Assistant5/22/2017
Management and BudgetKailey PickittConfidential Assistant4/2/2017
Management and BudgetRobert PyronConfidential Assistant4/10/2017
Management and BudgetAmanda RobbinsConfidential Assistant (Dd)4/24/2017
Management and BudgetJeffrey SchlagenhaufAssociate Director for Economic Policy6/12/2017
Management and BudgetDouglas SellersSpecial AssistantGS-111/23/2017
Management and BudgetJonathan SlemrodAssociate Director for Legislative Affairs3/20/2017
Management and BudgetLinda M. SpringerSenior Advisor3/5/2017
Management and BudgetAlec SugarmanLegislative Analyst4/24/2017
Management and BudgetRussell Thurlow VoughtSenior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Management and BudgetMichael WilliamsAssistant Deputy General CounselGS-151/20/2017
Management and BudgetRon WilsonAdvisorGS-131/20/20175/20/2017
Management and BudgetJacob WoodDeputy Associate Director for Communications5/22/2017
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationZacchaery David AshcraftMedia Relations Specialist4/3/2017
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationGregory AutryWhite House LiaisonSES1/20/2017
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationJonathan William DimockWhite House Liaison5/14/2017
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationBrandon EdenSpecial Assistant to the AdministratorGS-151/20/2017
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationGregory KennedySenior Financial AdvisorSES1/20/2017
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationRodney LiesveldSpecial Assistant to the AdministratorGS-151/20/2017
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationErik NobleWhite House LiaisonSES1/20/2017
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationTori Quinn SymondsLegislative Affairs Specialist4/3/2017
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationJeffrey WaksmanSpecial Assistant to the AdministratorGS-151/20/2017
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationJennifer WangAssociate Administrator for CommunicationsGS-151/20/2017
National Endowment for the ArtsMary Anne CarterSenior Deputy Chairman3/21/2017
National Endowment for the ArtsPaul JaniczekUtility4/16/2017
National Endowment for the ArtsWilliam MaloneyConfidential Assistant to the Senior Deputy ChairmanGS-151/25/2017
National Endowment for the ArtsBrien William O.Senior Advisor6/11/2017
National Endowment for the HumanitiesJon Parrish PeedeSenior Advisor to the Chairman4/24/2017
National Endowment for the HumanitiesJon PeedeSenior Deputy Chairman7/9/2017
National Labor Relations BoardPeter B. RobbChief Counsel to Board Member
NavyCynthia AndradeResidence Director2/9/2017
Occupational Safety and Health Review CommissionMarvin KaplanChief Counsel to the Chairman1/27/2017
Occupational Safety and Health Review CommissionHeather L. MacdougallSpecial Assistant4/28/2017
Office of National Drug Control PolicyEdward AjaebDigital Engagement Specialist4/4/2017
Office of National Drug Control PolicyEmily MallonWhite House LiaisonGS-121/20/20173/12/2017
Office of National Drug Control PolicyDavid MarellaDirector7/3/2017
Office of National Drug Control PolicyLawrence Lloyd MuirGeneral Counsel 7/17/2017
Office of National Drug Control PolicyPamela StevensAssociate Director for External Affairs6/28/2017
Office of National Drug Control PolicyTaylor P. WeyenethWhite House Liaison3/13/2017
Office of Personnel ManagementTheodore M. CoopersteinGeneral Counsel 5/28/2017
Office of Personnel ManagementSteven D. DillinghamDeputy General Counsel 6/26/2017
Office of Science and Technology PolicyMichael John Kotsakas KratsiosDeputy Chief Technology Officer2/21/2017
Office of Science and Technology PolicyStephanie XuConfidential Assistant 4/3/2017
Office of the United States Trade RepresentativeChristina CobaughExecutive Secretary 4/24/2017
Office of the United States Trade RepresentativeJamieson GreerChief of Staff 5/12/2017
Office of the United States Trade RepresentativeChristopher L. JacksonAustr for Congressional Affairs 5/1/2017
Office of the United States Trade RepresentativeTimothy Mark ReifSenior Advisor 3/2/2017
Personnel ManagementMonica AlexanderSpecial Assistant
Personnel ManagementKathleen McCullough BullockSpecial AssistantGS-121/23/2017
Personnel ManagementMadeline Campbell BurrConfidential AssistantGS-111/30/20176/30/2017
Personnel ManagementCarrie B. CabelkaSpecial AssistantGS-151/26/20174/15/2017
Personnel ManagementBrian T. MarriottSpecial Assistant
Personnel ManagementLauren RiskSpeech Writer
Personnel ManagementJoseph C. SemsarDeputy Chief of Staff
Personnel ManagementJason David SimmonsWhite House Senior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Personnel ManagementAaron Matthew WillardWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/20174/15/2017
Presidents Commission On White House FellowshipsBlandon J. DavidAssociate Director
Presidents Commission On White House FellowshipsKatie HrkmanSpecial Assistant
Presidents Commission On White House FellowshipsKathryn NevilleConfidential Assistant7/5/2017
Presidents Commission On White House FellowshipsElizabeth PinkertonDirector, President's Commission On White House Fellowships4/4/2017
Securities and Exchange CommissionShelby BeganyConfidential Assistant5/21/2017
Securities and Exchange CommissionChristopher CarofineWriter-EditorSK-142/9/2017
Small Business AdministrationThomas Chase AchesonSpecial Assistant2/13/2017
Small Business AdministrationPradeep Sharma BelurSenior Advisor to the Deputy Administrator6/5/2017
Small Business AdministrationMary Anne BradfieldChief of StaffSES1/20/2017
Small Business AdministrationGeorge Everett BrownDeputy Assistant Administrator5/1/2017
Small Business AdministrationLucia Maria CastellanoSenior AdvisorGS-151/30/2017
Small Business AdministrationPeter James CazamiasAssociate Administrator for International Trade5/1/2017
Small Business AdministrationDavid ChiokadzeSpecial Advisor4/2/2017
Small Business AdministrationAndrew James CoffieldSpecial Advisor2/6/2017
Small Business AdministrationCory J. CusterSenior Advisor2/6/2017
Small Business AdministrationRoma Saltanat DaraviDeputy Press Secretary2/10/2017
Small Business AdministrationPatricia Mary GibsonAssociate Administrator for the Office of Communications and Public Liaison6/12/2017
Small Business AdministrationAllen GutierrezAssociate Administrator for Entrepreneruial Development5/1/2017
Small Business AdministrationMichael Scott HersheyAssociate Administrator for Congressional and Legislative Affairs5/1/2017
Small Business AdministrationEric Reece JonesDeputy Chief of StaffGS-141/20/2017
Small Business AdministrationRichard William KinganDeputy White House LiaisonGS-0912/26/2016
Small Business AdministrationRyan Anthony LambertSenior Advisor2/6/2017
Small Business AdministrationWilliam M. MangerAssociate Administrator for Capital Access3/20/2017
Small Business AdministrationNathan J. MillerSenior AdvisorGS-151/30/2017
Small Business AdministrationJennifer Millikin0
Small Business AdministrationChristine Mattie MurphySpecial AssistantGS-091/30/20172/4/2017
Small Business AdministrationAnthony M. ParanzinoSpecial Advisor to the Chief of StaffGS-111/20/2017
Small Business AdministrationMatthew M. ParkerWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/20173/18/2017
Small Business AdministrationChristopher Michael PilkertonGeneral Counsel6/12/2017
Small Business AdministrationTyler S. PokelaLegislative Assistant5/1/2017
Small Business AdministrationZvi S. RosenSpecial Assistant for Legal AffairsGS-151/30/2017
Small Business AdministrationAllie Fields SchroederSpecial Advisor to the the Administrator3/13/2017
Small Business AdministrationAuborn Joseph ShepardAssociate Administrator for Investment and InnovationSES1/30/2017
Small Business AdministrationJefferson R. ThomasSenior Advisor5/1/2017
Small Business AdministrationHolly TurnerAssistant Administrator for Intergovernmental Affairs3/20/2017
Small Business AdministrationMichael A. VallanteRegional Administrator Region Ix4/17/2017
Small Business AdministrationRobb Nathaniel WongAssociate Administrator for Government Contracting and Business Development3/27/2017
Small Business AdministrationJohn Spencer WoodardLegislative Assistant3/20/2017
StateStephen J. AkardSenior Advisor6/11/2017
StateRiley BarnesSpeechwriter6/11/2017
StateRobert I. BlauSpecial Advisor to Transition3/20/2017
StateKimberly BreierSenior Advisor6/11/2017
StateTaylor M. BushSpecial Assistant5/28/2017
StateCarrie B. CabelkaWhite House Liaison4/16/2017
StateChristine M. CicconeDeputy Chief of Staff & Senior Advisor6/11/2017
StateMichael DoughertySpecial Advisor to TransitionGS-151/23/20174/1/2017
StateJohn EanesSenior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
StateEmily E. EngStaff Assistant (Scheduler)GS-111/26/2017
StateCharles FaulknerDeputy Assistant Secretary6/11/2017
StateMatthew FlynnSpecial AssistantGS-141/20/2017
StateIsaac J. FongSpecial Assistant5/19/2017
StateJonathan GalavizAdvisor6/11/2017
StateKatherine T. GiblinSpecial Advisor to TransitionGS-141/20/20172/6/2017
StateCharles L. GlazerSpecial Advisor to TransitionGS-151/20/2017
StateJulia HallerSenior AdvisorGS-151/23/2017
StateJennifer HazeltonSpecial Advisor to TransitionGS-141/23/20175/9/2017
StateBrian Hookand to the Chief of Staff6/11/2017
StateAbigayle K. JonesSpecial Advisor to TransitionGS-121/20/2017
StateFederico G. KleinSpecial AssistantGS-091/23/2017
StateJames KulikowskiSenior Advisor
StateAmanda Morgan MiddlemasSpecial AssistantGS-131/24/2017
StateDarlene C. MillsSpecial Advisor6/11/2017
StateHunter Michael MorgenStaff AssistantGS-071/20/20175/6/2017
StateMatthew MowersSenior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
StateHeather Nauert NorbySpokesperson4/24/2017
StateCarol O'ConnellSpecial Advisor to Transition3/28/2017
StateCatharine P. OneillStaff Assistant5/19/2017
StateChristina N. PerroneSenior Protocol OfficerGS-151/23/2017
StateMargaret PeterlinChief of StaffSES1/25/2017
StatePamela D. PryorSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
StateZachary QuinnSpecial Assistant6/11/2017
StateJack SewellStaff AssistantGS-071/20/2017
StateJared L. SmithStaff AssistantGS-111/23/2017
StateDanielle M. StoebeStaff AssistantGS-051/20/2017
StateRobert K. WasingerWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/20172/14/2017
StateMary WatersDeputy Assistant Secretary6/11/2017
StateKatheryn M. WellnerSpecial Advisor to TransitionGS-151/23/2017
StateDavid C. WilezolSpeechwriter5/19/2017
StateMeredith WilliamsSpecial Advisor5/23/2017
Trade and DevelopmentStewart AtkinsSpecial AssistantGS-091/23/2017
Trade and DevelopmentPeter BarrettSenior AdvisorSES1/23/2017
Trade and DevelopmentRandall GentrySpecial AssistantGS-141/23/2017
Trade and DevelopmentRyan LeppertSpecial AssistantGS-111/23/2017
TransportationGabrielle Rose BasileSpecial Assistant for Scheduling and Advance4/12/2017
TransportationErika L. BaumExecutive Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/26/2017
TransportationAnthony BedellDeputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs5/1/2017
TransportationWarren Kirk BellWhite House LiaisonSES1/20/2017
TransportationMichael J. BrittSenior Advisor for ATO ModernizationSES1/23/2017
TransportationGeoffrey G. BurrChief of Staff4/10/2017
TransportationGrover C. BurtheyDeputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy
TransportationMonica K. ChinnSpecial Assistant to the Executive SecretariatGS-141/25/2017
TransportationJames Wiley DeckDirector of Governmental Affairs7/9/2017
TransportationRobert Joel FraserSenior Governmental Affairs Officer6/11/2017
TransportationThomas Finch FultonDeputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation PolicyGS-151/20/2017
TransportationJonathan M. FurmanSpecial AssistantGS-92/1/2017
TransportationMelissa E. FwuSpecial AssistantGS-121/23/20176/24/2017
TransportationWendy M. GehringSpecial AdvisorSES1/27/2017
TransportationLaura GeneroSenior Advisor for Strategic CommunicationsSES1/23/2017
TransportationDouglas F. GrahamSpeechwriterGS-141/25/2017
TransportationHeath HallDeputy Administrator6/23/2017
TransportationBrandye Lyn HendricksonDeputy Administrator7/24/2017
TransportationMartha DeLynn HenryExecutive Assistant to the SecretaryGS-141/30/2017
TransportationTina-Maria G. HenrySpecial Assistant for SchedulingGS-151/30/2017
TransportationChristopher D. HessDirector of Governmental AffairsGS-141/24/2017
TransportationGeorge J. HittnerSpecial Assistant for External AffairsGS-151/23/2017
TransportationRandi F. HutchinsonChief Counsel5/14/2017
TransportationJames Todd InmanDirector of OperationsSES1/20/2017
TransportationCharles JamesDirector, Office of Civil Rights6/12/2017
TransportationLoren A. Smith Jr.Senior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
TransportationJames C. Owens Jr.Deputy General CounselGS-151/23/2017
TransportationJames B. Wilkinson Jr.Special Assistant for AdvanceSES1/23/2017
TransportationDerek T. KanSenior Advisor to the Secretary6/5/2017
TransportationRuth D. KnouseDirector of Executive SecretariatSES1/23/2017
TransportationMatthew E. KopkoCounselor to the Deputy SecretaryGS-151/23/2017
TransportationMala KrishnamoortiAssociate Administrator for Highway Policy and External Affairs7/24/2017
TransportationHolly R. LewisSpecial Assistant for SchedulingGS-131/20/2017
TransportationMarianne McInerneyAssistant to the Secretary and Director of Public AffairsSES1/20/2017
TransportationSean McMasterDeputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs5/1/2017
TransportationChristopher Charles MittonGovernmental Affairs Officer6/25/2017
TransportationMyra Allison MooreDeputy Director for Public AffairsGS-131/23/2017
TransportationOwen R. MorganSpecial AssistantGS-91/23/2017
TransportationWillis A. MorrisDirector, Small/Disdavtange Business UtilizationSES1/23/2017
TransportationKeith A. NelsonDeputy Assistant Secretary for Finance and BudgetSES1/23/2017
TransportationBarry F. PlansSenior AdvisorGS-141/30/2017
TransportationPeter J. PlockiSpecial Advisor for Wmata Oversight7/23/2017
TransportationMichael T. PowersDeputy Assistant Secretary, Management and BudgetSES1/20/2017
TransportationAnthony J. PuglieseSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
TransportationJames D. RaySenior Advisor to the Secretary for InfrastructureEF2/2/2017
TransportationJeffrey A. RosenSenior Advisor to the Secretary4/3/2017
TransportationMark A. SanbornDirector of Governmental, International and Public AffairsGS-151/23/2017
TransportationBrian W. SchoenemanSenior Advisor for Labor Relations and Outreach
TransportationBenjamin J. SiegristSpecial Assistant Scheduling and AdvanceGS-132/28/2017
TransportationGeorge Bryan SlaterAssistant Secretary for AdministrationSES2/13/2017
TransportationElizabeth M. SmedaSpecial AssistantGS-152/21/2017
TransportationGeoffrey Clark SmithAssistant Secretary for AdministrationGS-132/28/2017
TransportationTamara S. SomervilleSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES1/23/2017
TransportationLori A. UrbanGovernment Affairs OfficerGS-141/31/2017
TransportationSharon WorthyDirector of Communications5/28/2017
TransportationDavid Nicholas YonkovichSpecial AssistantGS-111/20/2017
TreasuryBradley Rolison BaileyDeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs (Tax and Budget)5/1/2017
TreasuryWilliam Clark BarrowSpecial Assistant to the Executive SecretaryGS-121/23/2017
TreasuryDavid BohigianSpecial AdvisorGS-151/23/2017
TreasuryAustin Whaley BramwellSenior Advisor6/26/2017
TreasuryBridget Ann BrennanSenior Advisor for Administrative ServicesGS-111/23/2017
TreasuryBrian Richard CallananDeputy General Counsel3/9/2017
TreasuryBrittany Morgan CareySpecial Assistant7/10/2017
TreasuryJason Myung-Ik ChungDeputy Assistant SecretaryGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryMauricio Claver-CaroneSenior AdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryMarisol GaribayDeputy Assistant Secretary6/26/2017
TreasuryCooper Franklin GodfreySpecial Assistant6/12/2017
TreasuryLafayette George HarterDeputy Assistant Secretary (International Tax Affairs)
TreasuryKyle HauptmanAdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryRebekah JurataDeputy Assistant Secretary for International Financial Stability and Regulation
TreasuryDaniel Joseph KowalskiCounselor to the Secretary3/1/2017
TreasuryMichael Kipp KranbuhlDeputy Assistant Secretary (Small Business, Community Development, and Affordable Housing Policy)6/12/2017
TreasuryJessie K. LiuDeputy General Counsel4/17/2017
TreasuryAndrew Kerwin MaloneyAssistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
TreasuryZachary Lawrence McEnteePersonal Aide to the SecretaryGS-071/23/2017
TreasuryShannon Flaherty McGahnCounselor to the Secretary
TreasuryPatricia McLaughlinPress Assistant5/30/2017
TreasuryMolly Millerwise MeinersPrincipal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs4/3/2017
TreasuryEli Henry MillerChief of StaffSES1/23/2017
TreasuryMax MillerConfidential AssistantGS-091/23/2017
TreasuryEdgar MkrtchianSpecial Advisor for Select USAGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryJustin George MuzinichCounselor to the Secretary2/17/2017
TreasuryJohn Baylor MyersWhite House LiaisonGS-121/23/2017
TreasuryAndrew Tyler NewtonDeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs (Appropriations and Management)5/1/2017
TreasuryKeith NoreikaDirector, Office of Counterintelligence5/5/2017
TreasuryGeoffrey William Seiji OkamotoDeputy Assistant Secretary ( International Development Policy)5/1/2017
TreasuryMartha Maria PacoldExecutive Secretary3/27/2017
TreasuryBimal PatelDeputy Assistant Secretary, Financial Stability Oversight Council5/1/2017
TreasuryStephen Terry PavlickDeputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs (International Affairs)GS-141/23/2017
TreasuryJon PerdueSpecial AssistantGS-121/23/2017
TreasuryCraig Scott PhillipsCounselor to the SecretarySES1/23/2017
TreasuryJessica RenierSenior Advisor6/26/2017
TreasuryNicolle Sciara RippeonSenior Advisor to the U/S for Tfi7/10/2017
TreasuryReed RubinsteinSenior AdvisorSES1/23/2017
TreasuryCamilo J. SandovalSpecial AdvisorGS-151/23/2017
TreasuryJared Cody SawyerDeputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Policy6/12/2017
TreasuryJeffrey SchlagenhaufAdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryAndrew SmithAdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryEric SteinSpecial AdvisorGS-151/24/2017
TreasuryJordan StoickSenior Advisor4/3/2017
TreasuryHannah SutterConfidential AssistantGS-091/23/2017
TreasurySeth Foster UngerDeputy Assistant Secretary, Public Affairs (Terrorism and Financial Intelligence)GS-141/23/2017
TreasuryTaylor P. WeyenethConfidential AssistantGS-111/23/2017
TreasurySarah Wrennal-MontesAdvisorGS-131/23/2017
U.S. Consumer Product Safety CommissionPatricia Hines AdkinsExecutive DirectorSES
U.S. Consumer Product Safety CommissionJulia Erin RichardsonDirector, Office of Congressional RelationsGS-15
U.S. Consumer Product Safety CommissionScott WolfsonSupervisory Public Affairs SpecialistGS-15
U.S. Trade RepresentativeYecheil David FeitSenior AdvisorSES1/23/2017
U.S. Trade RepresentativeGarrison GriffinSpecial Assistant to the USTRGS-091/20/2017
U.S. Trade RepresentativeStephen Paul VaughnGeneral CounselSES1/20/2017
United States Agency for International DevelopmentDavid H. MooreGeneral Counsel6/12/2017
United States International Trade CommissionSamira I. HowardConfidential Assistant7/23/2017
Veterans AffairsSurafeal AsgedomExecutive Director Modernization Program Office
Veterans AffairsLydia B. BlahaSpecial Assistant/Deputy Press SecretaryGS-121/23/2017
Veterans AffairsLawrence ConnellSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
Veterans AffairsLynda C. DavisSenior Advisor/ Chief Veteran Experience OfficerSES1/20/2017
Veterans AffairsJacquelyn Hayes-ByrdSenior Advisor2/6/2017
Veterans AffairsThomas Jacob LeinenkugelSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Veterans AffairsMichael LukachSpecial Assistant/White House LiaisonGS-151/20/2017
Veterans AffairsMatthew MillerSenior White House AdvisorSES1/23/2017
Veterans AffairsBert K. MizusawaSenior AdvisorSES1/30/2017
Veterans AffairsPeter O'RourkeSenior Advisor Appeal ModGS-151/20/2017
Veterans AffairsCamilo J. SandovalSenior Advisor5/19/2017
Veterans AffairsDarin SelnickSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES1/23/2017
Veterans AffairsBrooks TuckerSenior AdvisorGS-151/30/2017

This list represents Trump administration political appointees made between Jan. 20 and July 31, according to the Office of Personnel Management. A release of new government data in August mostly included political appointees made after Jan. 30. Several of the officials on this list have since moved to other agencies or left the federal government.

Additional employee information, including start and end dates, were obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests to other federal agencies. ProPublica sent FOIA requests to 24 federal agencies seeking the names of beachhead team members. As of Aug. 31, 2017, 20 agencies have provided employee names while two other agencies had no temporary employees to report.

Grade level refers to the pay scale for federal employees. SES stands for Senior Executive Service, who serve in top government positions.

Eighteen employees--Derrick Bolen, Bridget Ann Brennan, Kevin Chmielewski, Joshua James, Kevin Jayne, Allison Marre, Earl Matthews, Brenton McNeely, Edgar Mkrtchian, Hunter Morgen, Erik Noble, Jon Perdue, Jeffrey Schlagenhauf, Camilo Sandoval, Christopher Shank, James Sherman, Taylor Weyeneth and Aaron Willard--appear twice on the list because they have switched departments.

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Additional design and development by Lylla Younes.

Bailey image: LinkedIn, Faulkner image: BGR Group, Dougherty image: LinkedIn, Clark image: Clark Strategy Group, Anderson image: LinkedIn, Mikolay image: LinkedIn