Life After a Daughter Is Taken Away

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Mindi's daughter was taken by authorities after Mindi had a mental health crisis. Mindi has never been able to get her daughter back, even though she's now capably raising a son. (Steve Herbert for ProPublica)

In 2009, Mindi had a psychotic episode—she believed her five-month-old daughter had been raped. But doctors found no evidence this was true, and called authorities to take custody of the girl. (Steve Herbert for ProPublica)

Mindi received treatment for her mental illness—she was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and a mild delusional disorder—and has since rebounded. (Steve Herbert for ProPublica)

In 2011, Mindi gave birth to a son named Jace, whom she's now raising capably on her own. (Steve Herbert for ProPublica)

“I couldn’t see how they could keep one while I had the other,” says Mindi. (Steve Herbert for ProPublica)

Though a psychiatrist, a therapist and a panel of judges all agreed that Mindi should get her daughter back, four years later the girl has not been returned home. (Steve Herbert for ProPublica)