Help Us Identify the Officials Helping Trump Roll Back Regulations

In February, President Trump ordered federal agencies to form task forces charged with finding regulations to weaken or eliminate. While the names of appointees to executive-agency task forces are typically made public, some agencies are refusing to reveal who is on their panels. The New York Times and ProPublica have been trying to identify them — through interviews, public records and Freedom of Information Act requests — but many still remain unknown.

Why is this important? Identifying task-force members allows us to examine their backgrounds for potential conflicts. We've already found that many may be reviewing regulations that their previous employers tried to weaken or kill, and a couple may personally profit if regulatory changes are made.

Here's who we've found so far. If you know additional names or information about these task forces, contact us at or via Signal at 213-271-7217. We also have a guide on how to securely send information to ProPublica. | Related story »

Correction, August 3, 2017: This graphic has been corrected to remove the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which was granted a waiver allowing the agency not to form a deregulation team.

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