The White House senior staff is sworn in at the White House on January 22, 2017 (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

Here Are the Financial Disclosures of Hundreds of Officials Trump Has Installed Across the Government

ProPublica has been collecting disclosure forms that lay out Trump administration officials’ financial holdings and employment backgrounds.

We now have disclosures from hundreds of officials and we’re sharing them with you.

They are from White House staffers, President Trump’s Cabinet and from the hundreds of members of so-called beachhead teams that the administration has installed with little notice at federal agencies.

The disclosures are crucial to understanding potential conflicts. Many lobbyists and political consultants now work at the agencies they sought to influence.

We've also incorporated ethics waivers that the administration has given to 28 officials. These are useful because we can match up officials who have gotten waivers – usually former lobbyists, lawyers or TV consultants – with details of their assets and job histories.

Which officials are worthy of scrutiny? Help us figure it out. You can also contact us at [email protected]. Here is a guide for how to leak to ProPublica.

Trump Administration Financial Disclosures

Only show staffers with waivers
Find a staffer or agency:  
AgencyNamePosition TitleGrade LevelStart DateEnd DateWaiver
AgricultureJoe AlexanderSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
AgricultureTurner Henry BridgforthDeputy White House LiaisonGS-121/20/2017
AgricultureNicholas BruskyConfidential Assistant, Farm and Foreign Agriculture ServicesGS-121/20/2017
AgricultureSamuel ClovisSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
AgricultureCarly CoutureConfidential AssistantGS-121/20/2017
AgricultureBrian DanselSpecial Assistant, Natural Resources and EnvironmentGS-141/20/2017
AgricultureBrock DenselConfidential Assistant, Office of Congressional RelationsGS-121/20/2017
AgricultureGeorge DunlopPolicy Advisor, Office of the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
AgricultureJacob FrenchStaff Assistant, Food SafetyGS-091/20/2017
AgricultureJoseph GilsonConfidential Assistant, Rural DevelopmentGS-111/22/2017
AgricultureHeidi GreenSenior AdvisorSES1/30/2017
AgricultureDonald GutmanSenior Advisor to OCFOSES1/20/2017
AgricultureRussell LairdSpecial Assistant, Food SafetyGS-151/30/2017
AgricultureElla MizrahiStaff Assistant, CommunicationsGS-041/30/2017
AgricultureChristopher OhaganConfidential Assistant, Research, Education and EconomicsGS-121/20/2017
AgricultureGeorge Ervin PerdueSecretary of Agriculture
AgricultureElias RellaStaff Assistant, Natural Resources and EnvironmentGS-071/20/2017
AgricultureMichawn RichSpecial AssistantGS-151/30/2017
AgricultureJoel SmallStaff Assistant, Research, Education and EconomicsGS-071/20/2017
AgricultureThayer VerschoorSpecial AssistantGS-141/30/2017
AgricultureRobyn WhitneyStaff Assistant, Office of Congressional AffairsGS-091/20/2017
AgricultureLarry YoungSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES1/30/2017
Air ForceHeather A. WilsonSecretary of the Air Force
Central Intelligence AgencyMichael R. PompeoDirector of the Central Intelligence Agency
CommerceRichard FuhrimanSpecial AdvisorGS-142/7/2017
CommerceJohn GuidoConfidential AssistantGS-071/23/2017
CommerceConsuella T. JordanSpecial AssistantGS-122/21/2017
CommercePeter KrugSenior AdvisorGS-141/31/2017
CommerceBrendan McCommasSenior AdvisorGS-141/31/2017
CommerceWilbur L. RossSecretary of Commerce
Council of Economic AdvisersKevin Allen HassettChairman of the Council of Economic Advisers
DefenseBradley A. ByersWhite House Senior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
DefenseAnthony G. DeMartinoSpecial AssistantGS-151/26/2017
DefenseSally DonnellySpecial Advisor to the Secretary of DefenseSES1/21/2017
DefenseMichael P. DuffeySpecial Assistant for White House LiaisonSES1/20/2017
DefenseMichael C. EganSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
DefenseJohn Troup C. HemenwaySpecial AssistantGS-091/23/2017
DefenseEdmund P. Giambastiani IIISpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
DefenseJustin T. JohnsonSpecial AssistantGS-131/20/2017
DefenseChristopher T. Johnson1/30/2017
DefenseTimothy R. JostSpecial AssistantSES1/25/2017
DefenseHolly LaneSpecial AssistantGS-121/25/2017
DefenseEarl G. MatthewsSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
DefenseJames N. MattisSecretary of Defense
DefenseDerek J. MaurerSpecial Assistant2/7/2017
DefenseJustin D. MikolaySpecial AssistantGS-151/24/2017
DefenseSergio de la PenaSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
DefenseRobert M. ScherSpecial Assistant3/18/2017
DefenseChristopher M. ShankSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
DefenseAmber SmithSpecial AssistantGS-141/24/2017
DefenseKevin M. SweeneyChief of Staff to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of DefenseSES1/20/2017
DefenseWilliam J. TurenneSpecial AssistantGS-151/26/2017
DefenseJonathan L. UllyotSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
DefenseMolly L. WalshSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
DefenseThomas M. WilliamsSpecial AssistantGS-141/20/2017
Department of StateRex W. TillersonSecretary of State
EducationDerrick A. BolenConfidential Assistant to the SecretaryGS-071/20/2017
EducationMichael Jason BrickmanSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-152/2/2017
EducationDeborah Cox-RoushSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/23/2017
EducationElisabeth P. (Betsy) DeVosSecretary of Education
EducationSarah DelahuntyConfidential Assistant to the SecretaryGS-112/6/2017
EducationKevin Richard EckSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EducationMatthew Robert FrendeweySpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-141/30/2017
EducationHolly HamSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EducationRonald HoldenSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/30/2017
EducationAlexandra October HudsonSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-131/30/2017
EducationNeil Thomas Ruddock IIISpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-152/6/2017
EducationAmy L. JonesSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EducationAndrew James KossackSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EducationEbony L. LeeSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-152/2/2017
EducationJames F. ManningSenior Advisor to the Secretary1/20/2017
EducationMichael Joseph OberliesConfidential Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/30/2017
EducationCody James ReynoldsSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EducationJeffrey Justin RiemerSenior Counselor to the SecretaryGS-152/6/2017
EducationPatrick Burke ShaheenConfidential Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/20/2017
EducationJana C. TonerSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-152/6/2017
EducationEric Michael VentimigliaSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EducationPatrick YoungSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/23/2017
EnergyTristin AbbeyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-141/20/2017
EnergyJustin BisAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/2017
EnergyDanny Ray BrouilletteDeputy Secretary of Energy
EnergyG. Michael BrownExecutive AdvisorSES1/20/2017
EnergySamuel BuchanAssistant to the SecretaryGS-121/20/2017
EnergyHunter BuddAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/2017
EnergyJoshua CampbellAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EnergyMartin DannenfelserAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EnergyBrett FetterlyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-111/20/2017
EnergyTravis Scott FisherAssistant to the SecretaryGS-131/20/2017
EnergyStanley GerdesAssistant to the SecretaryGS-141/30/2017
EnergyWilliam GreeneAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EnergyPreston Wells GriffithSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
EnergySarah HabanskyPublic Affairs SpecialistGS-151/20/2017
EnergyRobert HausPublic Affairs SpecialistGS-141/26/2017
EnergyKayla HensleyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/2017
EnergyRoger A. JarrellAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EnergySuzan JaworowskiAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EnergyPatrick JohnsonAssistant to the SecretaryGS-131/23/2017
EnergyMark MaddoxAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/23/2017
EnergyEric MahroumAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/30/2017
EnergyDouglas MatheneyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/2017
EnergyJacob L. McCurdyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/2017
EnergyJames Richard PerrySecretary of Energy
EnergyTaylor PlayforthAssistant to the SecretaryGS-131/23/2017
EnergyDaniel SimmonsAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EnergyCathy TripodiAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/30/2017
EnergyJoseph F. UddoWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/2017
EnergyDaniel WilmotAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
EnergyKyle YunaskaAssistant to the SecretaryGS-131/30/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyR. Layne BangerterSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyPatrick J. DavisSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencySamantha DravisAssociate Administrator for Policy2/27/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyDouglas EricksenSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyHolly W. GreavesSenior AdvisorSES1/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyAmanda GunasekaraSenior Policy Advisor to the Administrator on Air and Radiation3/19/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyJustin Schwab Jr.Senior AdvisorGS-151/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyDavid W. KreutzerSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/20173/31/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyCharles D. MunozWhite House LiaisonGS-151/21/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyEdward Scott PruittAdministrator
Environmental Protection AgencyDavid W. SchnareSenior AdvisorSES1/21/20173/18/2017
Environmental Protection AgencyJahan WilcoxStrategic Communications Advisor
Export-Import BankJesse LawWhite House LiaisonSL1/24/2017
Federal Communications CommissionCarolyn RoddyAttorney-Advisor (Special Counsel)2/21/2017
Federal Housing Finance AgencyMelvin WattDirector of the Federal Housing Finance Agency
General Services AdministrationMichael R. DowningSenior AdvisorGS-141/20/2017
General Services AdministrationPhillip Brennan Hart IIISenior AdvisorGS-151/23/2017
General Services AdministrationJohn E. Jaggers IIISenior AdvisorGS-151/20/20173/13/2017
General Services AdministrationJohn J. St. JohnSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
General Services AdministrationEmily W. MurphyWhite House LiaisonSES1/24/2017
General Services AdministrationMichael R. SolomonSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
General Services AdministrationThomas D. StonerSenior AdvisorGS-121/30/2017
Health and Human ServicesAnna AbramSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesJerome Michael AdamsSurgeon General
Health and Human ServicesAlexander (Alec) AramandaDeputy Assistant Secretary for Mandatory Health Programs, ASLGS-141/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesJuanita BallengerAdvisor, ACLGS-111/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesMatthew BowmanDeputy General Counsel, OGCGS-151/25/2017
Health and Human ServicesBrady BrookesDeputy Chief of Staff, CMSGS-131/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesJohn BrooksCounselor for Health PolicyGS-151/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesTim ClarkWhite House LiaisonSES1/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesKamran DaraviAdvisor, OGAGS-131/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesCarla DiBlasioSenior Advisor to Principal Deputy Administrator, CMSGS-131/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesHeather FlickDeputy General Counsel SES1/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesEric David HarganDeputy Secretary of Health and Human Services
Health and Human ServicesDarcie JohnstonSpecial Assistant for External Affairs, IEAGS-141/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesJohn C. KalavritinosAssociate Commissioner for External Affairs, FDAGS-151/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesLance LeggittChief of StaffSES1/23/2017Yes
Health and Human ServicesKeagan LenihanSenior Counselor to the SecretarySES1/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesMatthew LloydPrincipal DAS for Public Affairs, ASPAGS-141/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesTyler Ann McGuffeeSpecial Advisor, ASLGS-131/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesMarie MeszarosSenior Policy Advisor, Office of Health ReformGS-141/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesMari Kilroy MoorheadSpecial Assistant, OASHGS-111/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesRyan MurphyDAS for Public Affairs, ASPAGS-141/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesBrian NealeDirector, Center for Medicaid and CHIP ServicesGS-151/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesRandolph Wayne PateAssociate Deputy Secretary for Health ReformGS-151/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesAnna PilatoDeputy Assistant Secretary for External Affairs, ACFGS-151/24/2017
Health and Human ServicesMary PowersPolicy Advisor, ACFGS-121/25/2017
Health and Human ServicesThomas E. PriceSecretary of Health and Human ServicesYes
Health and Human ServicesNina Owcharenko SchaeferSenior Counselor GS-151/20/2017
Health and Human ServicesPaula StannardSenior Counselor to the SecretarySES1/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesHeidi StirrupDeputy White House LiaisonGS-141/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesAmanda StreetPolicy Advisor on Health Reform, Office of Health ReformGS-131/25/2017
Health and Human ServicesBeth TignorSpecial AssistantGS-121/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesLaura TruemanPrincipal Deputy Director, IEAGS-151/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesSteven ValentineAssociate Director for Policy, OASHGS-111/23/2017
Health and Human ServicesSeema VermaAdministrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services3/13/2017Yes
Health and Human ServicesKyle ZebleySenior Advisor, OGAGS-121/20/2017
Homeland SecurityClaire M. GradyUnder Secretary for Management at the Department of Homeland Security
Homeland SecurityJohn Francis KellySecretary of Homeland SecurityYes
Homeland SecurityWilliam Brockmann LongAdministrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency
Housing and Urban DevelopmentVictoria BartonSpecial AssistantGS-131/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentDeana (Deidre) BassSenior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentRobert BowesSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAlexander CoffeySpecial AssistantGS-111/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentSheila GreenwoodSenior AdvisorSES1/26/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAnne GribbinSpecial AssistantGS-091/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentStephanie HolderfieldSpecial AssistantGS-131/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentAndrew HughesWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentMaren KasperSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentJonathan McCallSpecial AssistantGS-131/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentLynne PattonSenior AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Housing and Urban DevelopmentTimothy PettySenior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
InteriorDavid L. BernhardtDeputy Secretary of the Interior
InteriorCaroline BoultonSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-091/24/2017
InteriorJames CasonSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
InteriorMicah D. ChambersSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-131/20/2017
InteriorNatalie D. DavisSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/23/2017
InteriorScott C. HommelSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/27/2017
InteriorDaniel JorjaniSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
InteriorBenjamin KeelSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-121/20/2017
InteriorKatharine MacGregorSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
InteriorDowney MagallanesSenior Advisor and Counselor to the SecretaryGS-151/30/2017
InteriorLori K. MashburnSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/26/2017
InteriorRyan C. NicholsAdvisor2/5/2017
InteriorRussell W. RoddySpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-141/26/2017
InteriorJames SchindlerSpecial Assistant, Bureau of Ocean Energy ManagementGS-121/20/2017
InteriorTimothy WilliamsDeputy Director of External AffairsGS-131/20/2017
InteriorWadi YakhourSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-091/20/2017
InteriorRyan ZinkeSecretary of the Interior
JusticeGary BarnettCounselGS-151/23/2017
JusticeJonathan BerryCounselGS-141/20/2017
JusticeNoel FranciscoPrincipal Deputy Solicitor GeneralSES1/23/2017Yes
JusticeCurtis E. GannonPrincipal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Office of Legal CounselSES1/20/2017
JusticeLauren GoldschmidtAttorney AdvisorGS-111/20/2017
JusticeJohn GoreDeputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/20/2017
JusticeMary Blanche N. HankeyWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/2017
JusticeAlan R. HansonActing Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/30/2017
JusticeChad MizelleCounselGS-141/20/2017
JusticeMichael MurrayCounselGS-151/23/2017Yes
JusticeRyan NewmanActing Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal PolicySES1/20/2017
JusticeJesse PanuccioPrincipal Deputy Associate Attorney GeneralSES2/6/2017
JusticeRachel ParkerChief of Staff and CounselGS-151/20/2017
JusticeChad ReadlerPrincipal Deputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/30/2017Yes
JusticeDavid RybickiCounselor, Office of the Attorney GeneralSES1/23/2017
JusticeJefferson B. SessionsAttorney General
JusticeMatthew J. SheehanCounsel to the Deputy Attorney GeneralGS-151/20/2017
JusticeScott StewartCounselGS-141/20/2017
JusticeBrett J. TalleyDeputy Assistant Attorney General to Office of Legal PolicySES1/20/2017
JusticeRachael TuckerCounselorGS-151/23/2017
JusticeThomas E. WheelerActing Assistant Attorney General for Civil RightsSES1/23/2017
JusticeJeffrey WoodPrincipal Deputy Assistant Attorney GeneralSES1/20/2017
LaborRene Alexander AcostaSecretary of Labor
LaborByron E. AndersonSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
LaborRobert I. BlauSpecial Assistant to the Secretary1/31/2017
LaborDerrick A. BolenSpecial Assistant to the Secretary2/2/2017
LaborRobert F. BozzutoWhite House LiaisonSES1/20/2017
LaborGeoffrey G. BurrSpecial Assistant to the SecretarySES1/20/2017
LaborTodd M. CheewingSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-091/20/2017
LaborMolly E. ConwaySpecial Assistant to the Secretary2/6/2017
LaborCurtis W. EllisSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
LaborEric L. EvansSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-141/22/2017
LaborJanelle A. GardnerSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
LaborRussell M. KopleySpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/2017
LaborTimothy L. LinebergerSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/22/2017
LaborPatrick M. MannixSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/22/2017
LaborNathan P. MehrensSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
LaborWayne D. PalmerSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
LaborAndrew M. PattersonSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/2017
LaborAndrew F. PuzderSecretary of Labor (nominee)
LaborJillian B. RogersSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-131/20/2017
LaborGavin J. SmithSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/22/2017
LaborDaniel J. TisoSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-071/22/2017
LaborMark A. ZeldenSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/2017
Management and BudgetJessica Custer AndersonAssociate Director, Intergovernment Affairs and Strategic InitiativesSES1/23/2017
Management and BudgetAnthony Phillip CampauCounselor to the Administrator2/6/2017
Management and BudgetKerrie Lynn CarrConfidential AssistantGS-111/23/2017
Management and BudgetCharles Mannix DankertAdvisorGS-131/23/2017
Management and BudgetEmma King DoyleChief of Staff GS-151/20/2017
Management and BudgetJeffrey Keith FreelandDeputy to the Associate Director for Legislative AffairsSES1/20/2017
Management and BudgetJohn Williams GrayAssociate Director, Education, Income, Maintenance and Labor ProgramsGS-151/23/2017
Management and BudgetDaniel HanlonSenior AdvisorGS-131/20/2017
Management and BudgetJames Patrick HerzAssociate Director, Natural ResourcesGS-151/20/2017
Management and BudgetJohn Coalter Baker Jr.Confidential AssistantGS-131/23/2017
Management and BudgetJohn Michael "Mick" MulvaneyDirector, Office of Management and Budget
Management and BudgetMarcus Christopher PeacockSenior Advisor to the DirectorGS-151/20/20174/7/2017
Management and BudgetDouglas Cous Sellers Sr.Special AssistantGS-111/23/2017
Management and BudgetRussell Thurlow VoughtDeputy DirectorSES1/20/2017
Management and BudgetMichael Bennet WilliamsAdvisorGS-151/20/2017
Management and BudgetRon Shen WilsonAdvisorGS-131/20/20175/19/2017
NASAJonathan W. DimockWhite House Liaison2/13/2017
NASABrandon T. EdenSpecial Assistant to the AdministratorGS-151/20/2017
NASARodney P. LiesveldSpecial Assistant to the AdministratorGS-151/20/2017
NASAErik U. NobleSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
NASAJeffrey L. WaksmanSpecial Assistant to the AdministratorGS-151/20/2017
NASAJennifer R. WangSpecial Assistant to the AdministratorGS-151/20/2017
National Security CouncilEzra Cohen-WatnickSenior Director for Intelligence1/20/2017
National Security CouncilJohn EisenbergDeputy Assistant to the President, NSC Legal Advisor, and Deputy Counsel to the President for National Security Affairs, National Security Council1/20/2017
National Security CouncilSebastian GorkaStrategic Initatives Group1/20/2017
Office of Policy DevelopmentJeremy KatzDeputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director, National Economic Council1/20/2017
Office of Public LiaisonGeorge A. SifakisAssistant to the President and Director for the Office of Public Liaison1/20/2017
Office of Public LiasionJennifer KornSpecial Assistant to the President and Deputy Director for the Office of Public Liaison1/20/2017
Office of the Director of National IntelligenceDaniel Ray CoatsDirector of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Office of the Director of National IntelligenceSusan Monroe GordonPrincipal Deputy Director
Office of the Vice PresidentJarrod P. AgenDeputy Assistant to the President and Director of Communications to the Vice President1/30/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentAndeliz N. CastilloSpecial Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Vice President1/20/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentStephen J. FordSpecial Assistant to the President and Director of Speechwriting for the Vice President1/20/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentJonathan D. HilerAssistant to the Vice President and Director of Legislative Affairs1/20/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentMarc E. LotterSpecial Assistant to the President and Press Secretary to the Vice President1/20/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentSarah MakinDeputy Assistant to the President and Director of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Vice President1/20/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentDaris MeeksDeputy Assistant to the President and Director of Domestic Policy for the Vice President1/20/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentMatthew E. MorganDeputy Assistant to the Vice President and Deputy Counsel1/20/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentKristan K. NevinsDeputy Assistant to the President, Chief of Staff to Mrs. Karen Pence2/21/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentJoan V. O’HaraDeputy National Security Advisor to the Vice President2/17/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentMark R. PaolettaAssistant to the Vice President and Counsel1/20/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentPamela Hughes PatenaudeDeputy Assistant to the Vice President and Director of Scheduling
Office of the Vice PresidentJennifer PavlikDeputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice President1/20/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentMichael R. PenceVice President of the United States1/20/2017
Office of the Vice PresidentJoshua PitcockAssistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the Vice President1/20/2017Yes
Office of the Vice PresidentAndrea ThompsonDeputy Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor to the Vice President1/20/2017
Securities and Exchange CommissionChristopher CarofineWriter-EditorSK-142/9/2017
Small Business AdministrationThomas Chase AchesonAdministrative Assistant2/13/2017
Small Business AdministrationMary Anne BradfieldSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
Small Business AdministrationLucia CastellanoSenior AdvisorGS-151/30/2017
Small Business AdministrationAndrew J. CoffieldAdministrative Assistant2/6/2017
Small Business AdministrationCory CusterSpecial Advisor2/6/2017
Small Business AdministrationRoma DaraviSpecial Advisor2/10/2017
Small Business AdministrationEric Reece JonesSenior Advisor to AdministratorGS-141/20/2017
Small Business AdministrationRichard W. KinganDeputy White House LiaisonGS-0912/26/2016
Small Business AdministrationRyan A. LambertSpecial Advisor2/6/2017
Small Business AdministrationNathan J. MillerSenior AdvisorGS-151/30/2017
Small Business AdministrationAnthony M. ParanzinoSpecial Advisor to the Chief of StaffGS-111/20/2017
Small Business AdministrationZvi S. RosenSpecial Assistant for Legal AffairsGS-151/30/2017
Small Business AdministrationAuborn (Joe) ShepardAssociate Administrator for Investment and InnovationSES1/30/2017
StateMichael T. DoughertySenior AdvisorGS-151/23/2017
StateJohn Y. EanesDeputy ComptrollerSES1/20/2017
StateEmily E. EngStaff Assistant, SchedulerGS-111/26/2017
StateCharles L. GlazerSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/2017
StateJulia Z. HallerSenior AdvisorGS-151/23/2017
StateJennifer L. HazeltonSpecial AssistantGS-141/23/2017
StateFederico G. KleinStaff AssistantGS-091/23/2017
StateHunter M. MorgenStaff AssistantGS-071/20/2017
StateMatthew D. MowersSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
StateHeather N. NorbySpokespersonYes
StateChristina N. PerroneSpecial Assistant, ProtocolGS-151/23/2017
StateMargaret J. PeterlinChief of StaffSES1/25/2017
StatePamela D. PryorSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/2017
StateJared L. SmithStaff Assistant, Bureau of European and Eurasian AffairsGS-111/23/2017
StateDanielle M. StoebeMember, Policy PlanningGS-051/20/2017
StateJohn Joseph SullivanDeputy Secretary of State
StateKatheryn M. WellnerDeputy Assistant Secretary GS-151/23/2017
Trade and DevelopmentStewart AtkinsSpecial AssistantGS-091/23/2017
Trade and DevelopmentPeter BarrettSenior AdvisorSES1/23/2017
Trade and DevelopmentRandall GentrySpecial AssistantGS-141/23/2017
Trade and DevelopmentRyan LeppertSpecial AssistantGS-111/23/2017
TransportationWarren Kirk BellWhite House LiaisonSES1/20/2017
TransportationMichael J. BrittChief of StaffSES1/23/2017
TransportationElaine L. ChaoSecretary of Transportation
TransportationMonica K. ChinnSpecial Assistant to the Executive SecretariatGS-141/25/2017
TransportationThomas Finch FultonSpecial Assistant for Transportation PolicyGS-151/20/2017
TransportationMelissa E. FwuSpecial Assistant to the SecretaryGS-121/23/2017
TransportationWendy M. GehringSpecial AdvisorSES1/27/2017
TransportationLaura GeneroSenior Advisor for Strategic CommunicationsSES1/23/2017
TransportationDouglas F. GrahamSpeechwriterGS-141/25/2017
TransportationMartha DeLynn HenrySpecial Assistant for SchedulingGS-141/30/2017
TransportationTina-Maria G. HenrySpecial Assistant for SchedulingGS-151/30/2017
TransportationChristopher D. HessSpecial AdvisorGS-141/24/2017
TransportationJames Todd InmanDirector of OperationsSES1/20/2017
TransportationJames B. Wilkinson Jr.Special Assistant for AdvanceSES1/23/2017
TransportationJames C. Owens Jr.Legal Advisor to the General CounselGS-151/23/2017
TransportationLoren A. Smith Jr.Special Assistant for Governmental AffairsGS-151/20/2017
TransportationDerek T. KanUnder Secretary of Policy at the Department of Transportation
TransportationRuth D. KnouseDirector of Executive SecretariatSES1/23/2017
TransportationMatthew E. KopkoSpecial AdvisorGS-151/23/2017
TransportationMarianne McInerneyAssistant to the Secretary and Director of Public AffairsSES1/20/2017
TransportationMyra Allison MoorePress SecretaryGS-131/23/2017
TransportationOwen R. MorganSpecial Assistant (Briefing Book)GS-91/23/2017
TransportationWillis A. MorrisDirector, Small/Disadvatage Business UtilizationSES1/23/2017
TransportationKeith A. NelsonSenior Advisor for Budget and ProgramsSES1/23/2017
TransportationBarry F. PlansSpecial Assistant for Digital StrategyGS-141/30/2017
TransportationMichael T. PowersDeputy Assistant Secretary, Management and BudgetSES1/20/2017
TransportationAnthony J. PuglieseSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/2017
TransportationJeffrey Adam RosenDeputy Secretary of Transportation
TransportationMark A. SanbornSpecial Assistant for Governmental AffairsGS-151/23/2017
TransportationElizabeth M. SmedaSpecial AssistantGS-152/21/2017
TransportationTamara S. SomervilleSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES1/23/2017
TransportationLori A. UrbanSpecial AdvisorGS-141/31/2017
TransportationDavid Nicholas YonkovichSpecial AssistantGS-111/20/2007
TreasuryWilliam Clark BarrowSpecial AssistantGS-121/23/2017
TreasuryDavid BohigianSpecial AdvisorGS-151/23/2017
TreasuryBridget BrennanSpecial AssistantGS-111/23/2017
TreasuryBrian CallananDeputy General CounselYes
TreasuryJason ChungAdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryMauricio Claver-CaroneAdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryKyle HauptmanAdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryAndrew Kerwin MaloneyAssistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
TreasuryZachary McEnteeConfidential AssistantGS-071/23/2017
TreasuryEli MillerSenior AdvisorSES1/23/2017
TreasuryEdgar MkrtchianAdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasurySteven T. MnuchinSecretary of the Treasury
TreasuryJ. Baylor MyersSpecial AssistantGS-121/23/2017
TreasuryStephen PavlickSenior AdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryJon PerdueSpecial AssistantGS-121/23/2017
TreasuryCraig PhillipsSenior AdvisorSES1/23/2017
TreasuryReed RubinsteinSenior AdvisorSES1/23/2017
TreasuryCamilo SandovalSpecial AdvisorGS-151/23/2017
TreasuryAnthony SayeghAssistant Secretary for Public AffairsYes
TreasuryAndrew SmithAdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasuryEric SteinSpecial AdvisorGS-151/24/2017
TreasuryHannah SutterConfidential AssistantGS-091/23/2017
TreasurySeth UngerAdvisorGS-141/23/2017
TreasurySarah Wrennal-MontesAdvisorGS-131/23/2017
U.S. Agency for International DevelopmentMark Andrew GreenAdministrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development
U.S. Trade RepresentativeYecheil FeitSenior AdvisorSES1/23/2017
U.S. Trade RepresentativeGarrison GriffinSpecial Assistant to the USTRGS-091/20/2017
U.S. Trade RepresentativeRobert Emmet LighhthizerUnited States Trade Representative
U.S. Trade RepresentativeStephen P. VaughnGeneral CounselSES1/20/2017
Veterans AffairsLydia B. BlahaSpecial Assistant/Deputy Press SecretaryGS-121/23/2017
Veterans AffairsThomas Gray BowmanDeputy Secretary
Veterans AffairsDavid J. ShulkinSecretary of Veterans Affairs
White House OfficeMichael AmbrosiniSpecial Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of the Chief of Staff1/20/2017
White House OfficeStacey AminSpecial Assistant and Associate Counsel to the President1/20/2017
White House OfficeAlexander J. AngelsonSpecial Assistant to the President and House Special Assistant1/20/2017
White House OfficeMichael AntonAssistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting
White House OfficeRene I. AugustineSpecial Assistant to the President and Clearance Counsel1/20/2017Yes
White House OfficeGeorge David BanksSpecial Assistant to the President for International Energy and Environment, National Economic Council2/16/2017
White House OfficeStephen BannonCounselor to the President11/13/2016
White House OfficeZina G. BashRegulatory Reform, Legal and Immigration Policy, Domestic Policy Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeJohn F. BashAssociate White House Counsel1/20/2017
White House OfficeAvrahm J. (Avi) BerkowitzSpecial Assistant to the President and Assistant to the Senior Advisor1/20/2017
White House OfficeBrian C. BlaséSpecial Assistant to the President for Healthcare Policy, National Economic Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeMonica BlockSpecial Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Management Office1/20/2017
White House OfficeCaroline E. BockAssociate Director05/01/2017
White House OfficeVirginia M. BoneySpecial Assistant to the President and Senate Special Assistant1/23/2017
White House OfficeThomas (Tom) BossertAssistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism and Deputy National Security Advisor
White House OfficeAndrew BrembergAssistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeKatja BullockSpecial Assistant to the President and Associate Director of Presidential Personnel1/20/2017
White House OfficeJames M. BurnhamSenior Associate Counsel to the President1/20/2017Yes
White House OfficeSean CairncrossDeputy Assistant to the President1/20/2017
White House OfficeJames W. CarrollSpecial Assistant to the President and Senior Counsel1/20/2017
White House OfficeMichael J. CatanzaroSpecial Assistant to the President for Domestic Energy and Environmental Policy, National Economic Council2/21/2017Yes
White House OfficeSteven N. CheungSpecial Assistant to the President and Assistant Communications Director1/20/2017
White House OfficeJustin ClarkDeputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs1/20/2017
White House OfficeGary CohnDirector of the National Economic Council1/25/2017
White House OfficeKellyanne ConwayCounselor to the President1/20/2017Yes
White House OfficeReed CordishSpecial Assistant to the President for Intragovernmental and Technology Initiatives1/20/2017
White House OfficeJohn DeStefanoAssistant to the President and Director of Presidential Personnel1/20/2017
White House OfficeRick DearbornAssistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Implementation1/20/2017
White House OfficeBlake DelaplaneSpecial Assistant to the White House CounselYes
White House OfficeMakan DelrahimDeputy Assistant and Deputy Counsel to the President1/20/2017
White House OfficeUttam DhillonSpecial Assistant to the President, Ethics Compliance Team1/31/2017
White House OfficeCarlos Diaz-RosilloDirector of Policy and Interagency Coordination, Domestic Policy Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeJessica DittoDeputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Communications Director1/20/2017
White House OfficeAnn DonaldsonSpecial Counsel to the President and Chief of Staff to the White House Counsel1/20/2017Yes
White House OfficeSean E. DooceyDeputy Director of Presidential Personnel1/20/2017
White House OfficeMichael Ellis2/6/2017
White House OfficeBoris EpshteynSpecial Assistant to the President and Assistant Communications Director for Surrogate Operations1/20/2017
White House OfficeDaniel EpsteinAssociate Counsel to the PresidentYes
White House OfficeHelen Aguirre FerréSpecial Assistant to the President and Director of Media Affairs1/23/2017
White House OfficeMichael FlynnAssistant to the President and National Security Advisor1/22/2017
White House OfficeScott GastSpecial Assistant to the President, Ethics Compliance Team1/20/2017
White House OfficeGeorge GigicosDeputy Assistant to the President and Director of Advance and Operations1/20/2017
White House OfficeRobert T. GoadEducation Policy, Domestic Policy Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeAbe E. GoldschmidtSpecial Assistant to the President1/24/2017
White House OfficeAlexander GrayDeputy Director for the Defense Industrial Base, National Trade Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeJason GreenblattSpecial Representative for International Negotiations1/20/2017
White House OfficeIra A. Greenstein02/01/2017
White House OfficeDavid J. GribbinSpecial Assistant to the President for Infrastructure Policy, National Economic Council1/26/2017
White House OfficeStephanie GrishamSpecial Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary1/20/2017
White House OfficeJoseph (Joe) HaginAssistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations1/20/2017
White House OfficeJulia HahnAide to the Chief Strategist
White House OfficeVince HaleyAdvisor for Policy, Strategy and Speechwriting, Domestic Policy Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeKatherine C. HendersonDirector of Boards and Commissions, Presidential Personnel1/23/2017
White House OfficeCharles C. HerndonSpecial Assistant To The President and Director of White House Information Technology1/23/2017Yes
White House OfficeHope HicksWhite House Director of Strategic Communications1/22/2017
White House OfficeDouglas L. HoelscherDeputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs2/14/2017
White House OfficeBenjamin HowardSpecial Assistant to the President and House Special Assistant1/20/2017
White House OfficeHope Renee HudsonChief of Staff to Kellyanne Conway2/16/2017
White House OfficeMallory HunterExecutive Assistant to the Chief of Staff1/20/2017
White House OfficeBrian JackSpecial Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Political Affairs1/20/2017
White House OfficeRyan JarmulaAdvisor for Policy Development and Speechwriting, Domestic Policy Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeKenneth Ian JusterDeputy Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeMichael Jordan KaremSpecial Assistant and Deputy Director of Advance1/21/2017
White House OfficeGregory KatsasDeputy Counsel to the President1/21/2017Yes
White House OfficeJoseph Keith KelloggChief of Staff and Executive Secretary1/20/2017
White House OfficeMarcia N. KellyDeputy Assistant to the President and Director of White House Management2/6/2017
White House OfficeWilliam KirklandDeputy Director1/22/2017
White House OfficeShahira KnightSpecial Assistant to the President for Tax and Retirement Policy, National Economic Council1/20/2017Yes
White House OfficeAndrew D. (Andy) KoenigSpecial Assistant to the President and Policy Special Assistant1/20/2017
White House OfficeGrace E. KohSpecial Assistant to the President for Technology, Telecom, and Cyber-Security Policy, National Economic Council2/23/2017
White House OfficeJared KushnerSenior Advisor to the President for Strategic Planning1/22/2017
White House OfficeJoseph LaiSpecial Assistant to the President and Senate Special Assistant1/20/2017
White House OfficeGerrit LansingDeputy Assistant to the President and Chief Digital Officer1/20/2017
White House OfficeChris LiddellDirector of Strategic Initiatives for the White House Strategic Development Group2/3/2017Yes
White House OfficeMatthew L. LiraSpecial Assistant to the President for Innovation Policy and Initiatives3/20/2017
White House OfficeJennifer R. LocettaSpecial Assistant to the President, Associate Director of Presidential Personnel1/20/2017
White House OfficeDerek LyonsDeputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Staff Secretary1/20/2017
White House OfficeVictoria J. MaguireDirector of White House Events and Presidential Scheduling2/13/2017
White House OfficeOmarosa ManigaultAssistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison1/20/2017
White House OfficeAshley Hicks MarquisSpecial Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff of the National Economic Council2/2/2017
White House OfficeKirk R. MarshallDirector of Organizational Structure and Human Capital, White House1/20/2017
White House OfficeJohn K. MashburnDeputy Cabinet Secretary1/20/2017
White House OfficeNicholas T. MatichSpecial Assistant to the President and Associate White House Staff Secretary1/21/2017
White House OfficeJohn D. McEnteeSpecial Assistant to the President and Personal Aide to the President1/4/2017
White House OfficeKathleen (K.T.) McFarlandAssistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor1/20/2017
White House OfficeDonald F. McGahnGeneral Counsel1/20/2017Yes
White House OfficeWilliam (Bill) McGinleyAssistant to the President and Cabinet Secretary1/20/2017Yes
White House OfficeJoyce Y. MeyerDeputy Assistant to the President and House Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs2/13/2017
White House OfficeStephen MillerAssistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the President for Policy1/20/2017
White House OfficeDavid MorrellAssociate CounselYes
White House OfficeStephen P. MunisteriDeputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director for the Office of Public Liaison2/14/2017
White House OfficeClaire MurrayAssociate Counsel to the PresidentYes
White House OfficePeter NavarroDirector, National Trade Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeAnna Christina NicetaSpecial Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary2/22/2017
White House OfficeAndrew OlmemSpecial Assistant to the President for Financial Policy, National Economic Council2/21/2017Yes
White House OfficeStefan C. PassantinoDeputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Counsel to the President to Oversee Ethics Compliance Issues1/20/2017
White House OfficeTimothy A. PatakiSpecial Assistant to the President and House Special Assistant1/30/2017
White House OfficeRobert PorterWhite House Staff Secretary1/20/2017
White House OfficeDina Habib PowellCounselor to the President2/3/2017
White House OfficeReinhold R. (Reince) PriebusAssistant to the President and Chief of Staff1/20/2017Yes
White House OfficeDianne K. QuebralBusiness Liason and Deputy Director, Office of Public Liason4/10/2017
White House OfficeLindsay B. ReynoldsAssistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the First Lady
White House OfficeMira N. RicardelAssociate Director for Presidential Personnel1/22/2017
White House OfficeMichael A. (Mike) RomanSpecial Assistant to the President1/20/2017
White House OfficeJohn M. RoscoeSpecial Assistant to the President, Presidential Personnel1/20/2017
White House OfficeTheodore M. RoyerSpecial Assistant to the President and Speechwriter5/8/2017
White House OfficeSarah Huckabee SandersDeputy Press Secretary1/23/2017
White House OfficeDesiree SayleDirector of Presidential Correspondence2/6/2017
White House OfficeAnthony ScaramucciCommunications Director8/15/20178/31/2017
White House OfficeDan ScavinoSocial Media Director1/20/2017
White House OfficeKeith SchillerDeputy Assistant to the President and Director of Oval Office Operations2/5/2017
White House OfficeSchuyler SchoutenSpecial Assistant to the President and Associate Counsel to the President1/20/2017
White House OfficeJames D. SchultzSpecial Assistant to the President, Ethics Compliance Team1/20/2017
White House OfficeBethany ScullySpecial Assistant to the President and Senate and House Special Assistant1/20/2017
White House OfficeRaj ShahDeputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Communications Director and Research Director1/20/2017
White House OfficeMarc ShortAssistant to the President and Director of the Office of Legislative Affairs1/20/2017
White House OfficeCindy SimmsSenior White House Advisor, Office of Personnel Management2/2/2017
White House OfficeCliff SimsSpecial Assistant to the President and House Special Assistant1/20/2017
White House OfficeSean SpicerUrban Affairs and Revitalization, Domestic Policy Council1/20/2017
White House OfficeBill StepienAssistant to the President and Press Secretary1/21/2017
White House OfficeAndrew SurabianSpecial Assistant to the President and Deputy Strategist1/20/2017
White House OfficeKathryn (Katy) TalentoHealthcare Policy, Domestic Policy Council1/20/2017
White House OfficePaul TellerSpecial Assistant to the President and House Special Assistant1/23/2017
White House OfficeTimothy TripepiDeputy Chief of Staff for Operations for FLOTUS
White House OfficeKatie WalshAssistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff1/20/2017
White House OfficeElizabeth E. WalshSpecial Assistant to the President, Presidential Personnel1/20/2017
White House OfficeLindsay WaltersSpecial Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary and Advisor to the Press Secretary
White House OfficeMadeleine WesterhoutSpecial Assistant to the President and Executive Assistant to the President1/20/2017
White House OfficePaul WinfreeDeputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council and Director of Budget Policy1/20/2017
White House OfficeRoss WorthingtonAdvisor for Policy, Strategy and Speechwriting, Domestic Policy Council1/20/2017

Here’s an example of something we’ve found: The financial disclosures of Acting Under Secretary of Education James Manning show he previously consulted for USA Funds, an organization that was once the nation’s largest student loan guarantor.

In 2015, USA Funds sued the Education Department after the government instituted a rule limiting some fees guaranty agencies charge struggling borrowers. In March, two months after Manning joined the administration, the department rescinded the rule. USA Funds, which recently changed its name to Strada Education Network, dropped the case less than a week later.

Manning received $110,000 from USA Funds for consulting on issues related to the federal student loan program and higher education data analytics, according to his disclosure form. The form doesn’t say when Manning worked with the organization, but it shows he was a consultant from January 2015 to January 2017.

A department spokeswoman told ProPublica that Manning had recused himself from all matters involving his old employer. “Jim has not been involved in any discussions or decisions made at the department that have or will effect that company,” said spokeswoman Elizabeth Hill, adding that Manning “is a tremendous asset to the department.”

Manning did not respond to an email request for comment.

A spokesman for Strada Education Network said Manning had no involvement with the USA Funds lawsuit, and said his role at the department posed no conflict. “He served as a consultant on general higher education policy issues, and his consultancy ended before he was appointed to his current role at the Department earlier this year,” said Strada’s Robert Murray.

In January, Trump issued an executive order watering down Obama-era ethics rules. The order killed the requirement that lobbyist waivers be justified as in the public interest.

"Trump's executive order authorized waivers but provided no guidance and no standards for when a waiver is appropriate," said Kathleen Clark, an ethics lawyer and law professor at Washington University in St. Louis.

Alison Gregor, Elisabeth Gawthrop and Kiara Alfonseca contributed to this report.

White House staffers’ financial disclosures were individually requested from the White House counsel’s office. (Some White House disclosure forms have yet to be processed by government attorneys and others have yet to be filed by the new employees.) Financial disclosures from Senate-confirmed Cabinet officials were pulled from the website of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics. For political appointees working at federal agencies, ProPublica made individual requests to the agency ethics officers.

The list of political appointees at federal agencies represents Trump administration hires since Jan. 20, according to the Office of Personnel Management and 21 other agencies. As of June 5, 2017, 18 agencies have provided employee names, while three other agencies had no temporary employees to report. ProPublica sent FOIA requests to 24 federal agencies seeking the names of beachhead team members.

Grade level refers to the pay scale for federal employees. SES stands for Senior Executive Service, who serve in top government positions.

† Officials who have left the agency or office they originally worked for in the Trump administration