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The Price of an Internship

Unpaid internships can help young workers advance their career goals. But they can also vary significantly in cost and quality. Explore college internship programs at different schools across the United States — or tell us about your experience interning for academic credit. Read more about this project.

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55 schools
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Schools We Know About

For the schools below, either students have written a review, or intern coordinators have explained their policies. Click to explore and flesh out the missing pieces.

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Most Expensive Programs

Tuition cost based on maximum number of credits for internship courses we've verified so far. Don’t see your school? Add it here!

School Max. Cost
Bellarmine University Communication $8,724
University of Pittsburgh Media and Professional Communications $6,558
Middle Tennessee State University Video and Film Production $5,754
Georgetown University Journalism (Minor) $5,295
University of Rhode Island Journalism $4,758

About This Project

Ninety percent of colleges offer academic credit for internships, according to one recent survey. And many require an internship for graduation. But tuition costs, academic requirements and internship policies vary wildly across different programs, sometimes even within a single school. This crowd-powered #ProjectIntern database lets you see how your school’s internship policy compares to others.


We asked volunteers to collect data on internship courses in journalism departments at their school. Cost and credit data come from Common Data Set information reported by a school and through direct contact with internship coordinators at the institutions. Estimated tuition costs are calculated by multiplying cost-per-credit by the number of credits a student may earn for an internship. See full methodology »

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