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How do I Get Involved?

Below you will find all the ways to help us investigate the cost and quality of internships for academic credit at U.S. schools. This tool is powered completely by contributions from our readers. We have a variety of ways for you to take action, depending on who you are and what information we already have about your school. Find out below how you can get involved, or click here to learn more about the project.



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Campus Publications

Become an Official Project Partner

What's that?

Official project partners are on-campus student publications that help us collect reviews and scrutinize the cost and quality of for-credit internships at their school. Current project partners »

What will you have to do?

  • Dedicate at least one reporter to digging around for a story on internships for credit at your school.
  • Embed our project partner badge on your publication’s website, along with a short post about the project and our questionnaire.

What does my publication get?

ProPublica reaches hundreds of thousands of readers per month, and is frequently cited in national media. Becoming a project partner means we’ll link to your publication on our site, and feature the stories you publish about internships at your school.

Most importantly, you will be part of making an impact. The goal of this investigation is to bring transparency to internships, to ensure students aren’t being exploited. Your organization can be a part of this national effort by helping us research, report and publicize this important information.

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Internship Coordinators

Part of this project is about creating a central database that lets intern coordinators describe their policies, explain the decisions that got them there and compare notes with colleagues.

We are relying on internship coordinators to serve as primary sources and tell us about their programs. Our survey only takes about 15 minutes. To help shine light on this murky world, click below to tell us about your program.

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