Super PACs with Delayed Disclosure

Last updated: December 21, 2018

Super PACs, which can raise and spend unlimited sums of money in elections, are supposed to regularly disclose their funders. But the reporting schedule allows some of them to begin spending money to influence elections before they reveal their funding. An analysis by Politico and ProPublica of Federal Election Commission data found more than 60 super PACs that have managed to spend money to influence races and postpone telling voters who funded them.



Total Spent


Spending Before Donor Disclosure

Committee Independent Expenditures
Highway 31 (C00659896) $5,387,410
Change Now (C00683599) $1,875,502
Red and Gold (C00684209) $1,679,710
Mountain Families PAC (C00674689) $1,328,756
Senate Reform Fund (C00681858) $1,144,017
Citizens for a Better Illinois (C00669820) $1,126,898
Conservative Results Matter (C00674739) $400,000
Me Too Ohio (C00686865) $300,504
New Yorkers For Excellent Health Care Inc (C00677476) $290,183
7 Gen Leaders (C00670265) $211,091
New OC Future PAC (C00675173) $187,129
American Potential Fund (C00688788) $186,050
Ohio First PAC (C00666750) $182,750
Mountain City PAC (C00665521) $180,930
California Moderate Voices (C00686337) $175,035
Conservatives for PA (C00674382) $173,648
Defeat Slavery (C00659656) $162,422
Massachusetts First (C00634204) $153,039
Conservative Utah (C00650416) $146,726
Our Values Political Action Committee (C00675207) $133,070
SunshinePAC (C00641530) $129,700
Reinvesting In America (C00682922) $124,153
Stronger Foundations Inc. (C00678623) $100,610
American Patriots PAC (C00668905) $100,000
Citizen Ciudadano PAC (C00686477) $96,670
Committee for a Better Tomorrow Sponsored by Los Angeles County Federation Of Labor (C00686592) $94,017
CLA Pac (C00678185) $93,200
Our Conservative Texas Future (C00666305) $90,000
Fund for a Working Congress (C00637041) $82,000
Engage Georgia (C00646653) $68,431
Democracy First (C00679068) $67,500
A New Promise (C00683441) $65,000
Kansas Farmers Fund (C00686246) $65,000
Conservative Voices PAC (C00678847) $59,090
Central Valley's Future (C00688267) $58,486
A Stronger Texas Fund (C00675397) $55,559
Stars and Stripes Forever PAC (C00635243) $52,114
Arizonans for Life (C00681817) $49,750
Make America Like Texas (C00661983) $46,750
Brighter Future Coalition (C00634907) $44,325
Lone Star Values PAC (C00669325) $39,000
Progress in PA 05 (C00675371) $37,122
Ohioans for Our Future PAC (C00676593) $37,000
New Jersey Citizens Alliance PAC (C00678599) $32,337
Solution Fund PAC (C00652982) $29,044
Paction (C00665844) $28,428
Conservative Leadership for Arizona (C00665489) $27,775
National Send Them Packing Committee (C00640565) $27,130
New Mexico Strong Fund (C00675447) $25,178
We Stand for Better (C00666511) $25,000
Upstate Conservative Victory PAC, Inc. (C00676635) $25,000
American Healthcare Coalition (C00682039) $25,000
Pennsylvanians for Conservative Policies (C00661850) $24,365
Citizens Against Carpetbaggers (C00655498) $21,997
Citizens for Common Sense USA (C00682807) $20,750
Americans for Patriotic Values (C00667683) $17,602
Georgia Life Alliance Action Fund (C00638643) $17,500
Junto Podemos/Together We Can (C00684480) $16,570
CFG Action Tennessee (C00662015) $16,103
Casa In Action PAC (C00685693) $14,894
Flip The 49th! Neighbors In Action (C00662312) $10,129
Drain the DC Swamp PAC (C00662072) $10,000
America Speaks PAC (C00661645) $10,000
Take Back 2018 (C00636712) $9,000
Chicago Latino Public Affairs Committee (C00673251) $3,438
New Leadership for 2018 (C00678482) $1,349