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Creative Solutions In Healthcare

According to CMS data, Creative Solutions In Healthcare is affiliated with 110 facilities in Texas. Affiliation means this organization is linked to at least one individual or organizational owner, officer or entity with managerial control of these nursing homes. See below for a full list of homes affiliated with Creative Solutions In Healthcare.

How Creative Solutions In Healthcare Compares
Average serious deficiencies
Average number of serious deficiencies found in affiliated homes in the last three years.
National average: 0.6
Average nurse hours/resident/day
Average reported total nurse staffing hours per resident per day across all affiliated homes.
National average: 3.8
Average nurse turnover
Average percentage of nursing staff who stopped working at affiliated homes over a 12-month period.
National average: 52.7%
Average fines/home
Average total fines against affiliated homes.
National average: $37,853
Most Recent Serious Deficiencies
Serious deficiencies are those that caused immediate jeopardy to resident health or safety. See more >
Dec 22, 2023 — Schertz, TX

Failure to: Provide appropriate pressure ulcer care and prevent new ulcers from developing.
Explore the report.
Dec 17, 2023 — Memphis, TX

Failure to: Respond appropriately to all alleged violations.
Explore the report.
Dec 17, 2023 — Memphis, TX

Failure to: Develop and implement policies and procedures to prevent abuse, neglect, and theft.
Explore the report.
110 Homes Affiliated With Creative Solutions In Healthcare
0 Special Focus Facilities
Homes flagged by the government for having a history of serious quality issues.
2 Special Focus Facility Candidates
Homes with a history of serious quality issues that have not been formally flagged by the government.
1 home with delayed inspections
The most recent standard inspection occurred more than two years ago. Inspections are supposed to occur every 18 months.