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Puerto Rico

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Most Recent Serious Deficiencies in Puerto Rico
Serious deficiencies are those that caused immediate jeopardy to resident health or safety. See more >
Jul 22, 2021 — Ponce, PR

Failure to: Ensure that a nursing home area is free from accident hazards and provides adequate supervision to prevent accidents.
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Jul 22, 2021 — Ponce, PR

Failure to: Ensure that each resident is free from the use of physical restraints, unless needed for medical treatment.
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Jul 19, 2021 — Hormigueros, PR

Failure to: Try different approaches before using a bed rail. If a bed rail is needed, the facility must (1) assess a resident for safety risk; (2) review these risks and benefits with the resident/representative; (3) get informed consent; and (4) Correctly install and maintain the bed rail.
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All Nursing Homes in Puerto Rico

Special focus facility: Flagged by the government for having a history of serious quality issues.

Special focus facility candidate: Meets the criteria to be a special focus facility but hasn’t yet been designated as one.

Delayed inspections: The most recent standard inspection occurred more than two years ago. Inspections are supposed to occur every 18 months.