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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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@HouseDemocrats @realDonaldTrump @AppropsDems @NatlParkService @smithsonian @NEAarts @NEHgov While today’s omnibus is a positive step in the right direction, @realDonaldTrump’s budget for next fiscal year would undo much of the progress we have made. In t

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@HouseDemocrats @realDonaldTrump @AppropsDems We rejected @realDonaldTrump’s EPA cuts. We increased funding for education, health & public safety in Indian Country. And we added new resources for @NatlParkService, @smithsonian, @NEAarts & @NEHgov.

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@HouseDemocrats @realDonaldTrump As @AppropsDems Interior-Environment Ranking Member, I’m proud that this bill protects our environment, upholds our commitments to Native Americans, and preserves our natural resources & cultural treasures.

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@HouseDemocrats @realDonaldTrump The omnibus invests significant new resources in critical priorities like education, election integrity, housing, infrastructure, public safety, opioid abuse prevention & treatment, and veterans’ health care.

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Sickened by the unjust killing that ended the life of #StephonClark. His life mattered, and he should be alive today. I extend my condolences to his children, family and friends. #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/IFJJ2fpTad

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RT @KimWeaverIA: Why fund basic women's reproductive care or show basic decency to immigrants when you can be a vindictive prick lik… https://t.co/oOMBwJNcnq

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And we continue to fail to protect innocent lives from the gun violence epidemic. This bill includes some steps in the right direction, but we must do much more, like repealing the #DickeyAmendment and funding federal research on gun violence prevention.

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Today the House voted to fulfill @POTUS' commitments and help rebuild the U.S. military, give our troops raise, increase border security, combat the opioid epidemic, and much more. Click here for my full statement on the Consolidated Appropriations Act. →

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Listen to Pat Harris on The Jeremiah Show at 11:00am on AM 1290 KZSB in the Los Angeles area!

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Big thanks to @RichardTrumka & the @AFLCIO Executive Council for hosting me this morning. Proud to stand with organized labor & so grateful to have you standing with me. https://t.co/Xyr5JTSQvN

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Lawmakers must do more to ensure we fund resources & research efforts to prevent future landslide from becoming national tragedies. That's why I introduced the bipartisan National Landslide Preparedness Act to help communities better prepare for when

995193054 20140107 25315 12q6ire

Today is the fourth anniversary of the tragic #Oso landslide, which in an instant took the lives of 43 neighbors. This community will always be near and dear to my heart, and while I can't be there today, I’ll continue to try and help it in any way I can.

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The #Omnibus Appropriations bill included a number of important wins, but failed on a many fronts. Read my statement on my vote. https://t.co/DmsHvqes6h

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RT @UNEP: Wetlands are not just crucial for the animal & plant life they support – they also help purify water & can fight a… https://t.co/stQ2YcstUT

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TUNE IN: I am be chairing @SASCMajority Strategic Forces Subcmte hearing on ballistic missile defense policies and programs. Looking forward to hearing from senior @DeptofDefense officials in advance of the #FY19NDAA. Watch: https://t.co/7ykePnQIcP

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RT @lcmoser: Early this morning, senseless violence took the life of Jared Jontě Jacobs in the Montrose area. While the investi… https://t.co/fVXYh9LLcW

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In Sacramento, police fatally shot 22-year-old unarmed civilian, #StephonClark. The conversation on gun violence can’t forget the unarmed civilians who are killed all by the police who are sworn to protect them. We can and we must do better to equip a

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One of the most important & basic responsibilities of Congress is to fund the government. Today, I'm proud to have voted in favor of the FY18 Omnibus & fulfill our promise to the American people. Read my full statement on this & more here: htt

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.