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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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RT @KashJackson2018: Things I WILL NOT do as Governor: -Pass a Gas Mileage Tax -Pass a Soda Tax -Ignore our debt -Pass an unbalanced… https://t.co/0tOgWGijpR

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Honored to attend and speak at Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony this weekend held by #BoyScout Troop 268 in #Flushing. Also taking part: State Senator Tony Avella and Assemblyman Ed Braunstein. https://t.co/M2oHps9aDx

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RT @VoteRobDavidson: In Feb. of 2017, I attended a town hall with my congressman, Bill Huizenga. I had a debate with him about healthcar… https://t.co/h86KIr9DZd

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Calling the #KellyCoalition: sign up NOW to hop on a free bus to our rally on Tuesday with John Lewis! We’ll be leaving from our Carterville office at 8:30. Sign up at this link to reserve your spot and see the details! #IL12 #twill https://t.co/IbEzbbfcJR

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RT @PaigeHutchinson: Agreed. Congressman Sessions is unaccountable for bailing on this community forum and putting special interests ahe… https://t.co/NvLiydUa8c

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Four people died today in a shooting at a toddler's birthday party. We cannot continue to ignore gun violence. Doing nothing is not a solution. https://t.co/fMqivJIV1M

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I stopped by the Jewish Community Center for their CommUNITY Gathering today. After the disgusting vandalism last week, it was wonderful to have an interfaith and bipartisan gathering to remind everyone that hate has no home here in Northern Virginia. https://t.co/VYyz1vFxdV

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RT @MikenzieFrost: Alright let’s do this poll thing again. If you watched the U.S. Debate between Sen. @stabenow and GOP Challenger… https://t.co/CfmyTlrBRq

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RT @VoteRobDavidson: Special interests have invested heavily in Bill Huizenga. Now, credible allegations have surfaced that indicate Hui… https://t.co/f1IHnabDHq

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We’re bringing you more live looks behind the scenes on the campaign trail! Today’s video features our hardworking student organizers, Jacob and Katie (and Katie repping @JulieForTX25, another candidate we believe in!) #TX21 #TX25 https://t.co/hPD86h15qc

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I was the son of a railroad worked, I worked 3 jobs to get through college, I understand student debt and as someone who spent 30 plus years in the business world I understand dollars and will find real solutions to keep these debts from ballooning out of control.

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Looks like our opponent & Congressman is in Orange County campaigning for other people. Doesn't even care about the race happening in his own backyard even though he's been invited multiple times for... https://t.co/r4ZdaOKR2b

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Thank you for attended my campaign’s Get Out The Vote Rally Early vote starts on Monday, Oct 22 at 441 4th St NW and on Friday, Oct 26 in #all8wards. You can also vote on Tuesday, Nov 6 #TogetherWeWill give all residents a #fairshot https://t.co/KQdvaF6o5C

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Walking residential streets in Cathedral City with my mom and dad introducing myself to the voters of Cathedral City #TeamKimberlin https://t.co/rXoPLFPE9m

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Who says campaigning isn't fun?!? We had a great time last night at the Congressional Candidates Rock Band event, put on by the Buncombe Co. Young Dems. Thanks for all who came out and rocked with us! #FlipThe10th #Andthe11th #FlipAllTheSeats https://t.co/UiJpXd8Qz2

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Corny? Maybe. But true: “To dream the impossible dream; To fight the unbeatable foe; To bear with unbearable sorrow; To run where the brave dare not go. To right the unrightable wrong; To try when your arms are too weary; To reach the unreachable star”

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‘The Register's endorsements for Congress: GOP has failed to govern; give Democrats a chance.’ @DMRegister

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Amigo @oppenheimera, profundiza. Yo dije “Bravo Trump” porque recibió en la Casa Blanca a la esposa de Leopoldo López, el preso político venezolano más importante. Yo, al igual que tú, apoyo a la oposición venezolana y agradezco las muestras de solidaridad con ellos y su lucha.

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RT @elizabethforma: Let’s start by helping JD @Scholten4Iowa win in #IA04. JD is a terrific Democratic fighter running a tough race aga… https://t.co/8oiFucJyPi

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.