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Great conversation this morning at the Bozeman Senior Center about the important steps we’re taking to lower the costs of prescription drugs.

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The @StIreneAstoria church includes the relics of St. Irene, who was one of the Virgin Mary’s best friends. Here’s a description of her story:

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I testified before @HouseCommerce about the healthcare needs of Puerto Ricans including the urgency to pass PRIMA, HR 2172 to remove cost match requirements for prescriptions under Medicare Part D & HR 2310 the Fairness in Medicare Part B Enrollment Act #TheWorkContinue

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Unless @realDonaldTrump instructs Ambassador Lighthizer to remove the biologics exclusivity language from the #USMCA, then his talk about wanting to lower prescription drug prices is just that: talk! Read more here:

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That's why I have been consistently working to make health care more affordable for #NJ5 and for all Americans, voting to protect coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions, and working to lower out-of-pocket prescription drug costs.

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I'm looking forward to continuing my work with @ProbSolveCaucus and our effort with @SenatorCollins & @Sen_JoeManchin to help lower prescription drug costs. Too many Americans are facing rising costs for the medications they need.

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@KamalaHarris He never called neo nazis fine people. Stop lying to the American public. It’s ok, I’m here TJ educate them on the truth. Here’s the actual transcript word for word #walkway

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“When we talk about prescription drugs we know there are many players who are looking for ways to pad their pockets...There is collusion to set the pricing on medications like life-saving insulin.”

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This morning I sat down with @Nhna_nurse and @npa_nh to discuss nursing shortages across our state and the rising cost of prescription drugs. It’s important to hear directly from our providers as we work on solutions for healthcare in Washington.

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Skyrocketing prescription drug costs are putting affordable healthcare out of reach for too many families in #MN02- in just one year, the cost of one asthma drug increased by 3400%. I’m working hard in Congress every day to #EndRxMonopolyDrugPrices!

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Important read: the Mueller report selectively quoted a voicemail transcript from John Dowd in the obstruction section. Distorted context and omitted key portions. “John Dowd Blasts Mueller Over Selective Quotes In Russia Report”

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Everywhere I go in #NC11 the issue most important to the good people are healthcare and cost of prescription drugs. Lets get this guy out of Congress, @repmarkmeadows once again voted to lower costs of prescription drugs and healthcare.

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Those yelling “socialism” in a panic over MC4A should know Trump supports the import cheaper foreign price-regulated prescription drugs to lower US drug prices- this is also a key feature of MC4A that “socialist” program he rejects. Obviously economics isn’t political, it’s math.

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@HouseDemocrats have taken action to: - Reduce gun violence - Improve access to childcare for Veterans - Lower prescription drug costs - Protect patients with pre-existing conditions - Ensure paycheck fairness

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Since January, @HouseDemocrats have passed over 100 pieces of legislation, which include efforts to: ✔️Reduce gun violence ✔️Improve access to childcare for Veterans ✔️Lower prescription drug costs ✔️Protect patients with pre-existing conditions

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•H.R. 987 includes three bills to lower prescription drug costs by enabling generic drugs to get to market quicker, and four measures to protect the quality of coverage options and expand enrollment.

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The Strengthening Health Care & Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act just passed the House, including my amendment to help #Obamacare navigators address #HealthEquity. One step closer to ensuring factors like zip code, income & race don't negatively impact our health outcomes!

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BREAKING: @HouseDemocrats just passed legislation to bring down the cost of health care and prescription drugs. Time for “Grim Reaper” @senatemajldr SenateMajLdr to take up our legislation to improve health care #ForThePeople

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Democrats are committed to making health care and prescription drugs more affordable and accessible. Earlier this year, @AppropsDems heard from @morethanmySLE how valuable affordable coverage is to millions of Americans. #ProtectOurCare

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Families shouldn't have to choose between putting food on the table & taking their meds, but nearly 20% are forced to skip doses to make ends meet. This isn't going to fly. Today, I'm voting for legislation to lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs. #ProtectOurCare

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