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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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29501253 20141120 15121 oyssfu

@RepSwalwell #RaiderNation is alive and well in the House Intel Committee. Both @Rep_DevinNunes and I are proud members, too!

80612021 20131118 10284 3bg8k4 0

I would like to congratulate my colleague @RepRichmond on be selected as the new chair of the @OfficialCBC! Let's get to work my friend.

14135426 20140828 16887 1sui546

Donald Trump played a working class hero on TV, but the American people are being sold a bill of goods. Just looks… https://t.co/TF0UVQuTgq

47747074 20140908 15121 xg82m8

Yanking health insurance from tens of millions of people is not populist, it's not popular, and it will cause a bipartisan revolt.

47747074 20140908 15121 xg82m8

Congress must not touch Medicare, Social Security, or ACA. It's a matter of life and death, literally, for many.

14135426 20140828 16887 1sui546

RT @usdaRD: “Rural America is diverse and creative. Rural America fights back, and rural America needs help just like everyone else.“ @keithellison

104198706 20140304 18988 uk5fre

Kickoff the holiday season with us tonight at 5:30 PM for the @VirginiaCapitol Tree Lighting Ceremony &… https://t.co/JYr8dOfWSH

1206227149 20140903 15130 x22yct

I'm honored to be re-elected 1st Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus & look forward to working with my colleagues… https://t.co/lR4mj3MmN2

1077121945 20131219 17192 128u3oc 0

RT @AmandiOnAir: @RepLoisFrankel is with us live to tell us about how the city of Miami is trying to solve the #sand depletion issue https://t.co/hCmK7oUkH1

521731529 20140902 12051 hq6o7g

As we remember those we've lost to #AIDS let's recommit to those living w/ the disease. Together we can #EndAIDS2030 https://t.co/wThAMNShFy

15764644 20150305 1261 pd1ck3

Proud to announce @louiseslaughter & @RepBrady as Ranking Members of Rules & Administration Committees, respectively https://t.co/SLaIPGTT0Q

80612021 20131118 10284 3bg8k4 0

Congratulations @RepRichmond on being elected the new Chairman of the @OfficialCBC for the 115th Congress! Let's get to work my friend.

234141596 20150311 1500 slaj8f

RT @CTDPH: Dec 1st is World AIDS Day. Help fight #AIDS by raising awareness & showing support to those with HIV. CT Events:… https://t.co/kzcgQDFtPW

242892689 20140902 12054 1caglra

Today is #WorldAidsDay, a day to reflect on decades of progress & gear up for policies that increase access to care

976542720 20150105 1258 138pua4

Joining #CDMX tonight : "Our window to reverse #climatechange is getting smaller, and I'm not wasting any time."… https://t.co/VzJSgCOLL1

234014087 20131118 10284 ulxw09 0

Thanks to my #WorldAIDSDay partners @Walgreens & EmpowerU for offering free HIV/AIDS tests & health screenings toda… https://t.co/cB8QR1OIHI

976542720 20150105 1258 138pua4

"The health and well-being of future generations depend on the actions we take now; I'm headed to #CDMX for the… https://t.co/t8Do8vzTV4

242426145 20140715 1502 9b3hwf

Voters have a right to know: Has the president paid taxes at all? Do they keep money offshore? Have they taken adva… https://t.co/5rzuwu13ro

242426145 20140715 1502 9b3hwf

We have no idea if Trump will stand up to #Putin and #Russia when they crack down on #FreePress and try to silence… https://t.co/lxXFXG3eIJ

80612021 20131118 10284 3bg8k4 0

Congrats to @RepRichmond on being elected the new chair of the @OfficialCBC! You bring talent to the table & I'm ready to work with you.

249787913 20131118 10284 1r0qdjs 0

We have tremendous pride in our firefighters and we are incredibly grateful we are for their sacrifice

43910797 20140304 18985 isot59

American tax dollars should go toward American products that support American jobs. Period. https://t.co/cLdE6z3Plj

1080844782 20140304 18979 cjdupk

My advice to incoming members of Congress: make friends on both sides of the aisle and remember where you come from. https://t.co/5B9L4yKDKK

1135486501 20131219 30821 15gxeka 0

#TeamPeters toured Altman Clinical & Translational Research Institute at @UCSDHealth where they’re making advances… https://t.co/dwzgqvffFw

1092979962 20131120 1968 1ddfcbh 0

RT @RepCheri: Democrats can win rural America & the industrial heartland if we put working families first. Watch my interview w/… https://t.co/u8h3Yy8XBN

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.