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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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1155212191 20131219 27734 16rlkzq 0

Today at a @FinancialCmte hearing I questioned witnesses about Iran, Hezbollah, & heroin. Check it out here: https://t.co/74fYmgzgbC

15356407 20131118 10284 1l1xit2 0

Proud to have Williamsburg's Reverand Brian Britton offering today's invocation on the House Floor! https://t.co/toug96Vmmd

237750442 20141006 15124 in1g2l

Happy 91st Birthday to one of America's classiest First Ladies, #BarbaraBush! https://t.co/LHvbGeWQc4

248850174 20140304 18997 18sh05a

Honoring the 110th Anniversary of the Antiquities Act Signed by Teddy Roosevely today in 1906 #MonumentsForAll https://t.co/fybLUAMwAg

19394188 20131118 10284 n2nqz2 0

Speaking on Senate floor on my amdt to fund our troops at the levels they need & deserve - watch live: https://t.co/E0JkYGYaaa #FY17NDAA

5558312 20131118 10284 bj5lgn 0

The Antioch Discovery Garden will be able to make a big difference in the community thanks to @SeedsofChange @MarsGlobal

727242919 20141015 15133 194ohg9

The Republican party is Looking for input for the @GOP platform that will be debated at @GOPconvention in Cleveland! https://t.co/3cZKBVjegI

131546062 20131119 1968 1wfa12x 0

The season will now close at close at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, June 12- great news for Florida’s fishing community.

78403308 20131219 26044 1ykzz2h 0

Nothing like sharing good #barbecue to show off Southern hospitality. I look forward to hosting the Senate bipartisan lunch tomorrow. 1/2

78403308 20131219 26044 1ykzz2h 0

Follow the @nytimes "Politics and Washington" page on @Facebook for their "Facebook Live" stream on 6/9 of my bipartisan BBQ lunch. 2/2

193794406 20150224 1255 l4guvh

2 mobile office stops tomorrow in Pocahontas & Harrison Co! If you’re in the area, visit my staff at a location. https://t.co/M5L5ja4w13

18916432 20131119 1968 1e1vitz 0

.@PMOIndiaspoke eloquently about the importance of a strong U.S.-#India relationship to promoting peace & freedom. https://t.co/WO6NBFZ5Xr

600463589 20150513 29685 1n0taag

Spoke about the importance of Trevor's Law with @Emjayktvb this evening. I'll rejoin Mark LIVE from DC at 6p MST. https://t.co/c9S5aTxkZB

142334996 20131119 1968 93xqjj 0

A serviceman, Olympian & Buckeye, we salute Lt. Malvin Greston Whitfield. May his spirit and strength live on. https://t.co/Ur9eAsCI02

246769138 20131118 10284 uesaz5 0

Tune in now: We're about to roll out our #BetterWay to keep Americans safe. https://t.co/8f2Rs02yMd

22055226 20140828 17579 1yy8dub

Talking to my friend, Andrew on his @SIRIUSXM show @WilkowMajorityat 12:20pm CT. We'll discuss Hillary Clinton & #immigration. Tune in!

15600527 20140806 1509 1fp4zt2

We must make it our top national security priority to win the war against radical Islamic extremism. https://t.co/0Qp3SrTbNb #BetterWay

229966028 20131119 1968 supgi7 0

Today I met with Colombian Ambassador Juan Carlos Pinzon to discuss US-Colombian relations, VZ crisis & other issues https://t.co/dgVWGDirQM

78403308 20131219 26044 1ykzz2h 0

It’s @SamsBBQ1 day at the @USCapitol! Get a preview of what’s being served at my bipartisan lunch via @nytimes: https://t.co/1oQN5KGAhf

1060370282 20140304 18979 wkx69f

Took some time in between meetings to talk boots with members of the Oklahoma FFA. I prefer square-toed boots.

32010840 20140828 20016 3faulw

Check out @KGWNews's report of my floor speech on the need to improve rail safety after train derailment near Mosier https://t.co/QFXeJGBMzu

22527499 20140521 21876 1smx7df

“When it was time to say goodbye, she was given a hero's farewell.” Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. #911 https://t.co/pSBLmm5lqq

76452765 20131119 1968 1eggyej 0

9th Circuit ruling conserving concealed carry is liberal judicial activism at its most blatant. I'm confident this ruling will not stand.

19926675 20150415 1505 ampsp3

RT @femaregion6: #TXfloods residents, returning home after a flood? Make sure you read these tips on safety and how to report damage. https://t.co/ilLaEhP9Cw

213795411 20150324 1508 1ki3h4q

My weekly radio address: Strengthening Wisconsin’s Workforce Through Project SEARCH - https://t.co/7EsM2M0l75 https://t.co/gRj0XuCM9j

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.