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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?


Primary Recipient




Award Date


Administering Agency

Health and Human Services, Department of / Health Resources and Services Administration

CDFA Number


CDFA Program Title

ARRA Health Center Integrated Services Development Initiative[g1]


Su Clinica Familiar will invest CIP funds to address the immediate needs of Willacy County, Texas by undertaking renovation and construction projects at its Raymondville site and making IT equipment purchases that will ensure that all sites are up to the

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
Peacock General Contractors Inc Sub-recipient $899,865.00
SU CLINICA FAMILIAR Primary recipient $295,100.00

Vendors Connected to Award

Vendor Role Amount
Peacock General Contractors, Inc Primary vendor $899,965.00
Alaco Ladder Sub-vendor $1,362.00
Arctic Insulation Sub-vendor $10,944.00
Camco Foam Insulators Sub-vendor $15,417.00
Central Ready Mix Sub-vendor $18,123.91
CMC Rebar Sub-vendor $4,856.00
Crossroads Specialists Sub-vendor $5,680.00
D&J Site Construction Sub-vendor $111,249.00
Diebold Industries Sub-vendor $8,683.00
Door Components Sub-vendor $30,400.98
Eloy Lopez Concrete Sub-vendor $13,346.90
E&J Masonry Sub-vendor $30,130.00
Harlingen Glass & Mirror Sub-vendor $32,801.02
Izaguirre Drywall Systems Sub-vendor $82,249.10
Kadee Industries Sub-vendor $1,262.00
Klinger Specialties Direct Sub-vendor $1,775.00
Lopez Carpets Sub-vendor $11,768.46
Martinez Drywall & Paint Sub-vendor $16,830.00
McAllen Pest Control Sub-vendor $697.50
Milkins Roofing Sub-vendor $90,368.58
Professional Service Ind. Sub-vendor $1,444.75
Ravcom Steel Sub-vendor $41,346.00
Raycal Air Conditioning Sub-vendor $134,654.41
South Texas Woodmill Sub-vendor $39,032.70
South Texas Elec. & Plumbing Sub-vendor $219,842.27
T&C Construction Sub-vendor $10,992.50
T.H. Willis Company Sub-vendor $810.00
Hurricane Fence Sub-vendor $4,270.00
Cable Primary vendor $1,421.64
CDW Computer Centers, Inc. Primary vendor $211,119.15
GovConnection, Inc. Primary vendor $23,117.00
AVDS Primary vendor $47,464.00
BridgeNet Communication Primary vendor $9,228.21
Compliance Strategies & Solutions Primary vendor $15,000.00
10 ZIG Technology Primary vendor $2,650.00
Fast Signs Primary vendor $5,020.45
Intettech Flooring Sub-vendor $28,590.58
PSS San Antonio Sub-vendor $18,744.48
PHI Service Agency Sub-vendor $8,505.00
Tropical Patios Sub-vendor $5,845.80
CAHS Sub-vendor $266.25