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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?


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Administering Agency

Environmental Protection Agency

CDFA Number


CDFA Program Title

Capitalization Grants for Clean Water State Revolving Funds


Funding through this program provides assistance to local governments for wastewater, nonpoint source, and estuary projects for the improvement of water quality in Georgia as aligned with the objectives of the federal Clean Water Act of 1972, as amended.

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
PORT WENTWORTH, CITY OF INC Sub-recipient $7,691,773.00
VALDOSTA, CITY OF Sub-recipient $7,562,040.00
GWINNETT, COUNTY OF Sub-recipient $7,562,040.00
COUNTY OF COBB Sub-recipient $7,561,761.30
LULA, CITY OF Sub-recipient $6,488,593.30
Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County Sub-recipient $6,049,632.00
GWINNETT, COUNTY OF Sub-recipient $5,000,000.00
COLLEGE PARK, CITY OF THE Sub-recipient $5,000,000.00
CITY OF MOULTRIE Sub-recipient $3,148,950.00
LAGRANGE, CITY OF Sub-recipient $2,701,664.32
CITY OF MOULTRIE Sub-recipient $2,559,372.44
TIFTON, CITY OF Sub-recipient $1,600,000.00
BYRON, CITY OF Sub-recipient $1,550,867.40
City of Warrenton Sub-recipient $1,512,408.00
MACON WATER AUTHORITY Sub-recipient $1,512,408.00
CLARKESVILLE, CITY OF Sub-recipient $1,330,919.04
City of Blakely Sub-recipient $1,185,074.00
COUNTY OF PAULDING Sub-recipient $1,174,965.00
City of Colquitt GA Sub-recipient $1,058,680.00
CITY OF HELEN Sub-recipient $973,990.75
UNION POINT, CITY OF Sub-recipient $907,444.80
City of Sardis Sub-recipient $831,824.40
Commerce, City of Inc Sub-recipient $831,824.40
City of Blairsville Sub-recipient $813,675.50
TOCCOA, CITY OF Sub-recipient $756,204.00
DARIEN, CITY OF Sub-recipient $708,033.81
City of Maysville Sub-recipient $567,153.00
JEFFERSON, CITY OF Sub-recipient $425,863.00
HIAWASSEE, CITY OF Sub-recipient $404,569.14
City of Summerville Sub-recipient $395,664.00
City of Demorest Sub-recipient $385,664.04
City of Donalsonville Sub-recipient $378,102.00
Douglasville-Douglas County WA Sub-recipient $300,000.00
TENNILLE, CITY OF Sub-recipient $226,861.20
SPARKS, TOWN OF Sub-recipient $159,852.00
WAYCROSS, CITY OF Sub-recipient $134,000.00
Heard County Water Authority Inc Sub-recipient $75,620.00

Vendors Connected to Award

Vendor Role Amount
Inland Waters Pollution Control, Inc. Sub-vendor $537,186.52
Engineering Management, Inc. Sub-vendor $32,500.00
Reynolds Inliner, LLC Sub-vendor $59,891.06
CaJenn and Rehabilitation Services, Inc. Sub-vendor $29,927.11
Little River Contractors Sub-vendor $43,413.16
Camp Dresser & McKee Sub-vendor $220,976.03
CDM Constructors Sub-vendor $230,981.70
O\'Brien & Gere Engineering Sub-vendor $65,145.92
Cajeen Construction Sub-vendor $456,482.70
Lanier Contracting Co. Sub-vendor $43,628.81
Strack, Inc. Sub-vendor $425,135.02
John D. Stephens, Inc Sub-vendor $797,572.05
POPCO Inc. Sub-vendor $44,825.85
SOWEGA Engineering Sub-vendor $69,000.00
Inland Water Pollution Control Sub-vendor $164,947.10
Griffin Brothers Sub-vendor $342,796.58
Caldwell Construction Company, Inc. Sub-vendor $65,072.51
AllSouth Constructors Sub-vendor $144,128.53
K.M. Davis Contracting Co. Sub-vendor $41,928.00
Advance Tank & Construction Sub-vendor $97,188.00
Natural Resources, Georgia Department of Primary vendor $188,460.49
P.F. Moon & Co., Inc. Sub-vendor $1,400,303.05
Ronald L. Ellis & Assoc. Sub-vendor $97,500.00
Reynold Inliner, LLC Sub-vendor $38,083.13
WF Floyd Construction Inc. Sub-vendor $355,690.19
Gary\'s Grading & Pipeline Co. Inc. Sub-vendor $210,202.25
Strickland & Sons Pipeline Inc. Sub-vendor $78,461.04
Jordan Jones & Goulding Inc. Sub-vendor $173,887.12
American Cast Iron Pipe Co. Sub-vendor $112,333.50
Hobas Pipe USA Sub-vendor $36,482.40
H.C. Coleman & Company, Inc. Sub-vendor $340,249.69
Portland Utilities Sub-vendor $428,507.87
Eagle Utilities Sub-vendor $190,163.64
GB Turnipseed Engineers Sub-vendor $52,043.71
Y-Delta Sub-vendor $206,760.62
ISC, Inc. Sub-vendor $87,077.31
Gary\'s Grading Sub-vendor $169,036.10
Woodard Construction Company, Inc. Sub-vendor $127,143.00
Palm Coast Utilities, LLC Sub-vendor $184,592.83
Southeast Pipe Survey, Inc Sub-vendor $138,098.97
HC Coleman Sub-vendor $384,329.47
Carter & Sloope Sub-vendor $192,814.50
Heavy Constructors Sub-vendor $127,250.03
Unity Construction Company Sub-vendor $844,079.50
Heavy Constructors Sub-vendor $125,190.78
Allsouth Constructors Sub-vendor $682,774.27
CH2M Hill Sub-vendor $33,750.00
Crowder Construction Company, Inc. Sub-vendor $399,771.90
HC Coleman Sub-vendor $749,620.45
Carter & Sloope Sub-vendor $138,527.45
Dale Construction Co. Sub-vendor $126,941.42
Port City Design Group Sub-vendor $61,875.86
Choate Construction Sub-vendor $1,339,604.61
Lanier Contracting Sub-vendor $978,666.54
Rindt-McDuff Sub-vendor $110,412.48
Southern Champion Sub-vendor $1,856,592.20
Mole, Jaydee, Kassaouf, Murray, Hill Sub-vendor $3,570,823.25
Southeast Pipe Survey, Inc. Sub-vendor $178,680.63
Engineering Management, Inc. Sub-vendor $33,477.00