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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?


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Administering Agency

Agriculture, Department of / Farm Service Agency

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CDFA Program Title

Aquaculture Grants Program (AGP)


Section 102(d) of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) (Pub.L.111-5) provides $50 million for a 2008 Aquaculture Grant Program (AGP). The Commodity Credity Corporation (CCC) provided a grant to the State of Arkansas for distri

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
ARKANSAS STATE PLANT BOARD Primary recipient $2,102,226.58
CHICOT FARMS PARTNERSHIP Sub-recipient $300,000.00
TRIPLE PUGH FARMS Sub-recipient $267,966.86
Bennett & Sons, A Partnership Sub-recipient $241,064.04
Moss Fish Farms Sub-recipient $200,000.00
Mainline Fisheries Sub-recipient $200,000.00
Wakefield Partners Sub-recipient $117,968.80
LOWERY AQUA FARM Sub-recipient $100,000.00
CATFISH DOT.COM, INC. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Evans Fish Farms LLC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
J M MALONE & SON INC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
JIM YOUNG FARMS, INC. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
KB FISH FARM INC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Frost Fish Farm Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Little Lake Fish Farms, LLC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Poston Farms Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Moyers Fish Farm LLC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Moss Cat Fisheries Sub-recipient $100,000.00
ALICE-SIDNEY OIL COMPANY LP Sub-recipient $100,000.00
COLDSTREAM FISHERIES, INC. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Ron Berkemeyer Sub-recipient $100,000.00
ARKANSAS WELL SUPPLY INC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Baxter Land Company , Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
HOPPER-STEPHENS HATCHERIES INC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
I.F. Anderson Farms, Inc. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Pillow's Fish Farm Inc Sub-recipient $100,000.00
KUETER'S FISH COMPANY, INC Sub-recipient $100,000.00
Dunn's Fish Farms, Inc. Sub-recipient $100,000.00
LYNN-CHANDLER FARMS Sub-recipient $99,821.94
Pool Fisheries Inc Sub-recipient $98,912.68
CATPRO, L.L.C. Sub-recipient $91,572.15
PIERONI, LARRY AND DOREEN Sub-recipient $87,944.58
W.H. Dunklin & Son Sub-recipient $83,813.99
Rh Tuggle Farm Sub-recipient $82,341.15
Eastside Farms Partnership Sub-recipient $81,777.94
Double D Fish Farms, Inc. Sub-recipient $79,979.81
Triple T Fish Farms Sub-recipient $77,284.36
ANDERSON BROTHERS FISHERIES Sub-recipient $75,014.12
KEO FISH FARM, INC. Sub-recipient $74,004.62
Harry Saul Minnow Farm, Inc. Sub-recipient $71,233.82
Jackie K Johnson Sub-recipient $65,773.94
Pillow & Pillow, LLC Sub-recipient $56,433.04
J&L Fish Farm Sub-recipient $55,534.12
P.M. Weatherly, LLC Sub-recipient $48,116.95
Doyle Cannady Sub-recipient $47,433.42
Ronnie Pool Fisheries Sub-recipient $45,720.15
DARRELL SAUL, FARMS, INC. Sub-recipient $36,294.38
Ladd and Company, L.L.C. Sub-recipient $35,503.35
Fletcher D. and Larry M. Anderson Sub-recipient $35,221.67
Pmw Farms, Inc. Sub-recipient $33,993.54
J. L. and J. Fisheries L. L. C. Sub-recipient $28,510.65
WARFIELD FISH FARMS INC Sub-recipient $26,010.99
Denton & Denton Fish Farms, LLC Sub-recipient $25,615.39