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Contract: MAPCO, INC.

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Administering Agency

Army, Department of / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, except civil program financing

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The work to be performed is two-fold: (1) to provide a ''Design-Build'' for Building #904, providing new construction for laundry facilities on every floor of the building, and (2) to replace the HVAC system, the plumbing and electrical work, and to perfo

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
MAPCO, INC. Primary recipient $1,802,729.57
GOYETTE MECHANICAL COMPANY, INC. Sub-recipient $1,084,010.72
HOMELAND CONSTRUCTION, INC. Sub-recipient $559,212.70
REYNOLDS, SMITH AND HILLS, INC. Sub-recipient $464,320.00
BALLISTIC PROTECTION GROUP, LLC Sub-recipient $300,229.00
M. K. Marlow Company, Ltd., L.L.P. Sub-recipient $247,622.00
Urban Concrete Contractors, Inc. Sub-recipient $169,122.00
J. R. (JOE) RAMON & SONS, INC. Sub-recipient $166,650.00
Hull Doors of San Antonio, Inc. Sub-recipient $158,658.00
CRAM ROOFING COMPANY INC Sub-recipient $136,328.00
J.E. Travis Painting, Inc. Sub-recipient $110,058.35
Stanley Security Solutions, Inc. Sub-recipient $106,745.27
BEXAR ENVIRONMENTAL Sub-recipient $101,169.00
Alamo Tile Company Inc Sub-recipient $98,920.00
CDI VENTURES, INC. Sub-recipient $95,677.00
J.E. Travis Painting, Inc. Sub-recipient $89,964.15
Sun Automatic Fire Sprinkler Inc Sub-recipient $89,047.00
WILBORN STEEL COMPANY Sub-recipient $81,748.00
PRO MASTERS CONSTRUCTION, INC. Sub-recipient $79,878.00
Rick Stone Masonry, Inc Sub-recipient $77,587.24
MOORE ERECTION, L.P. Sub-recipient $76,200.00
W.E. IMHOFF & COMPANY, INC. Sub-recipient $46,979.00
DEA SPECIALTIES CO., INC. Sub-recipient $37,760.00
ARAHED LATHING CORPORATION Sub-recipient $32,827.00
Air Moving Equipment Company, Inc. Sub-recipient $25,800.00